Airbnb Host Asked for More Money After Confirmation

One week ago I found a good place on Airbnb to stay for a four-week holidays in Corsica (France). The price was good and I asked the host to confirm if the price included taxes, cleaning fees, or anything else unexpected. I asked the host to check the price, and he answered the price was the total amount. I booked and was asked by Airbnb to pay the whole amount as it was a “long stay”. Since that was finished, I purchased flight tickets straight away from Sweden to Corsica (the more you wait, the more you pay) – non-refundable tickets to stay on budget. I wrote to the host about my time of arrival.

Two hours later the host sent me a message, asking for more money or he would cancel the reservation. The reason? The price was wrong…

I have contacted Airbnb. There’s just one week now left before I’m supposed to arrive, but I’ve received nothing except an automatically generated reply: “we are working with your case.” There’s been no answer or anything from Airbnb. The host has sent me a request for an update of the booking and for me to pay more money (25% more). I have not confirmed anything nor rejected the reservation… yet. This is my first and last booking with Airbnb. I’ve never seen something so bad before. Has anyone been in a situation like this? What should I do?

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  1. Of course. I have a receipt for payment of Money. And do you know about the host responcibility – Here is from Airbnb rules (that you automatically agree with as long as you book anything): “For Instant Book hosts only
    You can cancel instant bookings penalty-free an unlimited number of times if you’re uncomfortable with a reservation.” This means – if the Host do not comfortable with the price he get, he can cancel at any time without any penalty.
    Avoid, avoid, avoid

  2. do you have proof of the original price? can you show the host the email/message/whatever you had to confirm the price? I would refuse to pay more, sounds really odd!

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