Airbnb Customer Service Trusts Guests over Hosts

An Airbnb guest booked my apartment for one person over a period of three weeks. I learned that she actually had two additional guests staying with her when I visited her at the apartment on her last week. I told her she would have to revise the request and pay for the additional guests. She refused to discuss the matter. Ascertaining from my neighbor that all three guests had lived there most of the time, I made a complaint to Airbnb. Of course, Airbnb advised me to request additional payment through their website, which I did. Those requests were refused by the guest. After I made numerous requests and complaints Airbnb awarded me additional payment for only two days because the guests wrote in her email that her friends “only stayed a couple of days.”

Although it was clear from our correspondence that the additional guests were there for at least three days, Airbnb did not honor my request for additional payment since the guest who made the booking would not communicate with them about the issue. This guest retaliated by leaving my apartment in a filthy condition (I sent pictures to Airbnb) with all windows and doors left open – an invitation to robbery. In addition, since her bogus and scathing review I have not received a single request. I have a 4.5-star, business-ready rating with 26 excellent reviews. Airbnb’s inflexible transparency policy has effectively prevented me from receiving other requests. They won’t remove this scathing review or put it at the bottom of my page where it is less likely to be read. Therefore, I would have to start from scratch with a new page which is completely unfair to me. I am going to close my account and use another vacation rental service if this matter is not handled favorably.

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  1. I had a similar response. I have a guest who bled on an expensive coverlet and there is clear evidence of it from pictures and from an actual message conversation with the guest, who refused to pay for the damage. I’ve been dealing with this first with the guest who has been so rude then with airbnb who has sent me requests for things I already sent many times with statements in the emails about how if I don’t respond within 24 hours they will close the case with no chance of re-opening. They finally sent me a small amount of money that doesn’t cover the replacement cost!!!!! They wouldn’t allow me to access the security deposit I have set on my profile for this reason. What about their host guarantee and host insurance protection?? They used to be good and now are run by greedy, selfish assholes who don’t give a crap about hosts and will screw you over without a care. This is only the most recent of MANY issues where I was screwed over by airbnb both as a host and a guest. Their company ethics are down the drain.

  2. On this kind of thing, Airbnb does suck totally. It’s one of the terrible things about Airbnb that you are not really in charge of your own rental policies or money and you can’t use the security deposit to cover this kind of crap.

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