Does Airbnb Condone Prostitution in Paris?

Here is an experience that shows how Airbnb truly operates with the practice of totalitarian and dishonest methods in order to maximize its gains. The resolution center is there to give anyone that files a complaint serious headaches, to make it as lengthy and complicated as possible to put off potential claims and, in the end, to make a decision without the possibility of appeal or protest. In short, disgusting downright incompetence and amateurism combined. Be warned.

An American female traveler stayed in my studio, located in Paris, France. After three days the complaints from neighbors multiplied and one called the police in the early morning. They discovered my guest and a gentleman who admits to having “paid [for] sexual services” having a heated argument. The traveler denies <em>en bloc</em> and demands a refund “because of some renovation that disrupted her stay.” In fact, it concerned a facelift of a nearby building.

Despite sending the police record and an affidavit from a neighbor this is the Airbnb resolution:

“Hi Paul, This is Keith with Airbnb. I hope this email finds you well. After reviewing all the documentation provided for this resolution case a fair mediation has been reached. Juliana was requesting $1320.00 for the issues had during her stay. I’ve processed a refund to Julian in the amount of $321.00 USD for the issues she experienced. Since your payout was already released for this reservation, a $320.00 adjustment has been added to your account. This means that the amount will be automatically deducted from your future payouts until it has been reconciled. You can check the status of your payouts at any time in your Transaction History, which can be found at Account > Transaction History. The Completed Transactions tab displays your payout when it is released by Airbnb, and when it’s processed by the banking system. This concludes this Resolution case. You are now able to submit your own Resolution case for consideration. All the best, Keith S.”

In other words: Airbnb condones prostitution. Airbnb doesn’t care about hosts. According to my calculations, I’ve made the equivalent of $20,000 in the past five years for this Mickey Mouse company. The style and spelling of their replies clearly demonstrate that Airbnb representatives have zero legal expertise, and are mere puppets of the corporate philosophy of maximizing revenues at any cost.

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  1. I am confused by his response. It seems he spelled her name wrong. So, she was hooking in your place, and she requested a refund because people complained about her and they gave it to her? I am a super host and they have done so many unconscionable things to me. I hate airbnb…

  2. I’m very sorry about your experiences. It’s scary how they let guests get refunds almost without question. One of my guests is demanding a full refund after staying 2 out of his original 7 days, not signaling me that he wanted to cancel, and over a month after the fact he is claiming that the listing was not suitable, that I broke host rules. Other guests have stayed at this listing and have left positive reviews. He, on the other hand, left me with around 200 euros in reparation fees, since he broke the toilet seat and armchair. I never realized that a bnb guest could be this clumsy, so I didn’t require a security deposit.
    But he is very smart and theatrical, and knows how to play the victim role well. He has accused me of lying and cheating him when he was the one who didn’t signal me at all about his cancellation during his stay. He is requesting a FULL refund at the Resolution Center.
    To add insult to injury, BnB customer service is an opaque labyrinth and I can’t even phone them, as it won’t recognize the phone number I dialed them.
    My listing is in Paris too.

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