Airbnb Changed my Review to Favor Host

Unless I have very bad recall of what I submitted, Airbnb edited my review to eliminate part of my comment about the “value” being over priced for what turned out to be the conditions of the lodging, and Airbnb upgraded the rating I provided in response to their question about “value”. Airbnb also upgraded my “cleanliness” rating from 4 to 4.5 stars. I have been unable to discover any method to communicate with Airbnb about this concern. Ten minutes after I submitted my review, I thought of something that would be a useful addition to my review for future customers, but there is no way to amend or augment the review after it is posted.

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  1. You should probably call, they aren’t supposed to do that. I know because I’ve called about the same thing from the other end. They refused to let me have a review removed when they were saying some wierd stuff about my place. Since they stayed Airbnb told me that unless it was cursing,politics or religion, they had to support free speech. I had to review their review lol.

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