Contact Airbnb Customer Service Quickly

How to Contact Airbnb

We regularly receive questions from frustrated and angry Airbnb Hosts and Guests seeking a direct phone number to contact Airbnb.  Since the company tries their best to hide this information, we have decided to publish it here!

The best toll-free phone number for calling Airbnb Customer Service is 1-855-424-7262  (Even with this number, the average wait time is between 7 and 12 minutes).

Another number that works well in the USA for local callers is 1-415-800-5959 

For UK callers, try 02033 181 111

The way Airbnb prefers to be contacted is via their messaging center, here:

The primary Airbnb mailing address is:

888 Brannan St.
Floor 4
San Francisco, CA 94117

If you find a better and even more direct way to reach Airbnb, especially higher-level staff members capable of actually making decisions, please post it here so we can share with others!  It should be noted that Airbnb customer service is notoriously weak and all “front line” agents are very restricted in their abilities, so there is a very good chance that they will not be able to resolve your issue to your satisfaction.  Our suggestion is that you save yourself some time and trouble by asking the first customer service agent right away if they will have the authority to provide you with your desired result (a refund, cancellation, etc).  When they say no, you should go ahead and ask to speak with a manager immediately rather than wasting time explaining your circumstance multiple times.  We have heard many stories of former Airbnb Hosts and Guests who have contacted Airbnb and spent literally weeks going back and forth via email messages and phone calls before either giving up, or finally reaching a real manager with authority to resolve real issues.

To receive a faster resolution and have Airbnb take your request more seriously, first share your airbnb story here so they know that you are not afraid to tell other people about your experience and that their bottom line will ultimately suffer if they do not make your request a top priority.

Contact Airbnb Customer Service Quickly - – Real, uncensored airbnb stories from hosts and guests.


  1. My host cancelled and now I won’t get my refund for 5-10 business days. An agent offered to help rebook on the airbnb website but none of the locations fit my needs. When I suggested another location they suddenly informed that they could not help me and I would have to wait for my refund. My vacation time is 6/29-7/2. My daughter’s birthday is 7/1 and my other daughter starts a pre-college program on 7/5, so basically getting my refund within their timeframe will be too late to rebook anything. My daughters are in the National Honor Society and work really hard in school I wanted to reward them with a small get away to the beach, water park and location with a pool. I work with children with special needs, so I really wanted a bit of rest and relaxation. Now we have nothing…I have reached out the the CEO Brian Chesky and also their famous investor, Ashton Kutcher with no luck. I wish I had known about this website before booking now I am so screwed and sick at heart. This multi-million dollar company is a disgrace, so be warned!!!

      • I been waiting for my refund for 4days now and it is ridiculous. They take your money with in 5 mins but it takes 5 days for a refund. What a joke.

    • Dear somebody in Airbnb,

      through your agency I booked accommodation in Barcelona in the house, Vinnie. Upon arrival we waited for the host a while. Entering the apartment we saw that does not suit us. In the apartment was a mess, things of our host were everywhere. Vinnie showed us a room that was supposed to be for 3 people. The room was a double bed and a mattress on the floor. My son will not sleep on the floor. My girlfriend was not satisfied with the degree of purity of the apartment and we asked for another accommodation. Host gave me his computer to look for new accomodation by myself. After I removed the pages with porn content, I was not able to contact Airbnb, but somehow we found accommodation through I demand fully refund for the accommodation becoue it was inadequate, inappropriate to the pictures. Airbnb has charged my card also for 13 eur -cleaning although I did not use the room. this way please give me back the hard-earned money.
      P.S. Our Host told us that You will give us some vouchers.

    • Is there not an email for Airbnb? I don’t have twitter and I need to speak to someone with regards to not receiving my refund!

    • My money is stuck too and they take too long for an organisation as large as theirs! They are swift to take money but don’t give an importance to refunds which affects middle class people like me and make me skeptical about online booking through Airbnb. It is my first time and it’s a tensed experience!

  2. We had no trouble whatsoever cancelling our reservation in a simple manner. It was difficult, however, to find the phone numbers.

  3. I have make a booking (Booking reference No : EBKMQJ) on 1st August 2016 to rent an apartment in Malacca on 23rd September. I received a reservation confirmation from airbnb. However my host says that she did not received my reservation. Payment has already been processed and I still did not see any upcoming trips in my account.

    How can I request for a refund from airbnb so that I can rebook.

    Please note that this is my first booking with airbnb and I already encounter such problems.

    Hope the relevant authorities can resolve my issue asap.

  4. I have spent 3 days trying to book an apartment As a first time user its like trying to find ones way around a minefield! No specific instructions. The help centre was a waste of time. When I finally figured out how to provide ID required, my facebook was not accepted. Airbnb took my money before I had even completed the booking then said I had lost my booking because it had timed out. Then informed me it will take 5 days to reimburse me Im still waiting! What a complete fiasco! How does one speak with a real person especially from England? Definitely would not recommend this to anyone

    • Same story here. They made it impossible to verify ID. They said my credit card needed verified by sending copies of my statements. Hello, even if I would agree to this sort of intrusion, I AM TRAVELLING, DUH and don’t usually carry statements with me. So now they have my credit card number, I booked elsewhere and from what I’ve read on this site, it wouldn’t surprise me if the run the card. I will never do business with a company with such a poor customer service record.

  5. You can also message Airbnb through Twitter. It is not a public message and they will respond via email after that.
    I was disappointed about the time it took to hear a response but I was glad to find someone to address the issue of my account’s security being breeched.

    • Hey Katt-

      I’m happy to hear that you were able to find someone to help resolve your issue! I too have been victimized via a breech! Somehow I was charged $2500 for a reservation that I never made and now its been almost impossible to get in touch with someone to help. I would appreciate any help or advice you can offer, thanks!

  6. Hey,

    i found this apartment through because i´m currently looking for an apartment in Jena Germany to rent. So i found it and the owner said that i had to sign up on Airbnb. The apartment renting was organized throug Airbnb and it was quite strange that i have to pay first before i inspect the apartement. So i waited a week for a confirmation from Airbnb and after a week of searching for an apartment, i found another one and i canceled the apartment frrom Airbnb via e-mail. I haven´t paid anything, but the owner was quite angry about the cancelation and she said she paid 500€. i don´t know what that´s for. I really don´t know what to do now. Am i facing a legal violation here? because i did find a better apartment to rent and i just had to cancel the one from Airbnb.

    Like i said i haven´t paid anything and i sent an e-mail to Airbnb ( saying that i declined the transaction because i´ve found another apartment.

    Can anyone help? or any suggestion?

    • Hey, no you are not faced with legal violation. I do not know why the host is getting upset. Its not your fault that the host paid 500€. From my experience with Airbnb, as long as you didn’t pay for anything then you should be all set

  7. BEWARE the Bait and Switch tactics of real estate agents!!!!
    Some so-called hosts are not owners. They are real estate agents who list their best properties on airbnb then seek to switch guests to other properties (inventory) at the last minute. The switch is (usually on or very close to arrival date) when it is difficult for guests to successfully find other accommodations. This is especially troubling for families with children and pets traveling during high seasons as it is most difficult to find last minute accommodation with pets.

    • KNM, this is what is currently happening with me. It’s incredibly frustrating and the host is being a total pain to work with. It’s very clear that he advertises the more attractive unit, and then switches you to a smaller, less nice one. When I declined the alternative property he said he would have to cancel the reservation so I booked at a hotel to be done with this mess. Now he’s saying he won’t cancel the reservation!!

      I also noticed after the fact that this host has 28 properties in Boston and is clearly an agency. In the future if I ever use Airbnb again I will not reserve with someone who promotes more than 2 properties. Airbnb support is incredibly difficult to get in touch with.

      • I run a vacation rental business in Bullhead City, AZ. We run over 50 properties, 38 of which will soon be listed on AirBNB. While I do not know the situation you faced and have no idea about how ethical your real Estate agent is but I would like to touch on the bait and switch. As we represent independent owners in our program, we are sometimes caught in the lurch when an owner decides to remove their home from our program. Recently, our most beautiful home was sold and I had to end up moving a couple of customers to alternate rentals due to this. As this was our best unit every other unit looked less appealing. These guests were offered our second best property or the option to cancel to find better lodgings elsewhere. That being said, if you feel your agent misled you or was unethical, please make sure that you report him to the local REALTOR board, if he is a REALTOR, or the real estate division of the state that he practices in. The small number of unethical agents out there give the rest of us a bad name and we appreciate all the help we can get to weed out these bad apples.

        • David,

          The onus is not on the consumer in this situation. If you move a booking to a unit that is a lesser standard than the one agreed upon and expected in good faith, they should be comped in some fashion. “Take this or find something else,” is a completely shabby way to treat people.

          Weeding out the bad apples does no good if you treat clients without dignity and fairness.

    • Hi Larry,

      REading through complaints on airbnb and saw your email.

      It’s all very late to reply but thought I would anyway. You’ve probably bought your hotel!

      I’ve been doing short term rental since long before it became popular, since the late 1990s.

      Airbnb has whittled down prices to about half what I used to get. Because it’s free to list we’re now competing with everyone who wants to move out and stay with mum/boyfriend/friends for a weekend to make a bit of extra money.

      Places that are dedicated rentals are suffering. There’s a big difference between renting a room or whole apartment where people private things like toiletries etc are lying around and a hotel or dedicated apt, but many guests either don’t know or care about this.

      Goodluck in any case!

    • They lack the consumer confidence they once enjoyed- i.e. their PR/lies nonexistent customer service, the garbage app/id/cc verification- I’m a seasoned hotel/travel/tourism consultant- DO NOT BUILD A CLIENT BASE WITH THESE INCOMPETENT LIARS- THE AIRBNB BRAND IS DEAD IN THE WATER

  8. Hi,
    I verified the account number three times when filling in but our payment was sent to a wrong account (suddenly other last four numbers appearing). They should have verified the name, right? I called many times. It is a lot of money and they are not able to tell me what happened and when it will be solved and if I even get the money. I am getting nervous. Please, I need your help. It has been already more than two weeks.
    Thank you very much!

