Airbnb Doesn’t Always Allow Negative Reviews

We have reviewed our stay at a place in Chamonix, France where we stayed from February 5th until February 19th, 2019. However, it never was published by Airbnb because the guest never wrote a review about us, the guests. This is, in our opinion, an incorrect action on Airbnb’s part.

Because the owner feels that our review would not suit her, our review will not be published so future guests will not have a reference to how we have experienced our stay at her chalet. I see that as a wrong policy from Airbnb and it is, in a way, cheating. Those who look for reviews will not be adequately informed about this accommodation. We all look for reviews and photos because the principle is ‘what you see is what you get’. That is why there is a gap in the reviews of her place between April 2018 and February 2019.

My advice: If there are hardly any reviews or there is a big gap between reviews, especially in areas like Chamonix during the skiing season, don’t take the place because something is wrong. That was our experience as well. The bathroom was dirty, the shower cabin had a sewer smell, the water tap for mixing cold and hot water did not function well, there were a number of things not provided although advertised, and the bedrooms are upstairs, but the shower and toilet downstairs which, for us, was not clear in the pictures, among others.

We still gave it three stars. However, the review was not published. For us this shows the lack of responsibility by Airbnb where it comes to publishing reviews and informing future guests adequately.

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  1. I wrote a negative reviews about a place in Belgium and it is no longer on the Airbnb website for that property. Clearly, they filter out negative reviews.

  2. Airbnb will post guest reviews if the host don’t review the guest and Airbnb will post hosts review of a guest. Reviews do not require the other party to do a review. Any reviews submitted will display on day 14 or 15 after check out.

    In general, Airbnb will not remove or prohibit a review unless: 1. The guest is or has requested money from the host to get a good review. 2. Profanity.

    However there is a [SAVE] or [Submit] button at the end of the review. On my IPad, the button “hides” under my autocorrect suggestion bar on the bottom. This sounds like you may not have submitted it.

  3. The review is not published until host post’s their review. If the host won’t leave a review within 14 days, your review will be public after that 14 days…

  4. This is not true. There’s a set time the Airbnb will wait for both of the sides to write the review and then it will post it. If it’s not published it means your host haven’t written the review and the time haven’t ran out yet. I think it’s about 2 weeks, after the time passes the review will be published.

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