Airbnb Host Refusing to Refund Seattle Deposit

I filed a complaint with the BBB requesting assistance in getting a full refund ($520.74) for an Airbnb booked with a host in Seattle for July 25th and July 26th, 2020, due to canceled travel plans, directly relating to COVID-19.

The rental was described as a “downtown designer’s condo with amazing courtyard view, free parking, hot tub, pool (99 walk score).” I initiated a full refund request with the host through the Airbnb message service on March 25, 2020.

On March 26, the host stated I needed to contact Airbnb directly, which I also did that day. Airbnb customer service informed me that it would be up to the host since our travel was before the April 14 deadline that Airbnb had imposed (with the federal government currently requesting quarantine until April 30).

I again wrote to the host on March 26, again requesting a full refund for the $520.74 deposit paid on Feb. 18. I have not heard back from the host since our communication. I did hear from a new Airbnb Resolution Agent on April 1, stating she would look into things further.

On April 4, she informed me that she had not heard from the host and that since my reservation is more than a month away, I should just wait to see if the Airbnb policy covering extenuating circumstances changes, which would then cover rentals after the April 14 deadline they have set.

I am writing to request a resolution and a full refund of $520.74 for a canceled trip and July rental with Airbnb.

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  1. Your reservation is more than just a month away its over 3 months away! I do not think COVID-19 will be an issue at that point…I hope, but the advice given by the rep was good….just wait and see, I pray to God we are out of the wood to some extent by the end of July.

  2. As a host I received a partial refund when the guest cancelled 8 days prior to their stay and did not mention the Corona Virus as the reason. 2 weeks after I received the payment Airbnb notified me that I owed the money back because of their no questions asked cancellation policy and that it was a way of helping the guests. I sent messages back and forth because the CEO posted videos stating they were allowing 250million to help the HOSTS with lost revenue.
    In truth, The host is expected to reimburse Airbnb and the Guest is not getting the money either. Airbnb is keeping the funds because a billion dollar company deserves it better than anyone else….

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