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How to Contact Airbnb

We regularly receive questions from frustrated and angry Airbnb Hosts and Guests seeking a direct phone number to contact Airbnb.  Since the company tries their best to hide this information, we have decided to publish it here!

The best toll-free phone number for calling Airbnb Customer Service is 1-855-424-7262  (Even with this number, the average wait time is between 7 and 12 minutes).

Another number that works well in the USA for local callers is 1-415-800-5959 

For UK callers, try 02033 181 111

The way Airbnb prefers to be contacted is via their messaging center, here:

The primary Airbnb mailing address is:

888 Brannan St.
Floor 4
San Francisco, CA 94117

If you’d like to try a long-shot, you can email these people:

Host or Guest Concerns: Aisling Hassell, Global Head of CX
Brian Chesky, CEO of Airbnb can be reached at either or

Airbnb Customer Service is horrible!  Read 15 Reasons Airbnb Customer Service is terrible from world-famous travel blogger, Asher Fergusson.

If you find a better and even more direct way to reach Airbnb, especially higher-level staff members capable of actually making decisions, please post it here so we can share with others!  It should be noted that Airbnb customer service is notoriously weak and all “front line” agents are very restricted in their abilities, so there is a very good chance that they will not be able to resolve your issue to your satisfaction.  Our suggestion is that you save yourself some time and trouble by asking the first customer service agent right away if they will have the authority to provide you with your desired result (a refund, cancellation, etc).  When they say no, you should go ahead and ask to speak with a manager immediately rather than wasting time explaining your circumstance multiple times.  We have heard many stories of former Airbnb Hosts and Guests who have contacted Airbnb and spent literally weeks going back and forth via email messages and phone calls before either giving up, or finally reaching a real manager with authority to resolve real issues.

To receive a faster resolution and have Airbnb take your request more seriously, first share your airbnb story here so they know that you are not afraid to tell other people about your experience and that their bottom line will ultimately suffer if they do not make your request a top priority.

Contact Airbnb Customer Service Quickly - – Real, uncensored airbnb stories from hosts and guests.


  1. I’m part of the organization called The West Side Neighborhood Alliance. We have been fighting illegal hotels since 2006 as a group. Airbnb has only worsen the situation of gentrification caused by the pre-Air illegal hotel problem. Now they have tenants working against their own worst interests by becoming involved in the loss of rent regulated housing.

  2. I am very very sorry for the new policy of Airbnb.
    You are showing that you dont keep people same, when you kick out jewish settlements.
    We are allways staying in Airbnb houses when travelling and we have some apartments also for AIrbnb use, but I am not sure if we like to continue and this news we will surely share

    • I agree. We are in the process of fixing up part of our house intending to either rent it out as an apartment or Airbnb. As long as the new policy is in place, we will not participate as a provider, and will no longer use them for our lodging needs when travelling.

  3. well first off, I can respect Airbnb’s decision to not allow a person with a felony to rent. However, my felony is a felony 5 (which in Ohio is the least severe on a scale of 1 through 5) it’s also a felony for drug possession, which was only a few pills that weren’t even mine, and this charge is from 5 years ago! Since then I have changed my life around, am clean and have been clean for over 2 years. I can sincerely say that I would be the most respectful guest that I know how to be. I say all this because I signed up for an account, made a reservation, paid for the reservation and then was refunded the money without explanation. At the time I didn’t know why I was being denied an account. I had to call Airbnb 3 different times and they kept telling me there was a technical difficulty with my account and couldn’t see why I couldn’t have an account. I got an extremely rude email from a guy named Lance telling me that I’ll never have an account with Airbnb and that he does not have to explain to me why I wouldn’t be allowed. That infuriated me! I continued to call until I finally got an email today from the lovely Lance, stating that I was denied my account because of a match with a criminal charge. Let me just say this.. People make mistakes, people change their ways, you lost a great, and potentially consistent user of Airbnb. Honestly, after the interactions I’ve had with airbnb and reading the horror stories on this site, I’m GLAD I was denied! They don’t deserve my business! I understand the safety procedures to keep the Airbnb host safe but not all people labeled as a criminal are actually criminals. On that same note, many real criminals go uncharged or “labeled” as criminals because they never got caught! I bet a lot of those people are renting these Airbnb homes right now running drugs in and out of those rental homes apartments, Etc human trafficking all kinds of things that people are completely naive and unaware of. But a person like myself who was in the wrong place at the wrong time 5 years ago who is now living a successful life cannot rent. It’s okay, it is what it is but my life is better without Airbnb especially now that I’ve read this page. good job Airbnb at being a completely shity business. You’ve obviously pissed off a lot of people and have terrible customer service oh, and also discriminate. I would like to say that I hope you go out of business but that wouldn’t be fair to the legitimate Airbnb host that are actually benefiting from renting their homes out.

  4. New policy since last booking – add a photo to match your driver’s license – supervisor says it’s the host’s policy – turns out it wasn’t. Photo added 3 times – 2 booking cancelled anyways. Total confusion and laziness at CSR level – unable to contact anyone with authority. There is a host looking for business in Parsippany/Morristown (Monica) and is getting screwed by the company she is doing business with….