    • You should contact the payment you used (i.e. Amex or PayPal) and begin disputes. A lot of people are experiencing this as we read on it. Also try emailing AirBNB constantly and someone hopefully will respond but your payment provider might be a better option.

  9. As a neighbor of Airbnb hosts, literally taking over the entire block bit by bit – my encounter with Airbnb customer service went as follows:

    I got in touch via Twitter to ask if I could find out what their policies were for hosts, in terms of number of days allowed to host, protocol, etc.

    I got a response quickly. They asked for my Airbnb profile. I said I don’t have one, nor should I need to have one in this instance.

    They eventually asked for my email and said someone from their team would email me promptly, which I was very appreciative of and thanked them.

    Then I got another DM shortly after saying that they couldn’t do that and I had to use the online form.

    I complained that it was bad service, they were going back against their word – I was met with a ‘sorry for your inconvenience or our associate’s mistake…but you’ve got to use the online form’ (which you can only fill out if you have a profile on Airbnb).



    I’m not a fan.

    There needs to be a third option – Guest / Host / Neighbor of Host

  10. We booked a room in Seattle in a woman’s home through Airbnb. Advertised as private room, separate facilities. It was a bedroom with no lock on the door; separate facilities was down one flight of stained stairs, and we think she was a hoarder. The only room not containing stacks and stacks of junk, was the wee room where we were to sleep. It said there was a deck but we were not allowed to use it. Not that we would have wanted to look at the piles of her dog’s poo in the dried up lawn. The closet she offered had all kinds of junk stored in it as well. Although checkout the next day would have been noon, she advised she had a morning class at her home before we would be leaving. We left. Period. Gone. We texted her to let her know we were out and not returning. We are not even going to ask for our money back. We should have known better. No Airbnb for us except one — Katie’s Kottage in Port Townsend.

  11. I have rented my LAST Airbnb. My beef is with Airbnb is their “verification process”, which appears to have been altered after the time I booked my most recent rental. I was unable to get to my reservation on line reservation to extend my stay, wound up having to bother my gracious hosts to accomplish this. Now, I cannot complete a review of the property or see the hosts’ review of me UNLESS I verify who I am by providing photographs of the front and back of my driver’s license. I got that far, and THEN they wanted access to my address list for my personal e-mail This to verify I am who I say I am. I can’t even e-mail Airbnb without such verification. Absolutely freaking NOT. NO WAY will I give them that kind of information. I have been renting vacation homes and apartments since the late 1980s, and have never provided such private information (nor expected that owners would provide it). NO MORE AIRBNB.

    • What service do you like best for renting homes? We have two properties in Daytona Beach and are thinking about hosting them.

  12. I paid about 185,000 KRW for 2 night staying in Waikiki. I cancelled less than 5 days prior to arrival. So I know ful refund for the 1st night and my second night will be refunded after deducting 50% of original amount.
    But I got only 40,000 KRW.
    I requested to the host via application message as Airbnb suggested in the bottom of my cancellation email.
    But I received message from the host as below.
    “I recieved the notice. And it is the first one I have (URL HIDDEN) I have no real basis for preceding. I will treat you to a drink here in hawaii but as far as the (URL HIDDEN) has gone to my PayPal and while I am unsure of the process it doesn’t matter because I think the cancellation policy is denoted under its own section.”
    Can someone help please?

  13. I recently made a reservation for December, the host have a strict policy stating that if I were to cancel 7 days prior to the check in date I will get only 50% refund which is understandable. Three days after making the reservation, the project I am working on has been pushed to a much later finishing date which ultimately I have to cancel my entire holiday for a much later date.
    I emailed the host to ask if I can cancel my reservation with a full refund, thinking I booked this 3 days ago and they have another 2 1/2 months to fill up. Which sadly they can’t accommodate stating that this cancellation policy is put to protect their livelihood, which makes sense if I were to cancel even a month before my check in. But 2 1/2 months of time to fill up and 3 days after booking.

    If I were to cancel, and they happen to book those days do I get the rest of my money back? The joys of spending (money that was not refunded back) on nothing during this holiday season.

  14. Host ask for extra cleaning charges( 100 Euro) , i thought the cleaning fees already included?
    anybody have this experience before? and the host only told us 3 days after we check out.
    This doesn’t make sense to me at all.

    • you got scammed report him to airbnb, totally against the rules, stop getting scammed people, just use the customer service number

  15. I recently stayed in an apartment booked via airbnb in Rio – I was attending the Olympic games to see my son who is with Team GB. The apartment was not as advertised – firstly it was in a favela and secondly it is the dirtiest place I have ever had the misfortune to set eyes on never mind have to stay there. I had no internet access so unable to contact airbnb or the host till we returned home. I di have the fortune of being able to stay with my son for 3 days which I was actually penalised for by airbnb. I requested a refund from the host to no avail and airbnb refunded £200 from a possible £400 – I now have a gut infection and require medical treatment – I am now in the process of taking action against airbnb and the host

    • Good for you. Unfortunately, the only way these organizations get their act together is through lawsuits. When Ashton Kutcher and the other Airbnb investors lose enough money to lawsuits, they will develop better procedures. If people do not bother to file lawsuits, Airbnb will eventually come to be known as a scam and will die a slow but complete death.

    • My bank called me to say that my credit card was at it’s max because airbnb charged me twice when I had only stayed for a night. Please help.

  16. I am a host to airbnb. We have 20 listings, but from 21st Sep, Airbnb stop payout to us. Now airbnb owed us more than $30,000 AUD.

    I called them so many times in the past 3 days, but the answer is the same!! ” There is nothing I can do and your case is still waiting for a case manager”.

    I don’t who to speak to and what to do now.

    • I have had similar troubles, not as much money owed to me as you tho. It is impossible to communicate with any one from airbnb and when you do the promised assistance never happens. It has been 2 full months of hours on hold, telephone conversations of verification and never cutting to the chase of the actual problem, Still unresolved. It is a horror story.Frustration is killing me.

      • I have the same problem!!! The owed me 7500 Usd since December. They blocked my account. Did you resolve your problem?

        • I am having the same issue of not getting paid by Airbnb. They also disabled my account. Any advise on how to resolve the problem???

  17. Ugh. My guest extended his stay a few times. AirBNB took the money from his account. Sat in AIRBNB’s account for two weeks. They keep telling me the guest’s bank put a “hold” on it….and a case manager would investigate.

    Um, no, his bank released the funds and I have copies of those transactions. So, after 42 minutes on hold and arguing, the money will be released today.

    • I had this same problem! I know my guest has paid but I can not get Airbnb to answer my emails. I’ve called twice and am now sitting on hold for the last 40 mins trying to get them to release the payment that my guest already paid! Any tips?

      • Hi Amber –
        Calling them out on Twitter or FB usually gets their attention quickly.
        They don’t like you sharing your problem publicly with others.
        If you haven’t resolved your issue yet – try this manner
        Good luck!

  18. i changed my reservation and i have to get refund but still did not get it. in email it says 5 business days after two weeks i called but they says wait 5 more days. But now over 1,5 month past no fefund

  19. I am trying one month now to contact airbnb for a fraud listing of MY property and there is no response. There is an upcoming ” reservation ” for the 15 of October and i feel sorry for the guest who is going to find nothing and nobody for his wellpaid holidays. Big waste of money big waste of efforts and hapines from the guest and big waste of my reputation.

  20. find a way to contact airbnb is HELL why??? Such a big company with many resources not allowing clients to contact your organization is HORRIBLE.

    • I called customer service at # 1-855-424-7262 today three times. The first time the operator promptly hung up on me as soon as they picked up. The second operator said they could not hear me and promptly hung up before I could even speak. The third operator said they would look into my problem and asked if I was ok with being put on hold for a couple minutes. After being on hold with no word back from the rep. for over 15 minutes, I finally hung up. I had a simple question regarding an upcoming reservation. I got no answer and the worst customer service I’ve ever experienced. It is unacceptable to hang up on customers after they have been on hold to even have an operator pick up the phone. This happened at 5:30 pm eastern time today. What incentive do I have to do business with a company that doesn’t back up it’s product with even marginal support?

  21. Dear management,

    Host named “Felix” asks for cash payments.
    I paid the rent that was shown 357$. He said he would accept the request only if I pay 4004 to his secretary.

    All these payments must be legally taken through Airbnb and not cash or bank transactions.
    He was not ready for that.

    Such fraud people should be removed from Airbnb. You can check my messages with him where he is asking money out of this legal payments.

    Please take some action against such people to avoid all the waste of time and money of everyone.


  23. Amazing how it´s difficult to find a way to contact AirBnB.
    We stayed in France and somebody had the key of the main entrance. We were stolen during the night and apparently it´s not a reason to cancel?

  24. Airbnb’s website is full of bugs and has all kinds of problems. You call their so called customer service and although very polite they agree with your issues then transfer to problem to Level 2 support . Is there a level 2 support because if there is nobody ever calls you back I tried 20 times and nobody resolved my probelm and no way to escalate the issue same story everytime I called in. Not that it was imporatnt, my blocked dates were simply just disapperaing off my Calendar and my prices were all over the place which they seen and agreed it looks like a bug but never a fix and when your price shows $90 a night and its supposed to be $60 your never going to get any bookings. So angry customers resort to coming to websites like this to spread the word and maybe one day airbnb will listen and actually get their usless bug ridden site fixed instead of just blowing it off. No probelms yet with homeaway apart from the credit card company they use treats you like dirst and no chance of winning with a chargeback as they don’t care to help their homeaway cusomers .

