1. As a musician i can somewhat sympathize, but your gut was trying to tell you something all along. I know its a hard lesson and might seem totally unfair (and by no means am i saying this behavior of thiers is/was justified) moral of the story pay attention to your gut.
    As i was reading your story , i became worried that the photographer is a total pedophile. Which he may still be i dont know. BUT when you put making money at the top of your list and ignore the warning signs – guess what its not just you that could get hurt. There are a lot of sick f****ing people out there. Why do you think they dont want to use motels? Hotels?because they are in public and hotels have staff that frequently are in contact with police. Or law enforcement. To share info. To find and catch these pervs who are involved in human trafficking.
    Now please dont misread me because ,
    What i am NOT saying which is that you somehow deserved any of this. I am not saying that at all. I think it is clear what i am saying is never ignore your gut or red flags.

  2. Have to agree with Sarah here. You’re not only unsuitable for hosting but bigoted on top of this – didn’t know that McDonald’s was known for gay-friendliness:) Thanks for the laugh and stay tuned.

    • Bigoted? How so?

      And unsuitable for hosting is a ridiculous claim. What makes you think that? Simply because I kept a guitar hanging on the wall that happened to be worth about $800?

      Because the other 20 reservations I had before they shut me down didn’t break it. It was only the guy who brought in 25 underage kids to drink and smoke pot.

      On top of that – I have a $5000 damage deposit. For the express purpose of covering damage to instruments.

      So, jerry, given the fact that my listing had an obvious musical vibe – and it funneled me tons of business – by way of being the “quirk.” if you will, that set me apart. And give that said quirk was protected by a $5000 damage deposit, what exactly makes me unsuitable?

      I’m truly interested.

  3. Hey Sarah!

    Author of the post here. My name is Rob.

    So as it turns out, the whole “instruments” vibe FUNNELS bookings to me. or funneled, I guess. And I love letting people play them. It doesn’t bother me. Not at all “self-entitled” to it as you say. I also have a $5000 deposit on the booking. The max Airbnb allows.

    What I am a little entitled about, is when people break the rules I set out, and all guests agree to when they book. In this case, bringing 25 underage kids into my apartment to drink and do drugs is against the rules because….shit can get broken.

    And what I came here to say is, I think you think I’m angry with the guest. I’m not. I’m angry that Airbnb can wipe out people’s BUSINESSES at the click of a mouse. Some people own who buildings that they rent using Airbnb. What if they shut that guy down because he pretty innocuously broke a rule by posting some screen shots to defend himself from a review full of lies? Did I mention the guy was a 300lb convicted felon who was loudly referring to me a “piece of shit” in the hallway? I only say that because they booted me for….”bullying” him.

    Anyhoo – girl, I tried McDonalds a while ago, Turns out they aren’t all about 31 year old nerdy white gay guys with master’s degrees. “Over-qualified” is what they told me. They were concerned about my long term commitment to the position. What can ya do? It turned out to be a good thing though because Airbnb’ing my place was like 10 times the money. Was, unfortunately being the operative word.

    Anyway hunny have a GREAT day. You seem SO fun 🙂

  4. The air of self-entitlement…….How on earth leave valuable instruments and recording equipment in an Airbnb rental? You’re clearly spaced out and shouldn’t be hosting at all. Find a proper job – at McDonald’s or so.

    • thanks sarah! that’s super kind of you to suggest a different job for me. thing is, this one was making A LOT more money for me. thing is with the instruments, it turns out that exact little quirk funneled me A TON of bookings. People who are musically inclined were like flies to garbage on my listing. And I totally love booking them and letting them play my instruments. I’m not really so self-entitled, but I dunno, I guess I believe you – I know how good you are at pinning down the personalities and character traits of strangers on the internet!

      Anyhoo – I got a bad fish this time. It was my 3rd booking. I was a noob. But I learned fast. And I realized I could be so much more picky about guests once my place started filling up. But I took this guy early – when I was just starting this “last resort” idea to make money, (since McDonald’s wouldn’t hire me. They aren’t all about 31 year old gay white guys with master’s degrees in music turns out. “Over qualified” is what they said. They were concerned about my commitment to staying for a while. So Airbnb it was.)

      Oh yeah – what I came here to say is that I think you missed the whole aim of my frustration. It wasn’t with the guest. That is what it is and I have a $5000 deposit on the listing. I’m mad at Airbnb. The fact that they can shut down someone’s business, and in my case, someone’s only reliable, steady source of income, with the click of a mouse in Ireland, without ever speaking to the owner, I think is rather severe. It’s not like getting your facebook revoked. This is people’s way of supporting themselves. Buying food and whatnot. And to do it because they think by posting the screenshots of a conversation – that I “bullied” this 250lb convicted felon who was shouting in the hallway that I was a “piece of shit,” just days before – well Sarah, it just ain’t right from where I sit.

      But to each their own, right? On second though, maybe…. wrong…. in your case.

      Have a GREAT day girl!

    • Oh and I forgot to answer your question. I leave it there because I live there. It’s my apartment. And it’s hard to move out thousands of pounds of stuff everytime someone comes to stay. That’s just me though.

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