  5. I have to say i hosted on Airbnb, my last client damaged a brand new microwave, its been nearly two months and no resolve. Also contacting them from the mobile airbnb app will link you directly to there HQ number in Canada, which incurred me £70. they have a toll free number, but they are making there customers pay for roaming? Incidentally they have a uk helpline which isn’t displayed in the contact us. i was told by airbnb help that i should use the uk number that was provided afterwards. and how am i supposed to know if they don’t provide it on the app? Why are they not displaying this in the app?

    • Yes and they have kept the security deposit that you requested. This should be in your hands and to refund it after you know they didn’t damage anything. VRBO allows you to name the security deposit a management fee and be non taxable as it is a refundable fee. Airbnb doesn’t allow anything that flexible.

  6. Hi
    We pay for place in Antigua for 15 days 3400 usd . We arrived in the front of place but surprise nobody there and nobody answered by phone.

  7. An Aribnb host named Eliot Haigh whose house locates in Notting Hill, London canceled our booking (4 nights) on the day we arrived, and it was after checking time. There is no message or phone call from him, so I called him and tried to figured out why he did this to us. In the phone I was told his place was “mess” at that time, “not safe” to stay, and most importantly “the policemen were at his place”. He didn’t say “Sorry” or apologize to us; we think he didn’t feel sorry at all, as I could sense that he was in a good mood by the way he talked through the phone. We didn;t want to rebook any Airbnb, as we didn’t see any “good” Airbnb on that day, the “good” ones were all prebooked a couple weeks ago; and we didn’t want to get canceled again on the same day. We decided to stayed in the hotel. An US Airbnb staff named Michelle said they would reimburse us the price differences between this Airbnb in Notting Hill, London and the hotel and she needed us to send her the receipts. After I sent the receipts, this Michelle disappeared until 5 days later I called Airbnb China and Airbnb China had her replied me promptly. But then she disappeared AGAIN. This reimbursement seems to take forever!!! Let me talk about the sneaky host Eliot Haigh. 1). Since he mentioned policemen at his place as his place was damaged largely, he should have a Crime Reference Number from the policemen. If he has no Crime Reference Number, then he was lying about the policemen. We demanded to know the Crime Reference Number several time, but US Airbnb staff Michelle just ignored it. 2). UK Airbnb host should have planning permit if it is over a certain days. Eliot Haigh has airbnbed his place over 60days and 90 days, which can be told from his calendar and reviews. We didn’t know how seriously this would be until several days later we called police for a wallet stolen and were asked for address. We were staying in another Airbnb we booked months ago but luckily I think that Airbnb got the planning permit. The police was really checking that Airbnb. Couldn’t imagine if that one is illegal. So we asked US Airbnb staff Michelle for the host Eliot Haigh’s Airbnb planning permit, she ignored this too. 3) You know if a host cancels a booking before check in time, there will be a negative review about the cancellation, which can’t be removed. Eliot Haigh canceled the booking after that, so there is no irremovable review about his behavior. Here is his link On his page, he is still a SuperHost with 5-Star reviews, while he can cancel bookings for hundreds of thousands of times as long as he does them on the right timing. Just for your reference, hotel prices, like Holiday Inn Express in the centre of Zone 1 in London are around 600USD per night, 5 times than this Airbnb’s; even you are willing to pay, most of the nice hotels are sold out. Thank to this Eliot Haigh, we had to stay 1 night at a hostel in a disgusting basement as rooms in Holiday Inn Express and IBIS were all sold out!!! And that hostel’s ranked 7.5 on, around 150USD per night. But it was still better that Eliot Haigh’s Airbnb, as Eliot Haigh didn’t even care if we slept on the street.

    • The Airbnb case manager Michelle has already reimbursed the price difference in cash in full. This is why I came back here to update with the professionalism in the passed 3 days that Airbnb showed. We are glad to see Airbnb’s change, and we appreciate the efforts that our Airbnb case manager Michelle made.

  8. Reference Number: 180910-000559 , Airbnb is fraud. Its been a month , they havent credited the amount in my bank account.

  9. I am spending over 40 minutes and not even authenticated – the offshore call model is hardly of value at any time…and the Manila call center policies are so rough and such a waste of time. Request to escalate are stonewalled. We need a US based call center.

  10. I tried to sign up many times to register our hotel. but always displayed that you must be 18 or older. I entered 30 years old. but displayed that you must be 18 or older. So I am unable to register with air bnb. Tell me how to register with it.

    • You may want to try a different search engine – if you use Google then try Google Chrome. The same thing happened to a friend of mine and we found this to be the solution.

  11. i have found a way to contact them via twitter (@ airbnbhelp), i got a reply within minutes, so if you don’t want to get frustrated looking for email addresses or waiting on the phone for a long time i think this is a great alternative

  12. ACTUAL Air B/B Customer Support Conversation- not altered

    I will be closing out this ticket, as you’ve decided to stay.

