1. The same thing just happened to me after 3 years 2 houses! I’m ready to sign with vrbo but I called them to find out WHY? and nobody KNEW! they’re a menace and told me someone would call back , no one ever did .super host in 2 great markets San Diego and Yucatán .
    Just weird! I went to their website and told them about their terrible “customer service”

  2. This happened to me also cancelling over $6500 in bookings. I had all 5 start reviews . I am left not knowing what to do to fill these dates. Any suggestions

  3. The very same thing happened to me this month. There was no previous warning, no email and no phone call from Airbnb. All my reservations were cancelled. At first I thought it was some kind of mistake in the system. But Airbnb had actively sent cancellation notices to all of my guests. Airbnb is not obligated to reveal the reason(s) for their decision. If they tell something it is at their own discretion and of course so vage that it is almost impossible to argue over it. This makes them invulnerable. One of my prospective guests received an email stating that my place would not be safe. They even called her up advising her not to come to my condo and book somewhere else. They offered a substancial discount in an email with links to comparable places to persuade her to book another location. My ratings were a little over 4 stars. The spaces I offered had ‘great reviews’ at the time it happened. Airbnb did not dare to meddle with the ongoing reservations but were rather effective in causing a high cancellaton rate with my future guests. It took me some time to contact every guest individually. I could not write back to them over the Airbnb site because they were so smart to block this function. I could write them from my cell phone Airbnb app but not being able to use a keyboard blindfolded made it very time consuming. After a booking I always stored the guests’ phone numbers. So I could reach out to them by texting or via Whatsap or by calling them up what I did. I saved many bookings but also lost lots of them which proves how strong and powerful Airbnb has become. I apologized to my guests for the inconvenience and informed them that Airbnb had decide no longer to manage my bookings and payments. To discontinue a business realationship is one thing but doing this on the back of customers is another thing and a sign of bad business ethics. Airbnb knows that they are one of the most important sites and they let you know it. Their decisions are final and they disengage from furrther discussions.I believe in communication and resolving issues by talking.

    MY ADVICE. :
    – be sure to have your listings on more sites to reduce the rist of being dumped by Airbnb.
    – too much power is never good for a functioning market

  4. The exact same thing happened to me earlier this year. I have a post on here about it as well.
    Makes no sense but i gave up trying to find a solution with a totally unreasonable and shady company and just switched to VRBO which has proven to be just as good in terms of bookings. Best of luck.

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