  25. I’m currently staying at an airbnb rental. I extended my stay by a week, but my credit card that I used to book and pay originally is no longer functioning. I have been trying to add a new card to my payment methods, but I cannot remove the old card. According to the info provided, the pending payment must come out of the old card (which is now invalid), even if I post information for my new card and set it as the default payment method. I have tried and tried and tried and tried to find someone to help me change the payment info, but alas there is no human online. I just keep getting automatically sent back to the same list of useless answers that are irrelevant to my problem. I’m now to the point where I’ll just probably let the payment not go through, and then someone will contact me about it. I’m royally pissed that there’s no contact info to get some help with this. What did I pay my $63 service charge for????? I will never book airbnb again. It’s like booking a hotel but there’s no-one at the front desk, ever. WHY ARE WE PAYING SERVICE FEES IF THERE’S NO SERVICE BEYOND A WEBSITE THAT IS NOT MONITORED???

  26. Hello,
    we are using airbnb for booking the accommodations for our colleagues very often.
    last week airbnb blocked our account. We dont understand why, but we need to activate it asap.
    I tried to call this nr. 1-855-424-7262, but it says number doesnt exist.
    What is tel. prefix? We are from Slovakia.

  27. I am currently staying in an air BnB in London it took 3hrs to get to our destination and the place is discusting the neighbors r scary and my husband and myself don’t know what to do as we have never been to London before we’ve been traveling for 10 weeks and have never had aproblem but this place is bad I can’t afford to get more accomodation as this was pre paid months ago what to do

  28. We have booked a room in Tokyo Japan at Azabu Roppongi 2. Host emailed us a few weeks after the confirmation of our room to say that the room will have no water for 5 days when we are there (confirmation no. SECN54) and asked if we would like to change to another room, which we decided not to as comments said that its a very noisy place.

    They recommended another room near roppongi and provided a link. As there is no clear instruction, we proceeded to book and later realised that it became a second and a separate booking for the first. Our host was very very helpful and patient. They have since refunded the full amount to us but requested for us to get the service fee refunded from Airbnb due to this unfortunate error.

    Unfortunately, when we dial to airbnb number in japan, everything is in Japanese and we could not get to speak to even the operator or customer service. Host has already explained the situation to airbnb. Still, if there is no email and phone no., how are we to get the service fee refunded to us since we are still booking through airbnb?

  29. Hi Pauline, Was the first number you called on your reservation confirmation? You don’t indicated what language you need so I suggest you use the Air BNB Twitter account. Ask for a refund of the Air BNB fees that would have happened had you been able to speak with an Air BNB customer service rep. Good luck!!

    • Those must be my codes because I keep asking for verification codes to complete my hosting site and nothing is coming to my phone. After reading these experiences I wonder if I want to continue.

  30. 1)May i know what is the procedure to register property at Airbnb website?

    2) Airbnb any commission charge?

    3) What is the process to get the payment from your side and the lead time?

    Your prompt reply and guideline much appreciated.

  31. Hi Im starting to rent our apartment but I’m not sure if it’s possible because the apartment is under the name of a company (with my family we are the owners of the company)
    But we need to know if us with our company need to give to airbnb something (like a purchase order) and if airbnb gives us an invoice (for our company) after we rent the space.
    Please let me know in order to be sure I can rent the space.

    Thanks !!

  32. I want my money back from airbnb. But, I can’t reach them. I talked to them twice, but they haven’t gotten back to me. The room I got in San Francisco had all kind of crazy comings and goings. Even when I was told I could have the place to myself. No one was living there. They rented it solely to airbnb. They were running it like a business, they were foreigners and the last night they came in there and were talking very loudly in a foreign language. They used all the toilet paper up, and kept me awake. I think they were getting drunk or high there. But, they didn’t stay there. The place was barely furnished, and didn’t have the amenities the listing alluded too. I won’t even talk about the hosts weird drama that she got me involved in. I left two days early. It was a nerve wracking ordeal. The hostess lied to me, and said I would be alone, then made me move rooms.

  33. Hi,

    I made a reservation and informed my host that I will arrive late and will have a colleague sleeping over for the first night.

    When I arrived I tried to contact my host who had his phone closed and never replied to my emails.

    I had to find a hotel at 1 in the morning because I had no place to stay. And it costed me twice the price of the apartment I booked

    Next day I tried to check in in the morning but the host said he is at work and I can only check in in the night.

    When I came with my colleague for the first night as agreed, he denied and he asked me to pay him money for that. More over, he is claiming that is my mistake that I haven’t wrote him earlier on the arrival day since it’s too late and he needs to work.

    I am trying to get in contact with Airbnb, but it seems difficult. I can’t find an email. The only option I found is to get refunded for the first night. Which is unfair in my openion.

    If you know anyway to reach them kindly let me know.

    I have recorded of all the leaves between him and me.


  34. The following seemingly “small” point is actually important. On all host’s listings, AirBnB always refer to so-called “Handicap” Access as part of house amenities. Although it might be in more comon usage in The States, back in the UK people have become accustomed to referring to “Disabled Access” instead. The reason? Because the word “handicap” comes from the old english expression “cap in hand” meaning BEGGAR.

    Have sent this message to AirBnB many times with zero response. Like I say, it might seem a small point but disabled folk don’t want to be called beggar.

  35. I have used Airbnb for the first time and their official mobile application showed a perfect place for me and my family (not cheap) and one of the place’s pictures thah was posted on their website indicated that the guest MUST contact a special email address before requesting any booking. So I have followed the instructions and contacted that email (despite the fact that Airbnb indicates that no official contact has to be made outside their official website) but as a first timer to Airbnb I just followed the instructions posted on the place’s page. they asked me to transfer 2000 US$ for the stay through bank transfer receiving a confirmation of my payment receipt and an invoice showing all airbnb details.

    Anyway Im aware now of the fact that I got deceived: but the way airbnb was handling this was totally unprofessional and aggressive. A guy called Peter called me and he didn’t even show any sympathy or understanding of my situation. He was so aggressive and just repeating the same phrase that *I cannot help you with this* and when I asked to talk to his manager he said there is no way at airbnb to talk to any manager as he was the case manager.

    Above all that, till the moment I was talking to airbnb waiting to receive a solution of my problem, the place that I picked was on my list and likes on my mobile application and once I explained to peter that fact he advised that this place is no longer on our website!! And when i asked him since when? He told me he cannot disclose this information and as soon as I hang up the phone and I went to my list and likes again the place was disappeared!! So they just removed that place right after I advised them of my scam !! So why did they put such a place on their official application if they knew it was a tota scam!!

    Peter was a total unprofessional and aggressive and showed no signal of sympathy or willing to help in anyway and he just left me at the airport waiting for the reservation team to cal me back to secure me to another place in NYC and IVE NEVER HEARD back from them till now!

    Its a total disappointment having this firdt experience with airbnb and I am not sure if any of the managers will see this but you will be loosing lots and lots of clients as you’ve already lost a client that travels a lot

    • Sounds like you were scammed. If you ever see a listing with a picture that directs you to email the host, instead of contacting them and paying through Airbnb, it is a scam. There are people who put up listings like this and remove them after they have managed to trick someone into paying off of the website. Airbnb can’t help you with something they have no record of.

      Keep in mind that hosts are not Airbnb employees, they are regular people.

  36. What a poor poor service by airbnb, i’m actually on holiday as i write this and we have a dispute with the host over additional charges we are being asked to pay! Do you think Airbnb has a email address or service we can call??? no, nothing! I’m extremely annoyed with having to spend my holiday time to even write these few words, terrible that there not even bothering to provide any level of customer service.

  37. I live in a condominium in Oklahoma City and this Airbnb concept is strictly forbidden in our HOA rules, but we see theses transient people coming and going quite frequently. Now, we have to deal with the enforcement of our rules as we learn about these violators. Legally, our rules protect us, but it would be easier if the city would outlaw this from turning our condos into daily apartments. We have plenty of hotels and more to come. From the user comments I have read, it seems that this is a flawed concept where most people lose.

  38. I am bewildered by AirBnB cancelling a booking that i had for my property, without my approval and transferring the booking to another listing, and then charging ME a $35 cancellation fee.

    I received no communications from AirBnB regarding this and cannot contact them to at least get my $35 back.

  39. Airbnb contact numbers:

    Australia +61 2 8520 3333
    United States +1-415-800-5959
    +1-855-424-7262 (toll-free)
    Argentina +54 11 53 52 78 88
    Austria +43 72 08 83 800
    Brazil +55 21 3958-5800
    Chile +56229380777
    China +86-40-0120-9157
    400-716-0164 (shared-cost)
    Cuba +1-855-424-7262 (toll-free)
    Denmark +45 89 88 20 00
    France +33-184884000
    Germany +49 30 30 80 83 80
    Greece +30 211 1989888
    Hong Kong +852 5808 8888
    India 000 800 4405 103 (toll-free)
    Ireland +353 1 697 1831
    Israel +972 3 939 9977
    Italy +39-06-99366533
    Japan +81 3 4580 0999
    +81 800 100 1008 (toll-free)
    Kenya +1-855-424-7262 (toll-free)
    Malaysia +603 7724 0164
    1800 889 814 (toll-free)
    Mexico +52 55 41 70 43 33
    Netherlands +31 20 52 22 333
    New Zealand +64 4 4880 888
    Norway +47 21 61 16 88
    Peru +51 1 7089777
    Poland +48 22 30 72 000
    Portugal +351 30 880 3888
    Puerto Rico +1 787 945-0222
    Russia +74954658090
    88003017104 (toll-free)
    Singapore +65 6622 7306
    1800 723 1238 (toll-free)
    South Africa +1-855-424-7262 (toll-free)
    South Korea +82 2 6022 2499
    +82 808 220 230 (toll-free)
    Spain +34 91 123 45 67
    Sweden +46 844 68 12 34
    Switzerland +41 43 50 84 900
    Taiwan +886 2 7743 2436
    0800 868 313 (toll-free)
    United Kingdom +44 203 318 1111

  40. The host I interacted with literally insulted me on the phone, as well as in the Airbnb message. Apart from the host being unprofessional and disrespectful by calling me a “princess” and suggesting that I “lack common sense”, the host I interacted with in Zurich was obviously violating the Community Commitment that she agreed to. Airbnb “case manager” did nothing on this case!