    Please not that per the cancellation policy, any refund is soley up to your host, as no violation has been found.

    If you feel you’d like a refund you can submit an alteration request. However, your host would have the option to accept or decline it. Or you can visit the resolution center.
    Have a good night.
    Best, Ariel
    Today at 12:35 AM
    Me too and has me up at 12:30 on a work night.

    Today at 12:33 AM

    I am sorry your previous case manager did not give you the correct information. After further and thorough review there is no violation
    Today at 12:32 AM
    I will stay. I do not trust they will issue a refund. You say its up to them even though Beverly said “Once we got a documentation, we can definitely reach out to the host as this is a clear violation.”
    Thanks for the help.

    Today at 12:32 AM

    The host has guaranteed that the dog will not walk in front of your entrance.

    If you leave tomorrow morning and there is no damage the host will issue it within 24 hours, which at this point is outside of their cancellation policy.
    Today at 12:29 AM

    If you stay the remainder of your booking there would be no refund
    Today at 12:28 AM
    I’m not leaving without a refund.
    Today at 12:27 AM
    Do you want to check out in the morning or do you want to finish your booking.
    Today at 12:25 AM
    Than I have to stay even though the dog was not here for months which is one of the reasons I renewed. Thanks for the help.

    Today at 12:24 AM
    They are not willing to offer a refund at this time. They would like to evaluate the listing after you’d check out in the morning and they will issue a refund through the resolution center.
    Today at 12:23
    Any refund is at your hosts discretion
    Today at 12:20 AM

    There is no violation with the dog. The dog is not in the listing you booked
    Today at 12:20 AM
    You see the problem right? Why won’t they inspect it while I’m here? Its after midnight now- I’ve been dealing with this all day I’m not going to leave just to have them claim I did something and they hold my money. Obviously they are up.

    Today at 12:17 AM

    Any refund is at your hosts discretion as there is no violation by the host having a dog.
    Today at 12:14 AM

    I asked if you would be ok with them inspecting tonight to try and mediate that in hopes of getting a refund for the nights not spent.

    They would prefer to inspect the listing after you leave before issuing a refund
    Today at 12:13 AM
    I thought they were coming over to inspect? Otherwise they can claim there is damage? So it’s up to them after I leave?

    Today at 12:12 AM

    We are still discussing your concerns
    Today at 12:10 AM

    They will check the listing after you leave, and if there is no damage they will issue a refund
    Today at 12:10 AM

    I am on the line with your host about your concerns.
    Today at 12:09 AM

    Hi Jeffery,

    I hope this message finds you well after our conversation regarding your booking with Mo and the dog being chained to a tree. This is Ariel, and I will be your Case Manager while I am in the office.

    I am sorry to hear that you’re experiencing this, along with the other issues you’ve mentioned in the message thread to your host.

    I am currently reaching out to Mo to discuss this matter. IOn the mean time could you please inform your host of this concern via the message thread.


    Yesterday at 11:37 PM
    I don’t want an “Open Case” I want resolution they have a dog there and you said it’s a violation – How do I “prove” this if the dog is inside? I’m not a private investigator and I’m not lying.

    Yesterday at 11:10 PM
    This is absurd

    Yesterday at 11:07 PM
    Did you message the host like you said you would?

    Yesterday at 11:07 PM
    And you are leaving me hanging while your out of office? Are you serious?

    Yesterday at 11:06 PM
    So if they keep the dog inside and I can’t get a picture I’m stuck here?

    Yesterday at 11:05 PM

    I will be waiting for it Jeffery.

    I will be out of the office for two days but please if you need urgent assistance call us at this number: +1-415-800-5959 and another case manager can assist you with this. Rest assured that there is already an open case about this issue.

    Thank you.
    Yesterday at 11:01 PM
    Of an abused German Shepard.

    Yesterday at 9:59 PM
    Thank You- I will get a picture when I can. I don’t know how to document the stench.

    Yesterday at 9:58 PM

    Once we got a documentation, we can definitely reach out to the host as this is a clear violation.

    Upon checking her description, there’re no pets in the listing. We can alter and refund you for the nights not spent once we validate that you claim is valid.

    I will message the host to hear her side of the story.
    Yesterday at 9:46 PM
    This is going to make a great FB,Instagram and Twitter post.

    Yesterday at 9:42 PM

    Sorry to hear that however, I really need to get documentation from you, so we can validate your claim.

    I will send a message to the host now about it.
    Yesterday at 9:40 PM
    Another point that you may (or not) take into account is that in my several months staying at AirB/B I have not made one single complaint.

    Yesterday at 9:36 PM
    So if I can no longer have my girlfriend over (allergic -severely-to any pets) and God forbid I was allergic. Although the stench is gross even though I personally love dogs.

    Yesterday at 9:26 PM
    I can’t see it, but I can smell it.

    Yesterday at 9:21 PM

    Is the dog still there?
    Yesterday at 9:20 PM
    Sorry, didn’t take a photo of the German Sheppard chained to the tree, I told him directly though.

