Airbnb Cancellations and then Double Bookings

I have been an Airbnb user for the past three years and was always happy with it. So much so that I encouraged my workplace to use Airbnb instead of hotels. When I first tried to book an apartment for a business trip, I got three cancellations for dubious reasons or no reason at all. Given that the trip was approaching I started to be very stressed out but finally found a place, which I again intended to book, only to be asked for a verification of my passport. I did allow Airbnb to verify my passport but then I did not get confirmation that the booking had gone through. Having had the three earlier cancellations I got even more stressed and found a fifth place, which I booked and this time it went through. Unfortunately for me though, the first booking had also gone through and the system did not make me aware that there was a double booking. The emails to that regard came through 20 minutes later (all four of them at the same time). I panicked and tried to cancel the second booking straight away (in the same hour) only to find out that the host had a strict cancelation policy and of the roughly $420 I was charged I would get $30 refunded, even though I cancelled within the hour. I contacted Airbnb using the phone number provided on this webpage and got through to an agent, who nicely thanked me for using their services for three years and told me that he would put my case through for the full refund. Thus far I still have both reservations going, as I do not dare cancel one; I was told Airbnb would do so. I strongly advise any Airbnb user to be super careful with bookings and wait at least an hour to see if a booking has gone through or not. The Airbnb refund policy is simply ridiculous.

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  1. Hello I was double charged after air bnb evicted me from an illegal sublet situation and left me stranded in a hotel, pregnant. This is after using air bnb for 10 months straight giving them over 10 grand total. We were using air bnb to save up for an apartment as we live in Boston and there is a MAJOR affordable housing crisis. So a total of 10 days later after loaning money from my mother for the hotel stay they gave me the full refund….15 minutes later they double charged me and took every penny (138$ over what they refunded me).I immediately called my bank, screw air bnb, and they said they see the double charge but it would take a 10 day investigation and I have zero dollars. I can’t borrow anymore money as I can’t pay my mom back. Needless to say I’m pregnant and living in my car. I should have 1500$ but they took it since it was a month long stay. $1500!!!!!! Now I’ve been on the phone for hours every day and all I hear is m’am I’m so sorry we will have this expedited and we see you have been double charged. It’s been 5 business days and haven’t heard anything I’ve called about 5-10 times a day as I have no gas to get to work (which I’m sure I’ll be fired soon) Air bnb ruined my life. I don’t even think I can bring this child into the world….Im living out of my car. I’m still supposed to be at my reservation for another 25 days. I would of had enough to buy an apartment which is why my fiance and myself used air bnb; to save moving costs and save/look for an apartment I have never been in a worse situation of my life. Over the course of my ten month stay I’ve stayed in 6 different air bnb’s. I’ve had 4 open cases for domestic violence, different room than the pictures, no amenities that were listed and promised to me, roaches, crack cocaine smoke, hosts entering my room while I’m changing, hosts entering my room while I’m not home to turn a fan off due to electricity bill after listing air conditioning, host using a compost bucket on their kitchen counter with flies and bugs surrounded the bucket and he kept all the windows down while it was a heat wave…yeah you can assume that smell. I also had TWO SEPARATE EMERGENCY PLACEMENTS. Evicted from a house from illegal sublet. NOW THIS. Someone please give me any kind of advice anything

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