    In her own words:”Why every time rent to Asia clients than have a problem? Next time I better only rent to not Asia client!” “You can’t change your idea after room has been keeping for you more than 12 hours ! You are princess this is Switzerland everything is expensive.You can’t rent whole apartment to stay one night with this price!”

  41. I tried to book a 2 night stay for a colleague in Subiaco. When i tried to submit the booking i received an error message saying that AirBnB were undergoing maintenance and to try again. So i continuously refreshed the page. I was charge 10+ times for the same payment & there is no recollection that the booking was ever made – it isn’t listed in “My Trips” or anything. I’ve now been on hold to AirBnB for 42 minutes and still nothing. Very angry

  42. I have make a booking (Booking reference No : JXP3YM) 9th December 2016 to rent a house in Sepang on 10th December 2016. I’d received a reservation confirmation from airbnb stated booking was confirmed. However my host said that he did not receive my reservation. Payment has already been done via credit card.
    How can I request for a refund from airbnb so that I can rebook other place.

    This is my first time to encounter such problems though i’ve been using this system for several times.

    Hope the relevant authorities can resolve my issue asap.

    Thank you & regards

  43. I got two messages from Airbnb today and yesterday ,Lily, 3月05日-3月26日, ‘你好,Yonghong, 我和女儿会在Lexington呆二十天左右,看到您的…Airbnb: Janice, 12月14日-12月20日, ‘Hello i am visiting USA for the fir.. I saw this incomplete message on my phone, and I can’t see it on the website and I could not response to the travler . I email and call Airbnb but can’t not work out this problems .Can you help with this?

  44. How can I verify my payment method? I have replied the account recovery email for so many fking times and there are still no responses from the team. I can’t make any request because of that and the important dates are coming. What can I do?

    • Same here. Submitted 4 days ago, had then on the phone 3 times already. They say it’s been sent to the right department, that it’s marked as urgent but that they are not allowed to view it.

      Here the (buggy) message I get:

      We’re reviewing your billing statement for %{formatted_cc}. There’s nothing else you need to do right now.

    • I have the same problem, too. I submitted 4 days ago. Yesterday I tried again by sending my card statement again trough email but still no feedback.

  45. I made the reservation (KS54DT) cancellation in Nov.
    It mentioned refund on 14 Nov, but till now I never receive the refund amount.
    Who can help on this ?

  46. I have just booked four days in Naples. The blurb said (exact quote) “Bedtype: Real Bed”, “Bedrooms:1”, and “Beds:1”. The host took my money and then said that I should pay more because I had booked for a hammock on the roof (In December/January!!)

    The host said “A Hammock is a real bed” I cannot cancel without losing half my money.

    What is Airbnb’s definition of a real bed and bedroom?

  47. Airbnb has been review my payment method for the past 2 weeks, hence preventing me from being able to book for my holiday that is due in 2weeks

  48. Dear Sir / Madam

    Good Day!

    I would like to bring to your notice the inconvenience I faced by booking my accommodation using Airbnb.
    I had booked (on 19_Aug_2016) an accommodation in Cape Town for 3 nights 29th Dec till 31st Jan using Airbnb for a group of 4 adults and 1 kid. Airbnb confirmed my booking and I can see on the App that I was supposed to check in on 29th Dec.
    When I reached the accommodation on the said day the owners were not even aware that we had a booking with them. The house was horrible and the owners themselves informed us that they did not pass the verification criteria set by AirBnB and they have never confirmed Airbnb for any booking.
    We were in a fix as it was already 6.00 p.m. local time.

    We talked to Raven from Airbnb and she assured us that she will be able to book an alternate place for us. We tried to book alternate places through Airbnb but none of the owners were able to host us at such a short notice. It was 9.00 p.m. by then.
    Then we started to make a booking through alternate sources but as it was holiday season everywhere we tried was full.

    Finally we got a booking in the Capital Hotel for a night which was at ZAR 3XXXX just for the night. As the Capital Hotel was booked for the other two days, we had to go for accommodation hunting again the next day instead of enjoying the holiday as planned. I can assure you that we tried to find the cheapest options and everywhere was full. So, finally we had to book into Protea Hotel for the other two nights at ZAR XXXX. The accommodation was way over our budget but we still had to book it as the only other option was to sleep in the car.
    To add insult to the injury we had to spend extra on food as well as we had booked accommodation with a kitchen and the hotels did not provide us with any self catering option

    The $50 for food and the refund which Raven offered us doesn’t even cover for the inconvenience caused to us by miscommunication from Airbnb’s part. We had to spend a day and a half looking for alternate accommodations instead of enjoying our holidays, which spoiled our stay in Cape Town. On top of that no body even contacted us from Airbnb to even find out if we had managed to find something else.

    I expect Airbnb to reimburse ZAR 11491 for my accommodation and food bills as it was a mistake on your side that spoiled our holiday, and forced us to spend so much extra than our budget.
    If a place can not even pass verification how can you have it on your accommodation list. If the owners did not confirm the booking how can Airbnb confirm the booking.

  49. I was charge full amount for two bookings, one is more than nine months away (This charge was over $6000.00) and one is five months away ($400.00 or so). I have contacted both hosts and they both said that they don’t get pay until we arrived. So airbnb have my money, collecting interest for nine months.

    If that is their policy, I’ll find another company to do business with.

    • Yes, that is correct. I am a host and get the payout process message sent to me on the second day of the guests stay. I get the money around 4 or 5 days after check in. Before that, we are never paid a penny.

  50. I reserved and paid for a room in Barcelona Spain for Dec 29 way back in September. The host sends me a message at 11am Dec 29 (1 hour before check in) that “he had a problem and that he could no longer host me. Airbnb will refund my payment in a few days.”

    I had to scramble to look for alternative accommodation and paying more. Not to add the additional unnecessary stress to look for a hotel to stay in.

    However I realized the day after that the host never cancelled the reservation. It was like the transaction transpired and I had checked in and out.

    I had gone to “Airbnb help and Resolution Center ” and have received idiotic automated responses. There is no listed email nor contact number to call to remedy this unfair business trade. The host was a fraud with only one thing in mind : to get paid for services he never intend to offer. And Airbnb is nowhere in sight. I still have to get a response from them but it’s not looking thru give a hoot.

    After being with Airbnb for 3 years, I am disillusioned . Goodbye Airbnb and I will share to everybody I know that you don’t care for your customers after you get our money.
    You have ZERO customer service. You have no whatsoever intent to correct a situation that has gone wrong.
    I am done. And I hope this serves as a wake up call to everyone reading this. It’s all a gamble. Airbnb works if everything’s goes as planned. But it is a complete nightmare and anguish and frustration if it doesn’t . YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED

    • HI Christine:

      I couldn’t agree with you more, here i am waiting in queue after 40min. to talk to some one to dispute a dishonest host. The host posted pictures of her apartment which looks reasonably nice, however, in reality, the place looks like a squalor’s dump. I provided pictures to the case manager who some how got routed to some in Europe where my host and I are in EST zone in the US. So with the lagging time difference nothing really gets resolved since we are in different times zones. Nevertheless, the case manager disagrees with me with the pictures I sent, that the furniture is just a bit stained, the paint chipping, cobwebs, and mold in the bathroom. Plus there’s the cleaning fee one has to pay when checking out. Anyhoo, to make the long story short, I have been on the phone with the case manager so many times, I can’t count it and they refuse to refund the money. It makes me really angry that I have to now spend all this time to argue for my money back. I’ve used AirBnB in the past, and had no problems. Like you said when it works well, its a great app to bring hosts and guest together. But once you get a crooked host, then there is calamity in the air. I strongly believe AirBnB sides with the hosts more, because in the view of AirBnB, without hosts there’s no guests.

  51. Hi, i’m listed on in India. I travelled with my family in October to Jodhpur in 2016. I gave the host a bad review because the host and the place we stayed was nothing as described by the Host. We did not ask for a refund and let it go but wanted others to know if they’d make the same mistake as us. (Host: Aditya – Jodhpur). Its been 3 months and the host is sending abusive mails and messages uptil now. I want to know if Airbnb monitors the mails that are exchanged and if Airbnb is going to take any action against this host or do I need to approach the law against Airbnb and the host for harassment.
    Kindly email me so i can forward you the messages sent to me by the host as an attachment.
    If Airbnb does not take any action in the next 10 days, I’ll be forced to approach the law.

    Kapil Mathur

  52. Hi,

    I read all the messages from you guys all that are using Airbnb.

    I am amazed that you found time to write here about your issues, found time to complain, but you weren’t capable to actually reach the Customer Services.
    So I have two conclusions either you troll, or you have no idea how the world works nowdays, how technology works and how to plan your trips, in the same time having absolutely incredble high requests and expectations, but do not put a finger to improve your own experience.

    By the way is enough to tweet @AirbnbHelp and your question will be redirected to the Airbnb Customer Service and you will be reached in 24-48h maximum!!!

    Especially the once with experience on the platform, you should know better how to learn from the Help Center articles! what kind of user are you if you do not even bother to read the articles.

    Oh, and to the once that you are so dissapointed in Airbnb, nobody forced you to register and you agreed with Terms and Service, how many of you actually read the terms of service ? Have you ever read the FAQ before booking? too lazy, who needs that!!

    99% of your issues are created by the guests- learn to communicate and learn to read. Oh yes, you are also dealing with technology, issues happen, listing get damaged, by the way also by you guests, computer crashes, hey at the end of the day it was created by a HUMAN being.


    Thank you!!

    • Uh, seriously, gtfo. Clearly, you’re an airbnb employee (likely) or are married to one(doubtful, given your ignorance).

      In addition, if you’re going to post on a board berating people for their shortcomings and advising them to ‘learn to read’ when you can barely form a coherent sentence.

