1. I had this same issue. Guest lied made up an entire untruth, so she would not have to pay for her extended 2-month stay. She was buying a house, the house got finished 1 month ahead of time, so she requested an early leave. I told her that she could leave early, but there would be no refund. She made up a safety issue, airbnb would not share the details with me. She also said she was locked out. Airbnb BLOCK my account, without even notifying me. The guest gave me a near-perfect review, all 5 stars and one 4 star, then I did my review, since I knew she had lied about a safety issue and also lied about being locked out. I gave her a 1 on Communication, 4 of housekeeping– overall she got a 3 star review from me.

    Airbnb usually doesn’t allow a Guest to change their review –once both parties have made their review, but in this case they allowed her to change her overall review after she saw my review, and then she gave me a 3. THIS WAS VERY UNFAIR !!!!

    I typically provide breakfast, but opted to provide breakfast, lunch and dinner after I realize the guest didn’t seem to be too happy with me, when she realized that I was not going to approve a refund. I told her that I have strict cancellation policy. She didn’t say anything to me at all. She waited until Friday and told me it was her last day. The movers would coming on Saturday at 10:00 am and that she was checking out at 4:00 pm, Friday.

    Then on Friday –night at approximately 11:15 pm she returned and I notice she was trying to get in the house, so I opened the door. I told her I thought you were moved. She said she left a couple of salt shakers.

    The next thing I notice was that AIRBNB reversed her payments, so she would get a refund. I am very upset with this, as I have given her a big discount and offered breakfast, lunch and dinner, access the laundry room. Had the clean up people clean up behind her dementia mother. I have just done a lot to not be paid in FULL.

    Airbnb will not listen to anything I have to say. They won’t return my calls. Its a nightmare.

  2. I too have had my account deactivated with no explanation, which ruined my 2 month trip to the US and left me stranded. How many people who have posted here live in Australia? If we can get enough numbers, we can make a complaint to the ACCC for breaches of the Australian Consumer Law’s unfair contract terms provisions.

    • I Jess, I live in Australia and 3 weeks ago yesterday the rendered me homeless, They deactivated my account, when I tried to book another Airbnb, the stopped me from doing that also, without bothering to notify. I have moved 11 times in 3 weeks, between hotels and a friend couch..

      I had to turn to booking Hotels, one which they promised in writing to pay for, still waiting for that refund 2 weeks later.

      I have been so stress, I have had 6-7 panics attack’s, only had one before when I was a child!

      Btw.I was a 5 star Superhost and did zero wrong!

      All they care about is making money, as any cost!


  3. We had the same thing happen. But we also filed a damaged property claim, the claim was finalized and we were promised they would wire the funds – AND THEY NEVER DID. I follow up once a week and they are completely unresponsive.

    Has anyone tried arbitration? There seems to be no way to resolve this through them directly.

  4. Airbnb was my favorite platforn, but no more! They deactivated my account despite being a 5 star host because of a claim made by a VERY BAD guest!! I am devastated, and confused, there was no phone contact, just a generic email. I lost all my bookings and feel horrible for my lost guesrs! I am horrified that airbnb would treat a host with a great record as well as alot of bookings this way!

  5. So, this has happened to us this week. My husband’s account were pulled down (main-host) and mine also (co-host). After calling yesterday, they said my being deactivated was a mistake and immediately pulled it back up but hey ho, the communication with the current host disappeared. I am disabled (deaf) and messaging was the only way I could contact them. They had breached the equality act here in the UK.

    They kept on apologising and I had to meet the guests in person and try my best to speak (we deaf people can’t really speak that well). It was intimidating, stressful and upsetting to be put in this position.

    But there were one guest staying with us and his reservation were unpaid. Airbnb kept telling us to call the police to kick him out as he has no rights to be inside (what the f?!). This is the worst hospitality they could offer. The guest returned back quite drunk, hostile and said he had no refund sent over and that he had not received an email of cancellation. It was horrendous. Being nice and fair, we offered for him not to pay for the first two nights and is welcome to leave and check-in a hotel. This left us in the limbo but there were nothing else we could do.

    Two other guests checked out today, nineteen future reservations cancelled and my husband had no response about his account.

    Then this morning, I found out my account had received a ‘ticket’ this morning… WHAT?! I couldn’t help but laugh! Why?! My airbnb has my real name, real ID, real email address and real picture. We had really good ratings and raving reviews about our apartment and hospitality, none of these makes any sense whatsoever.

    We did get a bad complaint recently but a very stern elder Australian couple whom shared our furniture to be mediocre, terrible and more negative points completely contradicting all the other reviews just before them. It was a little bizarre to find a private feedback to say I had ‘tried my best to make their stay more comfortable’ however they didn’t allow me as they were not interested at all.

    Now we are in the limbo, not a clue what to do, feeling very hurt and left on the web waiting to be reactivate or eaten alive for no reason whatsoever.

    • Same thing! We had horrible guests last weekend who actually physically assaulted my husband, actually had to call the Sheriff, and who gets punished…..US!, hosts with multiple reviews and five star ratings……and all of our future guests! We were never even allowed to speak to a real person, no reason other than we somehow violated their terms of service?? What violation i have no idea, I dont even have any idea what claim was made against us? I was one of your biggest fans airbnb, loved your platform, but If this is how you treat your hosts airbnb, I want no part of it! Really really sad.

      • Dear Carol -Anne
        I had exactly the same problem Carol on Saturday 30th.March, I am in the process of writing numerous letters , and am being assisted by legal help in Australia. I plan to take action to clear my name. My story is exactly the same as yours. A security breech by the guest resulted in a terrible incident of denial and I believe a totally untrue story being told to Airbnb. I experienced being judged without a jury. Airbnb is accountable for their actions, and I firmly believe the guest made up a very untrue storey about me to cover the incident.( something very defamatory ,to my character ???). I am devastated. I was de-activated immediately without notification, and lost forward bookings mounting to approx. US$2,000. They will not give me a reason, and refuse “point blank”. I have found their address in San Francisco and will email to :

        888 Brannan St.
        Floor 4
        San Francisco, CA 94117

        Host or Guest Concerns: Aisling Hassell, Global Head of CX aisling.hassell@airbnb.com
        Brian Chesky, CEO of Airbnb can be reached at either brian@airbnb.com or brian.chesky@airbnb.com

        I had a lot of confidence in Airbnb for some years. I am now beginning to think they are becoming too powerful like the rest of them …….This is scary.
        Keep in touch if you are interested. I am sorry you experienced this terrible one sided stuff. My Guests lost nothing and were moved to another Villa, without penalty. I lost everything! They are bullies.
        Thanks for listening.

        • Well Peter I wish you luck, but I am not going to waste my time, energy, or $$, on a company that treats people this way.I would be lying if i said i wasnt going to miss their platorm or exposure, but there is other companies out there that I would rather support.I am going to sit back and let Karma do its thingI will never again recomend or use airbnb, I am going to go all in with VRBO & HipCamp,com………and to hell with airbnb and their kangaroo court~
          Do keep me posted though!!

  6. Airbnb has become a bully that disregards all policy, and has no respect for their suppliers. I hope the day comes when they don’t have the suppliers to meet demand

  7. One is permitted to take payments and bookings from outside Airbnb. So long as the booking did not originate from the Airbnb platform.
    In most cases these terminations where no reason is given are a mistake.
    If one politely perseveres and keeps contacting Airbnb via Twitter and Facebook, eventually you hopefully get a support person who actually investigates, and you will get your account restored. Unfortunately they do noting about all your list future bookings.

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