Airbnb Cares about the Guests, but not the Hosts

I received an extremely bad, fabricated review in retaliation from a guest who I reported to Airbnb because she had additional people staying in my apartment for whom she did not register or pay. Although our email correspondence on the Airbnb website clearly showed that the woman had additional guests, Airbnb awarded me a minimal and unacceptable settlement. Their reason? The guest did not make herself available to them for verification of my claim, and the term of infringement was not clear to them. I made numerous complaints to no avail. Airbnb’s inflexible transparency policy has allowed this false review to remain on my page. Since it appeared, I’ve had 73 views of my page but not a single rental. Previously, my apartment was always being rented. That means not a month has gone by without guests until now. Airbnb is more concerned about the guests than they are about the hosts who make it possible for them to earn money. I intend to change to Vacation Home Rentals and hope my experience will be better there.

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  1. I agree as well…guest stole $$$ from me and did not reply back to me or AIRBNB so they favored guest and did not pay claim….what can we do as I see so many of us with similar issues, we want to rent our homes/property right, can we do a class action suit against AIRBNB???

  2. I completely agree that Airbnb is backing the guest over the host. I had a guest damage my home and when I comfroneted her, she made up a fabricated negative reveiw. When I realized that Airbnb was not going to back me up and take care of my damages, I canceled 5 bookings and terminated my Airbnb account. I recomment hosts to not use Airbnb and advertise their properires somewhere where you can collect and hold the security deposit yourself. You are rolling the dice that the next Airbnb guest won’t do major damage to your place and Airbnb will leave you hanging.

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