      Nice try attempting to make excuses for a company whose got a PROVEN track record of horrible customer service. Stop making excuses, stop trying to defend this shit company, and try leaving your parents basement every now and then so YOU can see how the ‘real world works’, ass.

  53. I will really appritiate if you guys close everything.

    1. I tried to register, it was everytime giving error that age 18 and above is required. I changed browser, it worked.
    2. I applied a coupon code and due to some reason the transaction failed, then i was not able to apply coupon.
    3. I was not able to find a living human being on your entire support. You guys charge so much for support but no support at all.
    4. I tried other properly and paid through my credit card, then nothing displaied there.
    5. I created a new account with same error of 18 years and old but somehow managed to make it work.
    6. I paid again with card and then it asked me for verification.
    7. I tried webcam, no results
    8. I tired with Scanned copy of Aadhar card, no go.
    9. I changed format of aadhar card, no go
    10. i used my license but this stupid application did not took it either.

    What i can say to you guys is to close your shop and go home. Best way for other to rest in peace. I have spent 4 hours in this but nothing is there.

  54. A stranger posted my house on airbnb. I am so surprised when I found my own house on airbnb. I can see this person stole the pictures from my blog or my friends’ and somehow knows the address. I was unable to contact the host because no date is available to book. I contacted airbnb and complain if they allow anyone to post someone’a property without verifying. The customer service forwarded my email to and I guess that would open the case but I haven’t heard from them at all even after I followed up a couple of times. The page of my house is still up on the airbnb. I am really pissed and just want them to take it down.

  55. Hi everyone.

    I made a reservation on Nov 10th 2016 for a stay in kyoto in Apr 2-6, 2017. And suddenly on Jan 3rd I just got a notification of refund. I did not know what was going on. I asked the host of the kyoto house and no reply until now Jan 19th.

    So I had to look for new place to stay for my group of 8 people. On Jan 8th we made the decision to book another place “near” kyoto but the price is much much higher because there is no place left with that original price range…of course. …Which is why I made the reservation 5 months prior to my trip!

    My booking in Nov costed 535USD and because of the sudden cancellation by the host which I still receive no explanation and no response from the host nor Airbnb… now I had no choice but to pay 857USD for a much farther location.

    I am very upset with what happened. Why do I have to spend 322 USD extra money???

    If the host cannot provide accomodation she should not have put up the offer and to be fair this is a damage of 322 USD!!! Not including the currency exchange damage I receive for the 535USD refund which I lost 532 THB due to the exchange rate difference when Airbnb refunded the initial amount.

    Airbnb should compensate the damage!!!

    Also, I tried to use the Solution Center in airbnb app but since the host cancelled on me there is no option in the app to put claim to “whom”. This is very odd.

    Now I’m trying to contact airbnb to get something done. They cost me extra 322USD!!!!!!

  56. Hi, in December I wrote you here after at least one month of automatic emails and answers with no advice or help.
    I have your aplication on my iphone and I was always signed in and I have been using it few years.
    In November I tried to use it with but I was signed out and my email and password couldn’t match.
    I tried to contact you on email and after that I wrote here.
    2.1.2017. I recieved email to make new password and I did that.After that I was able to use my profile on airbnb.
    I am host.
    Yesterday happened the same – I am signed out from your aplication and I contacted again and today I changed password again and signed in.
    I was relly surprised what I found-pending messages for reservations but not for my rental object Villa Camellia in Supetar (island of Brac,Croatia) – they all were for Great vacation Val Thorens!!!
    We have 2 apartments in Villa Camellia in Supetar (Croatia) and we do not have listed anything else.
    Somebody even contacted guests who wanted to book vacation in Val Thorens from my profile – they represent as Villa Camellia.
    I declined all pending requests.
    Now I recieved this one (photos are in this post).
    I have sent all this on your email and nobody contacted me.
    I am telling you for two moths that somebody is hacking my account and you have never even contacted me and provided any help with that.I am telling you now again that I am not responsible for any misunderstandings between guests,overbookings or any type of ilegal problems.
    All of our guests were very happy staying in our apartments and all reviews are 5/5.
    This is a shame how you treat hosts who bring you money.
    I want immediate help or delete my property from your page.


    This is from this morning:
    Good morning! Last night I wrote DM.This morning I received message that my problem is sloved.Due to all this and as you did nothing to help me I want to remove my listings from your profile.My mobile aplication, where I am signed in looks like everything is fine (except all the messages and reservations that I didn´t provide ) but nothing is fine.Today we will see what is going on with our payment account.We are not even listed on your web so nobody can book or contact me – hackers removed us and they are using our profile to make some reservations for rental objects that we do not have or provide.I can not sign in on my computer with email and password that I use on my mobile.You should take care of people who use your aplication, you should do something more that just automatic messages because somebody is hacking my account and doing things that are not legal.This is a shame for you and for your job.I am working in tourism for 8years now and I never saw this.You look like some ilegal organisation.If you do not contact me and help me I will report this to police and take a lawyer.


  57. I tried calling Airbnb customer service at 1-855-424-7262. I have been on hold for 45 minutes waiting to speak to someone. I give up! I’m hanging up.

  58. Signed up as a host with them yesterday. Now I know I should not have. I had a specific question pertaining to my set up process and why they did not include the cleaning fee and the price adjusting like I selected. I have been trying to contact them for 3 hours today. Now after finding your sight and reading these messages I realize what a cheese ball company this company is and I made a big mistake. I will be removing my listing after my guests leave.

    • Robert – Please get away from them ASAP.
      They are crooks and only when you find your home damaged will you really find out.
      @finallyeven – see my Twitter feed as I have taken to trying to expose them for the past week.
      30 days ago I had my home trashed and furniture damaged. They hid my review from other hosts as I mentioned that I had to contact the resolution ctr for damages ($2800 worth)
      Airbnb is ignoring all my requests for help. They have had six different agents ask me for the same case info and I have submitted it EIGHT times. The last being 5 days ago and they once again have done nothing! They are trying to break me and have me go away.
      I have gotten them to admit that they collect NO damage deposits from guests and that house ‘cleanup’ is not ‘covered’ by the host guarantee. So if you can’t get the guests to pay – you get nothing! And come on, is a guest going to PAY when you call them up and say “Hey – you trashed my house – how about paying the $600 cleaning bill I have” YEAH RIGHT – ok – my check is in the MAIL….

  59. I have the worst experience in hosting my house.

    The guest name is Fernando, staying from 10 Jan-14 Feb 2017 in the house titled “Cheap and clean house in Bekasi, Bintara”

    I’m really upset about his behavior, his irresponsible act to throw a lot of tissues into my toilet till it was clogged. I spent Rp 350k for that and I decided to just let it be my cost.
    Second, he doesn’t put any effort to keep the house clean. Everything has always been messed out, all his clothes are scattered around the floor, and his hair after shaving is everywhere on the floor. He left the house in a condition where all my appliances ON, which is very dangerous. Can you imagine if there is any short circuit that can cause fire ignition?

    I have always asked for his permission whenever there’s a regular check and he said it is a snooping. It’s normal to have a regular check in my own house otherwise he would have broken all my stuffs.

    I do respect him as a guest in my country, but I don’t think he does the same to me. He has known from the beginning that my neighborhoods are majority muslim, and he didn’t seem to respect that.
    Last thing, I just can’t tolerate he brought a woman to have a sex with. Though there wasn’t any stated rule that prohibit adultery on my listing rules, it is an obvious covenant for muslim to never allow adultery happen in any way!!!! This isn’t a hotel, this is my house and It is STRICTLY PROHIBITED for adultery happened in my house and around that neighborhood!!!!
    And he should have known it because I have told him since the very beginning that the neighborhoods are majority muslim, and he definitely knows that muslims are prohibited to let adultery happen, but he just didn’t abide by the covenant!

    I have always tried to put my best to serve him as my guest. I’ve tried to fix anything he has complained, I’ve tried to fulfill his requests, and I’ve definitely asked for his permission when my family goes there to have a regular check. We’ve always emptied his trashes and cleaned the house.

    I apologize for this situation, but bringing a woman in the house is truly crossing the line.
    I have a lot of friends from US and all other parts in the worlds as my business partners, and this is truly the first disappointing experience for me. He is my first and my last guest because I’ve unlisted all my houses in Airbnb.

    And now, he is requesting for refund because the security chased that ‘illegal’ woman out of my house after his staying period are almost over!!!!

    After all he has done to my house, that’s really out of my sanity.

    I’m trying to call Airbnb call center in US, Malaysia and SG for so many times. I hang on the phone till 10 minutes and there isn’t any answer! It is so frustrating to have never reach Airbnb CS for resolving such problems!

    Kindly solve this please! Thanks.

    • Dear Maryati,

      If you don’t do adultery, doest not mean that everyone is the same.
      You should specify this in your Airbnb listings who can stay in your property , eg ‘muslims only’ or ‘old people only’

      You must understand that when young people get in bed they do ‘bunga-bunga’, specially when they are relaxing on holidays.

      And have in mind that women who have sex are not ‘ILLEGAL’ like you stated in your post.

      Hope it helps for other muslim hosts

  60. Airbnb lists 2 of my listings, but guests can’t book them. In one case I know of, they offered the guest no explanation why they couldn’t book, but offered a USD 100.= incentive towards booking elsewhere. They have no host support, just a bunch of amateurs giving nonsensical ‘help’ Airbnb are generally a creepy, secretive organzation.

  61. I requested a booking for an apartment and got an email confirmation saying I will be charged 188 euros. Then after the host confirmed me, the price increased to 204 euros. Also prior to that while I was booking the apartment the price was increasing in front of my very eyes!!! This can’t be ethical. Airbnb cannot just keep changing the price like that just because they know you are interested or after you’ve booked the place. I am very frustrated because I can’t find anyone to contact and the “help center” is zero help because none of the situations they have pertains to me.