    Yesterday at 9:19 PM

    Can you send it here please? So I can reach out to the host.
    Yesterday at 9:19 PM
    He’s the same person who barged in unannounced (which you are aware of) with his entire family yelling something about the internet – than said it was a mistake

    Yesterday at 9:16 PM
    Yes I have – I watched him chain the dog. He’s there right now as I smell the dog. The two places are the same house and share a wall. And the scent of an abused German Shepard .

    Yesterday at 9:14 PM

    Did you confirm that the dog is from the host? Can you send me a photo through this thread, so I can reach out to her about this?
    Yesterday at 9:11 PM
    But at least I know that now along with all my friends

    Yesterday at 8:58 PM
    I do wish I knew AirB/B would not count living directly next to an animal abuser and having a dog abused feet from your car not count as “Intolerable”

    Yesterday at 8:58 PM
    Or to the point of cleanliness- I can smell the dog (as I said)

    Yesterday at 8:56 PM
    They said no pets so I assumed no pets is that not an amenity?

    Yesterday at 8:53 PM

    Hi Jeffrey,

    I hope my email finds you well. My name is Beverly, I am one of the Case Managers in Airbnb.

    This email is regarding your reservation with Mo (HMHAY23YMC) it was brought to my attention that you want to
    cancel your reservation because the dog is tied onto the tree and is being abused. I totally understand you as I am a dog lover as well however, in this case, if you wish to cancel you will not be refunded for the nights that you will not be staying in the listing as we can just assist you if there is a problem in the listing such as amenities issue or cleanliness issues.

    Let me know if you have questions. Yesterday at 8:50 PM

  13. Very, very interesting!

    Hell on earth comes to pass, particularly if people take collective action. By law Airbnb must keep all complaints, and resolutions. They have the data and a large enough group should put together an email partition/class action suit.

    Categorize the issues as such:

    Refunds not processed
    Random charging to cards
    Not qualifying host quality
    Response time loops
    Hacking of customer data if others are booking more charge to cards.
    Lack of 100% refund return
    Renting apartment with lead base paint to families with children under 4

    My story is simple:

    it started very simply Dr. liu my wife rented or thought she was renting a luxury unit as advertised in Columbus Ohio. Once we got to the place we were afraid. The condition of the unit was Scarry. There is lead paint everywhere. The doors, the windows, the bathroom, and kitchen. There is rat feces. Not to mention other stuff related to the condition. The advertisement was simply a lie right down to every phrase.

    I took videos, and photos of everything. I provided only nine of the pictures and two of the videos to the host management company. But the first night, because we just arrive in Ohio from washington state, we had and needed to sleep,and did.

    We rented the place for 36 days, for my wife will start working at Nationwide Children’s Hospital. We have three children, one under 4, one with Down syndrome, and another which is 12.

    We complained that very night, and we have not found a suitable place. So this morning I called and emailed the management company the photos, and they are full of surprise, especially after finding out they had a Massachusetts Real Estate Broker on the other line. The management company understands the liability. The state understands its role, and the board of health too.

    They still want us to stay here until they find us a suitable replacement. Like Monday or Wednesday of next week. We want a total refund, and and we need them to put us up in a hotel. From all the stuff I have read here, it should be like pulling teeth.

    Thank you all for your enlightening stories regarding Airbnb,

  14. this is the worst i have ever seen
    i have been on the phone waiting for someone to respond for over an hour
    i cannot sign up as it tells me you have to be over 18 ( i am over 50)
    want to file a complain about someone posted a rental with MY photos
    i cannot get ride of it (as it is not my posts)
    i called and complained two weeks ago, and i am still waiting for a call back
    meanwhile the post is still there, and in addition the city is give us a citation that we
    are renting our unit (which is rented a year ago)
    and this web site is allowing people to post what they want with any censoring or any accountability…. HELL is right –

  15. Awful!!! Nightmare!! Had to get a lawyer. I had to go to California on business for 13 weeks. The only place I could find on AirBnb was with a realty company that wanted me to sign a lease agreement with their own terms. I consulted with AirBnB who stated if I wanted to do that I would then have to follow the lease terms and AirBnB could not step in. I approved of the lease terms, signed the contract. My business travel was cut short and I gave appropriate notice of 2 weeks according to the vacation lease agreement I signed. AirBnBs long term cancellation policy states I am responsible to pay an entire month, 30 days after cancelling. I reminded them I signed the lease agreement that stated differently and they said that lease had no bearing, completely changing what they told me prior to me signing the lease. They charged me an additional $2000 for a month I was not there. I had to get a lawyer involved, my credit card company involved, the realtor company ceased contact with me and stated they did not have the funds. Nearly a year later I received my funds back because the lease agreement I signed did indeed supersede the AirBnB policy. AirBnB had actually ceased communication with me as well, which is why I had to get a lawyer. My refund came from credit card company after they reviewed the lease and deemed AirBnBs charges went against the lease.

