Airbnb Host Lies When Wifi Fails at Berlin Apartment

Today is twelve days before our trip to Berlin, and our Airbnb host informed us that they are having problems with their wifi; there will be no wifi in the apartment when we arrive. As we are going on a business trip, this is not okay with us – it’s a very big deal. The host told me that they can offer 20% discount because of this, or a full refund if we are not okay with it.

Firstly, how can a host offer discounts? It’s not through Airbnb – just on his word alone, and that’s not good. In any case, we are not okay with it. The apartment is very expensive at 150€ per night. We are on business trip and don’t need to stay there if there is no wifi at all. I asked the host to cancel the reservation. She said she would not cancel it, and that I needed to cancel. I told her by Airbnb’s rules, if I cancel I can’t get a refund. Again, she told me to cancel and I would get a full refund. However, this is a lie.

I just read the rules again; Airbnb says you should never cancel a booking yourself because you will not get a full refund, so the host is lying to me. Why she is doing this? Is this normal for Airbnb? I’m honestly shocked. I rented the apartment for 790€ for five days, so it’s a lot of money for me. I should be treated well. We agreed with the owner at first, but she informed us that the apartment is still not ready. The wifi has not yet been fixed. If I knew there would be no wifi I would never have booked it. We are coming for overseas for work; it’s not two kids traveling, but professionals. I’m ready to contact my lawyer.

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  1. If WiFi was offered as an amenity and the host couldn’t provide it the discount was ok “or” you could have involved Airbnb and they would have cancelled it for you without penalising the host or yourself.

  2. Contact your lawyer? Why do people always think they can blurt this out and scare people. The wifi is out of her control and she’s working on it. She also offered you a full refund even though she didn’t have to as you haven’t even checked in yet.

    You waived your right to sue Airbnb when you agreed to the terms. And it’s highly doubtful you would sue anybody a thousand miles away from where you live as you would have to go there constantly.

    Just cancel, take the refund and never use Airbnb again. It’s not for entitled individuals like you. Book a hotel from now on.

  3. Of course a host can offer discounts. It’s called backoffice tech. And if it isn’t ok with you and none of the options offered work for you, come up with one of you own instead of complaining about it on @AirbnbHell. This isn’t @AirbnbEntitlement.

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