  62. You are quite impossible to contact when needed: PayPal doesn’t accept a perfectly correct ZIP code and I can’t pay!

  63. Trying to book on my iPad I got repeated messages that ‘you do not have permission to access this resource’. Why?
    I was able to book using a laptop computer. Seems very strange.
    It is awful to read of all the bad experiences people have had. I’ve used Airbnb a number of times and only once had a really bad host( he has multiple porperties). Airbnb eventually gave us a voucher in recompense. But many of these stories are truly appalling. My sympathy to you all.

  64. BE CAREFUL!! On our first rental with this site, our information was used by scammers to send fake Airbnb emails and direct us to a fake Airbnb website for payment. Then of course there were fraudulent charges to our bank account. Now I’ve been holding for 16 minutes for a human to hear what has happened. Very frustrating!!!

  65. Airbnb is Unbelievably shady!! Go right to the confirmation of payment with my visa and now disables my account after already getting payment!!!! Been on the phone with them over 2 hours while they say they’re “escalating it” etc. And I’m stuck without a room after already paying??? For sure spreading the word to my 5,000 Facebook friends, 57,000 Twitter followers and other social media sites to spread the word on Vrbo and other like competitors being far better..Airbnb F you for stealing my hard earned money and HORRIBLE customer service!

  66. We got SCAMMED 😡😡😡
    I really didn’t think I was so STUUUUUPID.
    £650.00 DOWN – happy fu*k**g Birthday bird 😱😱😱
    Never fall for this again.
    This site should be ‘CLOSED DOWN IMMEDIATELY’
    Bunch of C***s

  67. I would like to know how AIRBNB were able to take $840 AUD out of my paypal account without my authorisation…
    When searching thru nice houses on the site I looked up dates and Airbnb asked my for a photo of my passport…I thought this sounded like a scam so I closed down immediately only to receive an email saying I have been charged for the booking I did not make…Paypal were great they could see that no paypal password was entered so refunded the money straight away..still waiting for Airbnb to respond to my complaint…

  68. I saw a place for $30 a night while at the library. I got a call I had to take, so I left the library. By the time I got home ready to book the place it had gone up to $35 a night. I contacted the host asking why the price had just changed suddenly. His response: “Due to supply, demand, and other factors.” I replied back with “in just a couple of hours?” He declined me after that saying he felt insulted and if I would have asked nicely he would have given it to me at that price. I never once asked him to lower the price but to explain why the price had gone up in less than an hour. He could have said I needed the money. And the conversation could have been done. Watch out where you stay, Airbnb lets any rift raft in.

    • Hi, the host probably has no control over the price. Airbnb has an automated system where they automatically adjust the price of listings according to demand. A host can opt out of this if they want.

  69. worst effing experience of my life! host sent me to a different listing when I arrived in colombia for a conference. Host claimed this apartment was more expensive and that i should be grateful. I kindly declined his stupid offer as the apt was too far from the conference and in a shady neighborhood. I had no way of booking another while abroad. I booked a hotel that sunday night and have been trying to contact airbnb everyday since with no effing results!
    go to hell airbnb! you dirty bastards! hire some real poeple! the stupid ‘messaging center’ is a robot that just runs itself in loops. terrible service!

  70. I booked a three night stay in Mexico two mo this ago. Accidentally, not helped by the fact that there is no final confirmation checkout screen, I booked the wrong dates. I immediately realised, and within three minutes (time stamped on my conversation with the host) I requested a change of date. As there was no vacancy on the date I actually wanted I requested a refund and the host, who was very good about it, refunded the full amount. However, the service charge was not refunded by Airbnb. Their policy clearly states service charge is not refundable… However, as my mistake was noticed within three minutes, I would hope that any reasonable company would refund the full amount. Having done some research it seems Airbnb are NOT a reasonable company.

    From your experience, do I have any chance of getting my money back? Or should I just suck it, and give up?

  71. Although we very much enjoyed our time in Paris, my group had quite a few issues with this particular air bnb.

    1) Our main concern was the fact that we had to clean for the host even though there was a cleaning fee of $38 included in the price of the stay!! She not only requested that we put the sheets and towels into multiple washing machines and then hang them to dry, but she also asked that we hoover the floors.
    2) The shower: The host had warned us earlier that we would have “to wait for hot water” and that “the hot water tank cannot stand more than 3 showers one after the other”– when in reality it did not last for more than one shower.
    3) It was generally difficult to contact the owner. When the wifi stopped working at the accommodation, I tried messaging her on both the air bnb app as well as through text message and at first she ignored the question. When I asked a third time, though, her response was to try unplugging the router and plugging it back in again—something we had already attempted a couple of times at that point.
    4) Not only was it difficult to get in contact with her, but she also gave us the incorrect name of the shop where we were supposed to obtain the key. She told us that it would be called “le jardin d’a cote,” but the actual shop’s sign said something completely different. This was dangerous for us because we ended up walking around the neighborhood asking people for the keys to our apartment.
    5) It was difficult to get the key, and there was only one key. We wish that she had made it clear earlier that all 7 of the guests would have to coordinate with only one key throughout our 3 day stay.

    Clearly- MANY issues. Do you think there’s any way that I can get my money back?? Or at least the cleaning fee back?

  72. My booking says cancelled but my card has been debited already! the host i am in contact with said to contact AirBnb. Please look into this! Thanks

  73. oh im fighting them..
    I’m a senior female,traveling alone, finishing in Lake titicac, no mans land Peru/Bolivia March 4th. The next day was my flight to Lima and the booking in an apartment. I got an email stating..too bad, my apt. reservation was cancelled. So, I’m stuck in Puno, Peru, flying the next day back to Lima with no place to stay.
    On the shuttle the next morning, after dead end with Airbnb, I’m on my smartphone, looking for a hotel to stay in Lima. Airbnb paid 1 night out of 2.
    Then I had to find ANOTHER apartment on my own, because I had 2/ 12 weeks left, and a sisterinlaw flying down from Oregon to travel with me. It was awful. I found a place, more expensive, and funkier-no wifi, and dirty.
    I’m fighting with them, I want all of my money for the hotel and for the apartment stay, and for my high telephone bill since I had to contact them to communicate internationally. It was a nightmare. My anxiety stress level is still high up there.

    • Altough its annoying to be in your situation, Airbnb is just a platform for individuals to offer their home, not a Rental Company..
      Surely there is a refund for the room that was cancelled, which you could use to book a room? Why the phonecalls to Airbnb etc.? Not sure what kind of service you were expecting..I would not waste time trying to get payment for phonecalls etc..but good luck!

  74. Do you have customer service support??? Can somebody help me? Anybody? I have a problem with payment!
    Thank you!

  75. All I need to do is get a password reminder, but the Airbnb email never comes through. Not in spam folder, nor does it come up on a search of my email account. Can’t contact them, so no idea what to do.

  76. I am trying to get hold of aibnb as the host refusing to refund the money paid for a place in Nuwara Eliya in Sri Lanka where I did not stay as the place was dirty and not suitable. But they don’t give their contact details on the website although they suggest that we van get them involved to resolve the problem.

  77. waiting for billing statement to be reviewed and cant cancel or book my room and its been 2 days please help

  78. Made a reservation and later cancelled when I determined host was fraudulent. Tried to call the phone number provided after booking. After numerous calls and emails, AirBNB acknowledged host was fraudulent (in writing) and took them down from website. However, AirBNB have kept my money for almost four weeks with no refund. They have not said they will issue a refund. Credit card company would also not protect me when I disputed the charge ecause they said I knew the cancellation policy. The cancellation policy is irrelevant when there are no services to be provided since host is fraud and non-existent.

  79. I hope this helps.. I’ve been dealing with cancer and the death of my father in law since this nightmare with Airbnb. I have finally gotten everything together and find out somebody has been using my PayPal account for their Airbnb stay.. I contacted PayPal and they aren’t doing anything. It’s over 3000 worth of money and I don’t know what I do. This should not be my fault especially when somebody is using my PayPal account and another thing it’s not even my name or my Airbnb account..PayPal is not even letting me submit documents to show proof that it’s not me and I’ve got proof that it’s not me. I’ve been in California dealing with my cancer and this person is living up the life in Louisiana with my PayPal account and it’s a nightmare

  80. Have made a booking and received confirmation.
    Received mail from host to confirm my cell no, I replied to his mail to advise that it was correct and then mailed again just to get clarification on how to contact him etc when we arrive as I was not able to pick him up on whatsapp.
    I have not had any reply and my date for departure is within the next couple of days.
    Where and who can I go to, to get assistance or help with regard to this matter, starting to feel a little nervous.
    Can anyone please assist?

  81. A reservation was made at my airbnb which I could not honour. I phoned the gentleman concerned and offered immediately to find him alternative accomodation. He said that it was not necessary as he would make an alternative plan. He was pleasant and understanding. Later, I found that he had written a review saying that I had a disgusting facility, no electricity, no toilet paper and that the place was inaccessable etc. Airbnb then warned me that if I did not improve my ratings, I would be delisted. My accomodation is impeccably neat, clean and upmarket. I have found that it is impossible to delete his review. I am angry and have found customer services to be impossible for any kind of help. Where to now?

  82. Rented a place in DC on April 6th 2017. When I arrived to the apartment, there was already someone there. Later on around 9pm a complete stranger walked into the apartment while I was barely dressed. After contacting the owner I was told that I had only booked a private room, when my confirmation email said entire apartment. The owner then told me that this is a problem with AirBNB, and that I needed to resolve with them. My friend continued to try and resolve the issue with the owner while I waited on hold for over an hour for AirBnB customer service. I never received a response. We asked the owner to refund our money being that we did not receive the “entire apartment” as promised. He was extremely rude, and threatening. At this point we did not feel safe, and had to leave the apartment at 10pm to stay at a local hotel. Not only were we put in danger, and were blamed for an error on the companies end, we had to pay twice as much for a hotel. I have tried to contact airbnb, and have not received any contact. I was forced to leave a negative review for the owner, and was hit back with an even worse review as a customer. I am saddened to say that I will never use airbnb again. They offer a great service, but if something were to go wrong, you will be screwed!