  16. Wondering if anyone knows how this situation might play out:

    I booked an ‘instant booking’ place with no refund available after 2 days has passed after the booking. My friends found and booked a place in this interim and I missed the 2 day cancellation window. I contacted the host directly and although the cancellation policy is technically her choice, she says she’s fine with me cancelling and getting a refund, but doesn’t know how the refund works because Airbnb has the money (the money has not yet been transferred to her). My card has already been charged, so I think what I’ll need to do is request the refund from the host and then send a request through our Resolution Center.

    Does this work? Would I be better off just sticking with the reservation?

    Thank you for any input/help!

    • You can either call in to customer support and let them know you have to cancel. The agent should let you know they will need to contact the host to verify they are willing to go against their policy and fully refund you. After the host confirms the agent should just cancel on your behalf and issue you a full refund.

  17. We booked a place 4-5 months out for our summer trip. Two weeks before our international trip, the host cancels! It was my understanding from AirBNB policy that the dates we booked would be blocked from other guests. Not even! We just looked at the listing and the host now shows it as available for 3 of the days we were to stay there for the same rate we were paying! Had the host let us know a couple days were not available, we would have been willing to get a hotel for the first 2 nights and they stayed the remaining at the hosts place. So we had to scramble to find several affordable rooms in a Parisian hotel for a family of 5. Of course we reached out to the host, but they didn’t reply with an explanation.

    If we ever use the service again, we will be sure to book a hotel with a free cancellation policy at the same time.

  18. This occurred on 6/3/2018

    I booked an Airbnb months in advance in Florida. I am a student who was interning, and I needed a place to stay without breaking the bank and I found the perfect place.

    A few days before I was set to start my internship, my host cancelled on me. Unfortunately, because I was abroad (as I am also an international student), I was not able to see the email that was sent out because I had no internet access at the time that the cancellation email was sent.

    Now, I understood that this part was not Airbnb’s fault. However, I was still very stressed as I found out the day that I was supposed to arrive at the Airbnb in a city that was a couple of hours away from where my flight landed. I did look on the Airbnb website for more alternatives, but I figured I should call because they may be able to see things that I cannot.

    I called in, calmly, and told them my situation. They directed me to a case manager named Annie. This started my hellish experience with their customer service.

    First of all, Annie was extremely rude right off the bat when I asked for some assistance in brainstorming other ideas and seeing if, on their end, they could help me find other places to stay for 3 months – even if I had to move around a little through different Airbnbs. I kept reiterating to her, politely, that I was just calling because Airbnb is a big corporation and I was positive something could be done, especially with their assistance, in a painless and easy way. I even told her, multiple times, that I was not trying to be rude to her, so if I sounded stressed, it was stress purely directed at my situation and not at Airbnb or her. Still, Annie still gave me very terse and exasperated tones and phrases.

    Secondly, she did not seem as if she was listening or if she understood me at all. I told her why I was unable to access the email and in a very skeptical and condescending tone, she said, “Well, where even were you? Why were you out of the country?” I found that to be extremely inappropriate of her to ask because I felt that she was insinuating that I was lying, but also the wording of her question seemed irrelevant to me. She asked those questions of me 2 or 3 times from what I can remember. All I was asking for were solutions, and she kept point out what I did wrong. Multiple times she said, “You should have checked your email every day for this email,” even when I explicitly told her multiple times as well that it was impossible because for the last week or so while I was abroad I was out of internet, and by the time I was able to check my email, I was flying and brainstorming other ideas.

    When it finally seemed as if she understood my plight, she said she would look into it. I told her that I needed the Airbnb to be located near where I work as I do not have a car here in the States. I gave her the listings I had seen but asked if there were others that potentially were on her end that I could not access, just to cover all my bases.

    Instead, she all the listings SHE gave me, where about 1-2 hours away from where I had originally asked for – by car. She asked me why “these options are not good enough for you?” even though I had already told her my criteria – EVEN THOUGH I gave her 2 other listings that were in the area that would work. I was really pushing also because she promised me a certain refund and compensation, so I was trying to make the most of that, which is why I asked her to do it on her end because she has all that information in her hands.

    Then, we hung up the phone and she assured me that it would be handled and she would call me within the hour. I was satisfied for now and I continued to search for other options in case I needed them.

    About 1 hour later, I was waiting and got no response. I messaged within the little staff chat box she had opened up. I waited another half hour before I called just to check in. I got a representative, and I told them my situation. They could not reach her at the time, so they sent her a message. Then when they did receive a message, they said that she told them she tried calling me, but I guess because I was on the phone with the rep, they were unable to call me. They told me to hang up, and Annie would call me right back. So I obliged and hung up, and waited for Annie’s call. I received a message that she was calling me, but my phone was not ringing at all. I had my girlfriend call me to make sure my phone was receiving calls. I even restarted my phone. I did not receive any calls for 45 minutes, until I got upset and called back. Again, they told me the same thing – that she could not reach me. I even tried to give an alternative number, but nothing.

