Airbnb guests find a filthy flat, and can’t leave a review!

It appears if you cancel a reservation, you cannot review the property on Air B n B. We just arrived in Amsterdam to what was originally advertised as a “beautiful canal flat” in the center of Amsterdam. It was described as 2 bedrooms and modern. The truth is, that it is a squalid, filthy apartment. The second bedroom was an alcove beside the living area with no door. The “modern” touch was obviously the disco ball above the bed. The modern furnishings appeared to be cast offs with electrical tape holding together the foot stool. The TV stand looked to be from the early 60’s (remember the hardware from captain’s bed’s). The wall’s were filthy and need a good washing and paint job. The carpet was not installed properly and was just cut and put on the floors. We cancelled immediately and Air B n B gave me $218 as a refund for $1034!!! I have to wait 10 days to start the resolution process!! The host was not in town and we were let in by the cleaning person. I contacted the host by phone and the host did suggest he would have the apartment recleaned, but I told him it was impossible because the walls needed to be painted the windows cleaned and a door installed on the “second” bedroom. My phone was out of power and could not take pictures, but in no way did the photos on Air B n B resemble the photos on the website. Amazing how the walls show perfectly white in the photos and in real life they are filthy…

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