    Name: Oualid Moussouni; (514) 279-5804;

    Hi again.

    Ok, it looks like you are not particular person but it is your business. That is more clear and even better.

    So for the last time. Iam not canceling because you have stricte policy and I will pay 50%.

    So, this the last time, so listen :

    A- I will not cancel, but you can cancel.

    B- I will not pay the difference, because it is not what I understand and I told you that last week.

    If nothing work with you :

    -Option a : I have to call airbnb and see what is the solution as I did last week.

    Option b : I already rented in that building and I have to call the owner

    Option c : I am stressed already of work and usually I dont wast time on booking, I seriously feel harassed. I am definitely happy to fill report to the police and meet you at court.


  85. Airbnb has transferred my personal date to a tax authority which is not relevant in my case and has violated my privacy, what to do now?

  86. Very bad experience with Airbnb. Their Website allowed me to reserve my trip for 7 guests after a week Host replied saying this is not possible and max they allow is only 4 guests. Finally, I tried to reach out to Host with no use. SO i Ended up canceling the reservation with 50% refund only. I paid penality for some one else mistake.

  87. Those who are posting about how their experience was terrible and blaming Airbnb because they have not been able to book…… THEN DON’T USE AIRBNB!!!!!! GO SOMEWHERE IN A HOTEL OR SOMETHING!!! STUPID PEOPLE!!!

  88. They stole 2450£ from us, where can I conplain!! The place I rented doesn’t even exist. I was shocked upon arrival to find the whole thing a scam. No apartment no answer and no one to talk to!
    How can we get our money back?

  89. Hello: Airbnbn blocked miy account 4 month ago, with all my information, pending payouts. I´m a host and have 4 houses . I have to crate a new account because I have to pay bills, the rent. They don´t tell me anything about my account and I have 7500 USD there. Please help!. I´m desperate

  90. Hello: I’ve booked an Airbnb in March. It’s for journey in Seville from Apr 13th to 15th.The host has confirmed my booking, but I cannot contact her on Airbnb. So I send her Messages in the day I arrived. But she said the house is full so I can’t go?? She said it is Airbnb’s problem because she didn’t receive any of my information from Airbnb. So why she confirmed my requirement? I’ve already paid for it. So I’ve lost money and had to book a new one to stay in Seville. The webpage of Airbnb says I would get refund only if the host agree my requirement. But the host just ignore me. And I still don’t know how to contact Airbnb. I can’t find a way to solve my problem on the Webpage. I am so angry for that.

  91. So I just got off the phone with the air Bnb people the other day when I tried to book something they asked me to send a copy of my banking statement so I did and they said it would be under review I called in Asked to speak with a supervisor they refuse to give me a supervisor told me I would have to wait until the review was finalized let me say I’ve booked all over the south thousands and thousands of dollars theough the site with the same credit card and never had an issue until now here I am five days later they are still reviewing my credit card after speaking with a supervisor just a minute ago she said that she would put a note on it stating immediate attention the same thing the last girl said and that the right department would be in contact with me I asked for phone number for that department so I can get this resolved today Inable to book something and she said they don’t have a phone number for them and that I needed to provide them with the banking statement my reply to that was if you didn’t get the copy of my banking statement I sent then who got it. I’m in a situation I really need a place to stay but because they’re reviewing my credit card I apparently have to wait. I’ve had nothing but issues with the site

  92. my sons airbnb account has been hacked and used for accommodation that he never requested resulting in several thousand pounds being taking off his account
    Airbnb have not replied to his emails and they confirmed to the bank that the bookings were OK
    please someone advise what to do

  93. My host cancelled today for my today trip.
    Budapest 24-28/5
    She cannot call off the booking and I cannot make any change of my booking or take back my money.
    Please inform me what I can do?

  94. I am a host with a couple of specific questions which I didn’t find answered on their site. I tried calling Customer Service but the recording says they don’t recognize my number therefore I am unable to get past the voice recording. How can I be a registered host without them recognizing my phone number? What kind of company is this?! If they don’t think it’s important to deal with their customers they will eventually end up with lawsuits.

  95. I found this site when I did a Google search as there is no contact information on the Airbnb site.
    Pathetic that a business tries to hide from their customers.
    The following only goes to the useless “Help Center” and there is no way to contact Airbnb from there.
    The way Airbnb prefers to be contacted is via their messaging center, here:

  96. Country Phone Number
    United States +1-415-800-5959
    United States (toll-free) +1-855-424-7262
    Argentina +54 11 53 52 78 88
    Australia +61 2 8520 3333
    Austria +43 72 08 83 800
    Brazil +55 21 3958-5800
    Chile +56229380777
    China +86 400-120-9157
    China (shared-cost) 400-716-0164
    Cuba (toll-free) +1-855-424-7262
    Denmark +45 89 88 20 00
    France +33-184884000
    Germany +49 30 30 80 83 80
    Greece +30 211 1989888
    Hong Kong +852 5808 8888
    India (toll-free) 000 800 4405 103
    Ireland +353 1 697 1831
    Israel +972 3 939 9977
    Italy +39-06-99366533
    Japan +81 3 4580 0999
    Japan (toll-free) +81 800 100 1008
    Kenya (toll-free) +1-855-424-7262
    Malaysia +603 7724 0164
    Malaysia (toll-free) 1800 889 814
    Mexico +52 55 41 70 43 33
    Netherlands +31 20 52 22 333
    New Zealand +64 4 4880 888
    Norway +47 21 61 16 88
    Peru +51 1 7089777
    Poland +48 22 30 72 000
    Portugal +351 30 880 3888
    Puerto Rico +1 787 945-0222
    Russia +74954658090
    Russia (toll-free) 88003017104
    Singapore +65 6622 7306
    Singapore (toll-free) 1800 723 1238
    South Africa (toll-free) +1-855-424-7262
    South Korea +82 2 6022 2499
    South Korea (toll-free) +82 808 220 230
    Spain +34 91 123 45 67
    Sweden +46 844 68 12 34
    Switzerland +41 43 50 84 900
    Taiwan +886 2 7743 2436
    Taiwan (toll-free) 0800 868 313
    United Kingdom +44 203 318 1111

  97. Ive been waiting OVER 15 days for my refund, even though I was assured it had been completed on May 11th and assured it would be back on my card within 15 business days! This is an absolute JOKE! I am contacting my local police and my card issuer as it is FRAUD!

  98. My wife and I can no longer use Airbnb again! This is the second time our accouts have been locked up by them. The first time was a couple years ago, after we had already stayed with multiple guests and had great experiences. Airbnb found a charge for assault on my police record from a bar fight I was in, when I was 22. I had been charged with a Felony but did not receive one. The computer system Airbnb uses found it, blacklisted me from using my account and I thinkg since my girlfriend at the time was living with me, her account was locked too. Fast forward a year or two and Airbnb was accused of doing too little to thwart discrimination. They made some major policy revisions and then magically our accounts both became unlocked! We were both shocked and jumped at the chance to use Airbnb again. Then after no even a year, we are locked out again!

    We have only had great experiences with excellent reviews and yet Airbnb still will not allow us to use our accounts.

  99. Has anyone in Los Angeles had a guest refuse to leave? The guest is supposed to leave June 8th but has blatantly refused to leave: “I can and will be staying for the summer…I have the rights of a tenant.” She previously blocked payment for minor issues AS they were promptly being fixed, but Airbnb allowed her complaints to be an excuse for not paying. Now this.

  100. My reservation was cancelled bythe host who claims he made a mistake, a sum of 1111$ has been deducted from my crefit card. Uts been over a week now, and still didnt receive my full refund. What do you do in this case??

  101. hello,

    My name is Jabiro Bernard form Kigali/Rwanda,Hotel name is Kings Hospitality Center.i have received guests from Airbnb,but till now i didn’t receive their money on my account.

    Can u please help me to know what happen wrong?

    2.I forget my password,Can you help me to have new one?

    3.What happen when transfer made expired VISA?How to give you new VISA number to hundle that issue?

    Thank u very much

  102. Me and my boyfriend had an experience on Airbnb recently on May 23rd to may 25th where the host that we had rented out an apartment room from was not his, obviously being a guest, we didnt know the apartment wasnt under his name and that there was no thourough background check done on him, and nothing was mentioned to us about the apartment. Three days after we left his apartment leaving a good review he just started spiraling out of control for no reason. we believe it must have been drugs because the way he was acting all the signs were there. He texted us recently telling us to leave our new city that we just moved to and is threatening us still. We still have text message proof of what he’s texting us, and we will not be going thru airbnb EVER AGAIN.

  103. My family and I rented 29 Holly Avenue in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada from Laura Smith and Emmanuel Hamilton through airbnb for 2 months in the summer of 2016. The house was a mess when we moved in – garbage everywhere, really filthy and stunk real bad. They had a cockroach infestation. The house was a gut job. Everything was falling apart.. Bad neighbourhood. Basically a meth house.

    We thought we’d be good and not get bed bugs but sure enough a few days into our rental we were infested. This house is really bad off. Needs to be torn down.

  104. 1. Why you describe DORMITORY 5 to 12 bed room , alike private room?
    There are no roles ? Then there is no choice.
    2. Do you thing to ask 20% fee from total price of cheap room for 1 night not over expected?
    Is not 1 USD fee for you from 10 enough?
    Because then be traveling the total price is more expensive then hotels.