    This went on for a total of 4 hours. I waited and called and waited and called about 12 times. By this time, I was furious. Annie must have been lying to them about trying to call me, because nothing was showing on my phone and I triple checked that I was receiving phones. I asked for a different case manager 3 times but they always said Annie was taking care of it. Then they told me Annie was working with A DIFFERENT client… So was she really trying to call me? You tell me. Honestly, I wish she had just updated me so that I knew whether I had to make other arrangements, but she kept assuring me to stay by my phone and wait. Occasionally she would message me with leads that were FAR out of the scope that I asked her about. Even when I found one, I told her on our messaging that I honestly just wanted to talk about navigating costs and what not, and she did not come through with even a response to that – just alternatives that would not work at all.

    On the last call, call 13 or 14 to Airbnb, I demanded another case manager. I told them my situation for the umpteenth time, and in advanced, I apologized if I sounded rude to them, but I was just so frustrated. I did not get off the phone until they could find someone for me to talk to because it was ridiculous that I had to call that many times and wait that many times, when I was promised a quick solution by Annie.

    I felt bad for that last representative because she seemed a little frazzled by me and also it was clear that English was not her first language and I was pressuring her, but I really needed this done and I was out of patience. I tried to reassure her that I was in no way putting any blame on her, and I told her she was very nice, but I was so irritated with Airbnb. Then Annie told me she was clocking out at 5:30PM… our call was over 4 hours ago… That really infuriated me as well, because she did not even give any indication that she actually cared about her job. She did not help, she only caused stress and she was extremely rude, and now she was just leaving.

    Eventually, I was able to speak to a different case manager. By the point, I demanded more monetary compensation because I felt like Annie was so rude and wasted so much of my time that I deserved some compensation for that incompetent worker. At first they said they could ONLY do $200 more on top of a full refund… I kept insisting that I needed more because what Annie and the previous staff did was unacceptable. Then they said they could do $300, to which I replied, “So did you lie to me that $200 was the most you could do? You said ONLY $200…” The poor woman was more frazzled, but I was already on a roll.

    Why did the case managers have to call me back? Why could I just not be transferred? I’ve worked in a call center before so either their system is wonky, or these call center workers are outsourced, which at that point is fine, but if all their case managers were like Annie, then no wonder Airbnb has such low customer service reviews.

    Eventually, I was able to talk to a higher up manager who offered me a way better deal at $700. I wanted to push more, but the manager was so much better and nicer that I backed down. After I solidified that deal, I told that particular manager that, honestly, if Annie hadn’t been so rude to me and made me wait 6 hours for her to tell me she was clocking out without having helped me with ANYTHING, I would’ve taken the first deal and their center wouldn’t be out $700 extra on top of a full refund/paying the different…

    Overall, this was the absolute WORST customer service I have ever experienced in my life. I have talked to dozens and dozens of other customer service representatives from so many companies, and I have gotten a few bad ones, but Annie and most of the Airbnb people I talked to were absolutely horrendous. I hope I never have to deal with her ever again, and I hope they do some extra training on her, because I pray that nobody ever has to experience that.

    Reason of review: Poor customer service.

    Monetary Loss: $1500.

  19. Thank you for the address to the CEO and Customer Service person. This is what I just sent with the names removed as well as the location.Three weeks ago, a couple from Virginia showed up at our home. I happened to be sitting on the back porch waiting for my husband. We have a front and a back gate that I keep locked. I thought the people were just turning around but they approached the back gate and the gentleman got out of the car and waved, stating, “We are here!”. I had no idea who these people were and walked up to the gate. He introduced himself as Joseph with his wife Mary, Jesus wasn’t with them (was actually a joke). I simply stated “and?” quite puzzled. Turns out, XXX, who never lived, owned or rented our home, although he wanted too, posted our home on your website. He posted this without any legal documentation or any authority to do so. Turns out your guest name was actually xxx and his wife. I exchanged information feeling really bad that these folks had no place to stay. After they left, I contacted your organization and requested the listing be removed and the xxx be helped with accomodations. After speaking to a couple of people, I was assured you would remove the listing and contact the xxx immediately to help them with accomodations. I received an email from xxx on May 9 stating they had not heard from Airbnb and my home was still listed. Over the course of the few weeks, not only have I called your organization four times and emailed you but absolutely NOTHING has happened. Even my friends have reported the listing as fraudulent and it is still on your website.

    I am beyond frustrated and angry that ya’ll have let this drag out. Not to mention that the xxx have yet to receive any correspondence from you as well.

    It is crazy that you would allow people to just randomly post accomodations without getting documentation of legal authority to do so. I am also concerned that someone will show up to rent our home and not be quite so understanding as the xxx. It is not my responsibility to take care of customer service for your organization. I am also deeply concerned that when I call, they keep asking for my personal information, such as my birthdate, which has absolutely nothing to do with this issue. I have refused to respond and your agents get very frustrated that I won’t give it. It is NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS!

    Yesterday, I was told the issue has been referred to the legal department. This is fraud, pure and simple. Not only from Mr. xxx but now from Airbnb. Why is it taking so long???????

    I have reported this to the BBB and to the Department of Consumer Affairs in my state.