    Thanks for answer. Tomas

  105. My Husband and I rented a condo in Las vegas from Tarim #102-5158-south jones boulevard for our anniversary in May 2017, This place was filthy, left over food in the fridge & cupboard from previous renters, both stove and fridge were very dirty.there was not the kitchen necessities available to prepare simple meals, only a coffee pot and a few dishes. Bath tub was thick with black soap scum, left over bar of soap in tub from previous renters, mildew on the shower curtain, No cover over the mattress, the bed was on the floor, panels from the blinds in the living room and bedroom were missing no there was no privacy. There were no towels in the kitchen, no hand or face towels in the bathroom, only 2 bath towels for the week. The add said there was access to a pool and barbeque, this was not the case. Our reservation was canceled after one night. We had saved money to take this vacation for our 40th anniversary and it took 2 weeks on daily calls to airbnb before we received a partial refund. we were from Canada and were left without a place to stay so we had to head home. I think airbnb should better screen their property’s before allowing someone like Tarim to rent through their site.

  106. I have booked an apartment from April 20th to May 5 through my Host Serena at Cosy 1BR, mins to CBD at 26 Hertford Rd, Singapore, Singapore and I cancelled the booking. Ms Serena has agreed on a FULL REFUND AND HAS SENT A MESSAGE TO AIRbnb.

    My credit card statement shows I was charged for the full about but my host Serena has agreed on a full refund. I check with my banker and as todate, I have not received any refund from Airbnb. I contacted my host Serena, she confirmed she did not receive any payments from Airbnb and ask me to contact Airbnb. Please advise the best avenue for me to check my status of full refund.

  107. Hi, I just cancelled a confirmed reservation but the dates show still unavilable on the site. How can I unblock them? It doesn´t give a choice and it´s a whole month in july, in a seaside area!
    Thank you

  108. A TIP:
    When the American support is being extremely rude and unhelpful, as they often are, try calling the support line of some other country like the UK.


  110. Don’t go with Airbnb. They hide all information & publish false information regarding the host.
    It happened with me in my first airbnb stay. I heard ago that Airbnb stay is amazing. So I booked a house in Chennai through airbnb for 10 days, (owner is Sushil) paid the requisite amount. From 3 rd day there was no water. 4th day it was totally dry even not a droplet available in the toilet & it is more than 40 degree C outside. Kept on informing to the owner’s Manager, only contact person. He did nothing. 4th day afternoon I have pushed hard to arrange something to the manager & manager started asking me to leave the place. Big arguments. I started getting threatening calls but they did it with the wrong person, informed Police but did n’t escalate it to bigger height as my wife & kid were here with me & I came here for a different Project. Anyway on security ground I had to leave the place on 4 th day & my 6 days payment is a total loss. Airbnb did nothing. kept on Promoting business.
    I booked the house seeing positive review, all are fraud. I had close conversation with the neighbours & came to know that —1) they are doing illegal business using Govt, Property
    2) All people came there had same problem was compelled to leave before time. They are simply multiplying money taking multiple booking for the same day.
    Horrible part is all reviews are good. How is it possible?
    I am not saying all hosts are bad. But due to lack of transparency in Airbnb its really difficult to find reality. I WILL NEVER BOOK in AIRBNB. Deleting my account

  111. Airbnb’s website glitched out when completing a reservation and charged my gift card $73 that was not refunded after the reservation did not go through because of the glitch have talked to 4 people so far hung up on by 3 and finally got through to a person on email about 17 emails later they said they would refer me to another department and they would handle the refund for the gift card been 19 days still have not heard from a soul so call again tonight on hold 1 hour. Still not resolved. Lame I live in bay area maybe I need to just drive up to office lol.

  112. I was asked for bank details before I was able to ask the host of the apartment any questions. Immediately The money for the rooms was out my account… Quicker than I could type my question. In any case I was told only partial payment was going to be taken and I would get a percentage back until a later date.
    Next day the same amount was taken… Bang just like that. No credit pending.. £7000 GONE. I have been trying to get them for 8 hours but every avenue I try they just put you straight to “message the host”!
    When you are seriously desperate and there is no one to contact it becomes a living hell… NEVER EVER AGAIN…. I am only glad I can’t get a hold of them manually

  113. hi .any kindly help please how can proved the payment from airbnb. until now we not get the money yet from them .

    Fisherman’s Hangout -Camp Maracaibo
    Bridge City, TX, United States

    We booked a fishing trip via AIRBNB at a very quaint cottage on a canal just off the lake we were going to fish. To start off the nightmare on Monday before the Friday we were scheduled to arrive, the weather report was forecasting a tropical storm “Cindy”, making a direct b-line to the location on the very day we were to arrive.

    We contacted the host and he acted as if he would work with us if the forecast was correct. Luckily it hit the night before our arrival a little east of it’s expected path. So we continued with our plans and got to the location on Friday and the weather was not as bad as it could have been.

    The cabin was very well kept and we were very excited to be there. We unloaded or stuff and while going in and out of the cabin I noticed the three AC units but only two were on. I promptly went to each of the two that were on and turned them down because it was not at a comfortable stage yet in the cabin. I also turned on the one in the bedroom. I also noticed a box fan in the living area pointing into the bedroom which raised my suspicions that something might not be right.

    After we got settled down and our boat docked, we were going to cook steaks, but after looking at the grill it was full of water from the rain, so I was going to cook them on the stove. After going into the kitchen I noticed there was no vent hood and with the temperature being already at an uncomfortable level, I told my wife we better eat sandwiches instead, to give the AC time to cool the place down. I went into the bedroom to find it rather warm and after feeling the air coming out of the AC unit in the bedroom I could tell it was not working. Since it was rather late by that point I did not want to bother the host. I was hoping the other two ACs would catch up and with the help of the fan, they might be able too.

    I now knew the purpose for the box fan it was there to help blow AC into the bedroom so to help to be able to cool down the bedroom.

    We spent a very miserable and restless night sweating and experiencing back pain from the very small very hard, full size bed. It was so bad I went into the living room at 4:30 am in front of the AC and tried to get rest on the couch to no avail.

    I waited until 9:00 to call the host and told him of our issue and when I did I was greeted with the claim that I was complaining without a legitimate reason since the last guests had no problems and the AC was not having issues then, nor did he think there was a issue now. My question to him was then why was there a fan in the living room pointing into the bedroom. He said it was just for circulation. He would never admit the AC issue and I even offered to help him install another window AC if he would go buy one and then his reply was I can tell you are fishing for a refund I then told him we had planned this trip for a long time and us coming even in the shadow of a tropical storm, that alone should show him we were wanting to stay at all costs.

    He never would offer to fix the problem and I even offered to go buy a AC and put it in another window he did accept that offer of course.

    We then left to see if we could get some fishing in and the more I thought about it the more I decide we were just going to go back, pack up and go home.
    His lack of concern ruined our trip we had so look forward to, and if he had at least tried to fix the problem and at least come over to the cabin to verify that the unit was in fact not working, I would have done what ever I could to help him get it resolved. He did not come by because he already knew that it was not working…

    Bottom line is he did refund $198 of the $270 for the three nights less our cleaning fee and the $39.00 AIRBNB fee. I have opened a case over three weeks ago and AIRBNB keeps telling me they are going to help but so far I am not getting any resolution and all I am asking for is the $72 left off my three nights excluding my $50 cleaning fee and $39 AIRBNB fee.

    ALL this and if the stupid host would have just showed a ounce of concern and fixed the AC he would not have to refund anything. GO FIGURE, AC UNITS COSTS $125 AT SAMS AND I OFFERED TO HELP PUT IT IN???



  115. I have a problem with someone took my property to host as his own. His account is Hey, I’m Soa!
    Would you please tell me how to solve with this problem? They put the pricing is lower than mine and when the guests call to me, it is different what they have seen.

    Please block that guy from airbnb!!

  116. Mine $700+ are stuck with aibnb. They are cheating people by not refunding for the services they don’t provide. Please let me know how to get the money from Airbnb. They are not responding to emails properly, and phone calls. They are holding money and asking to wait until they return to office to just to respond to us.

  117. I don’t understand why you don’t have email and phone number when we want to book.
    All other services like VRBO, homeway or Tripadvisor gave they ref.
    I will recommend everyone to go with them

    • By the way, Airbnb replied in less than one hour on Twitter. You can send DM to them. Regarding the link which I shared: “The link you have provided is not affiliated with Airbnb. You can read more here: “. This is a very serious issue, check to who you give your bank details! Cheers!

  118. Total joke owe us over £300 for unpaid stays and phone calls chasing payments..please phone USA and talk to a zombie trained moron who knows how to read from a list..such a shame that someone who makes money out of hosts actually ignores and abuses them.

  119. There is a faster way to get a resolution and saves you a lot of time. I have zero patience when it comes to stuff like this so i make my formal complaint with the company then dispute the charge with your credit card company. They handle all the BS that needs to be done. I stayed at AirBNB many times and never had a real issue until last week when I stayed in San Francisco California. The Host thinks I’m just going to forget and move on. She is in for a reality check.. But to make things better and to save a lot of aggravation, dispute the charge with your credit card company.

  120. Truly it is hell when AirBnb hangs up on you after waiting the 7-12 minutes! I’m on the line waiting for 2nd try to get through to representative. Dealing with AirBnB customer support is the downside of hosting with AirBnB.

  121. This is my first to use airbnb and I made an reservation on July 25

    At first, i reserved on room from July 31 – Dec 12, but the host told me that it is unavailable even it is listed.

    So she ask to reserve another room which can be available Aug 19 and told me to reserved for one month.

    I did what she told me to do which means I cannot cancel it at all due to the long term cancelation policy!!!

    Now, I find another room to stay, I just want to cancel it but the host refuses to do it!!!

    I spent hours on begging her, she is so tough that she did not agree !!!

    I called Airbnb, the agent told me they cannot help me, what should I do ??

  122. Thanks to Traveller (6th Dec 2016) who posted the Air BnB phone numbers in about 40 countries. I called the Australian number & was speaking with someone within a minute, issue resolved, all good.

  123. Help!!! My first reservation in Portugal was with a bogus entry, where they double-charged my credit card. Now, with my second booking, I see it is again a scam, and I can’t get a refund. It isn’t a real listing, and I’m not going to arrive in Portugal with no place to stay. I want a refund. I’m going to dispute it with the credit card company.

    Never again with Airbnb!!!!!

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