    What I want:





  20. it’s amazing when you look at AirBNB hiring bullshit. you need to jump through engineering hoops like a trained monkey, if you even get a resume “screened”, and then you have a company that has ZERO interest in building proper customer support tools.

    they managed to lower the low bar Amazon set for being able to talk to someone in customer support. bezos would be PROUD

  21. My card got charged over $1000 without my permission. I never booked airbnb. Got call from my bank. Got through to airbnb in early morning hours and said I would get a call back 5 hours later after they checked into things. Never got the call back. Just got through again to a different person who has me on hold while he looks at my account. He got back to me in about 7 minutes through the Airbnb phone app – this texting worked well. Issue is being put to higher level at airbnb to resolve. Card security had exact amount and reservation code from airbnb charge… so hope to find out from airbnb where and when the charge came from, etc. All in all, although a bit time consuming, so far things seem to be being dealt with at airbnb – two people I spoke with were helpful and pleasant. Meanwhile credit card cancelled, no charge to me, getting new card

    • Joan, this just happened to me as well. I have never used Airbnb and do not have an account. Did you ever find out who made the reservation with your card?
      I have provided airbnb with all the info from credit card company, I am assuming it was a reservation number or location number. Did you ever get a response from airbnb?

    • This just happened to me as well. I live in Texas and AIRBNB charged for 6 nights in San Franciso! I contacted my fraud dept. at my bank, my card has been cancelled and I will be fully refunded. I’m on hold now with Airbnb to let them know of the fraud charges and hopefully they will cancel the reservations for the scumbuckets! I have never used Airbnb

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  23. What is the best alternative to Airbnb? I would love to take my (multiple 5 star) listings elsewhere, since Airbnb made it abundantly clear that they don’t really care about their hosts either. Unfortunately they are just so darn large and powerful, they can do whatever they like, it seems.

    • You can try They do employ humans, I think. They mainly serve multi-unit accommodations, like small hotels, but can do singles, too. The sign-up is a little more tedious than AirBNB, but the main difference is that they do not handle the payments. Instead of AirBnB getting paid and distributing some to the host, expects you to collect from the guest and send the booking agent its cut. My wife runs a condo she lists with both services, so she can accept cash.

      • is the shittest.

        Make a rad website and support it with your free social media platforms. Book direct, use Stripe and keep it simple. take 12% and give you very minimal control over your listing.

    • VRBO screens both the owners and the renters. I am an owner and renter both, and have never had a bad experience with VRBO. I recommend them with no hesitation.

      • Is Vrbo also renting in the whole World .Because I’m from Croatia cost ,also very disappointed host at Airbnb, so I would definately go somewhere else if posible. That is why I ask if Vrbo is for all countries or not ?.

  24. I have tried to add my American Express card to my account and keep receiving the follow error message “Please correct the following:•We were unable to authorize the payment to your credit card. Please confirm that all the details are correct. You may also contact your bank to confirm that they are not blocking the payment or use an alternate payment method.” I have contacted my American Express representatives that have informed me there is nothing on their end that is causing the error issue and was told by American Express to ask Airbnb to manually enter the information is. I have talked to 2 representatives who lack any customer service skills and still could not help me (one was a supervisor named Nick (would not give me his first initial or his last name- they don’t provide those per Nick). I would think if someone is trying to give you money, you might try to at least help fix the problem especially since American Express is a big credit card used in the travel market (instead of just telling people that’s how you Air BNB runs). This will definitely be my last trip with them and I will be deleting the app. If I have to send a message for a question and wait to hear something back then search the internet for a phone number to talk to a representative, and then the 2 representatives that I talked were dipshits and kept reading off a list of questions off a monitor then kept repeating the same solution that doesn’t work, I would rather book through a resort

  25. Airbnb has no clue what they are doing. I have close to 700 in gift cards I’ve gotten to avoid the bank statement hell. They have lost, zero them out and even once told me to have the retailer reissue it. They won’t reply, they won’t refund me and they are the most dumbest cluster of minds I have ever deat with. Who are they to ask for bank statements. Hotels dont. Hotels don’t vary in cleaning fees and the other fees like airbnb does. And in did an experiment. Myself and 2 others one black all tried to book a place. We were all approved but the person of color. We waited a few days and repeated it with same host. Same result. Thus, airbnb foster racism lke no other. We reposted this and nothing was done. AIRBNB you can suck it.

    • I started to use Airbnb as a guest on my first visit to America in 2015 and they were like friends that I hadn’t met. They picked me from the arrivl terminal of the airport. The experience was welcoming and \as soon as I returned to the UK I also listed my space on Airbnb.
      The issue of racism is down to the host and not Airbnb, It does need reporting though. I am a black woman and I now receive guests on Airbnb from around the world. I do agree that they could do with improvement to their response via customer help desk and where possible should have a manager who can make decisions readily available.
      If a host declines to have me at their home because of my skin colour the n I’m pleased they’ve not been compiled to tolerate or host me as I certainly would not wish to be hosted by such a one.
      With the spirit of building a global community where every one feels safe to travel and be hosted by friends whom you’re yet to meet, any individual signing up on Airbnb has done so voluntarily fully understanding that they will be receiving people of all race and colour from around the world. Sadly, we know that there’ll always be the odd one who will discriminate for any reason.

  26. Do you need real estate agent to help you look for your favorite apartment or good apartment to buy here in United state email: unitedstaterealestate@hotmail. com to get a quick apartment for your self today.

  27. Someone just used by credit card to book an AIRBNB for nearly $900. The booking was taken without the 3 digit security number on the back of my card.
    There is no way to trace who used it and I’ve been on hold with AIRBNB for a 1/2 hr already. No one is going to speak to me.

    • This has just happened to me as well, I reported the fraud to my bank, as well as AIRBNB, but no one can tell me WHO used my credit card, when or where they stayed and they asked ME to give them my card number over the phone – not going to happen. I want to file a police report, and they are unable to give me their customers information to PROTECT their privacy!!! I don’t understand.

  28. My login account has dropped out I have tried to contact Arbnb but no one anserwe3the phone, how do I get help? Mount Barker barker Western Australia

  29. I am very upset that Airbnb deducted the money from my card for a trip which was not confirmed and declined finally by the host. Now I cannot book any of the apartments because there is missing money on my account!!!

    • This happened to me! I emailed the host 3 days before my trip about a late check-in. The $700 was taken out of my account. The host cancelled on me in the middle of night right before I arrived with my 4 daughters and my Mom!!!! AirNB told me to just book another room but the host wasn’t up that late at night to approve the request and he was out of town with no internet (he emailed me 2 days later after getting my request begging him to approve my stay 2 days earlier of course) I ended up having to pay about $900 for a hotel because it was 6 of us PLUS a security deposit, my girls couldnt get anything extra the entire trip, we couldn’t enjoy eating out and all the luxuries that $1300 would have gave. They had a blast though! ?

      • It was even worse with me. I got phone call from (he said) AIRBNB center (the number is not personal number like usual) and told me to cancel the request because the host suddenly has personal problem. And he called me like 4 hours before i arrived at the location!!! its really crazy. they said they will refund my money back fully within 48 hours, and i dont have to request refund, because they will handle everything. and same thing, i also booked with credit card and at that time its already reached the limit because of that f*** cancelling! the worst thing is, it is already 2 months and I havent even received 1 yen back! (it was booking in Tokyo)
        this is trully upsetting me. I feel like i cannot truly trust AIRBNB anymore.

  30. Or you could have just done a Google search for “Airbnb customer service”…? Which brings up all available phone numbers…


    • I have the same problem :/ …. can u plz give me what is the best way that u find to contact them? Plz, thank u in advance !

  32. I am very very very disappointed with the host and thereby with Airbnb as the host was unreachable and I think the number he gave was absolutely wrong and he is a liar as he promised me that the stay won’t have problems. But I had faced immense problems on 15/2/18 so I am gonna file I case against the host or the Airbnb as the host was the worst person and I would never ever like to be robbed to such a person. I want my money back as soon as possible as the host is responsible for the inconvenience that I and my friend who was relieving on me that day. I am a student and this type of problem which I had to face is completely unacceptable. As I had already mentioned I want my money back as soon as possible with no deductions and the host is responsible for all the inconvenience and problems I had to face. Its a request to Airbnb please seen that this person doesn’t does this same thing to any other’s and cancel his Airbnb Liscense. And to everyone else who will be reading this review I would suggest don’t ever see this place of the host as a good person. And make sure your stay is safe and secure.

    Name of the host – JAGVEER KANHAIYA
    Location – DELHI

  33. I booked with airbnb last Friday and after the booking was confirmed I discovered that the place was the same distance as my house. So I asked to cancel but still waiting for my refund, nothing is said about it, I can’t contact call center nor email them. I’m getting irritated as the host is advising me to call them, I mean really?

    Can somebody help please..


    • Just tell the host to cancel your reservation. When they do, they will have the option to choose why. If they select “At the request of the tenant”, the system will alert you to agree that you want to cancel. Once you do, everyone gets all of their money back and no one gets a negative effect. Unless the host has a “no refund” policy, this will work.

  34. I was logged in but could not reach my account page to update my credit card number. I emailed them. They called me: “log out and log back in”, they said. BRILLIANT! Now I can not even log in again. Airbnb is down, VERY DOWN.

  35. once you get them on the phone- they are helpful. so thank you to this site for posting their phone numbers. a big middle finger to the idea that help articles will solve everything Airbnb- its sad I have to google a phone number and leave your site to get in touch with you. I hope someone out there is coming up with a better app so I can get rid of Airbnb once and for all.

    • I quite agree. I have been using Airbnb since 1 Nov and all I can say is that this organisation has the worst customer service ever. In the app there is no one to contact. You go from Help Centre to Contact Us and back again. This is totally unacceptable when I am trying to see why reservations from potential clients just aren’t being booked. Like there is something really wrong with their computers.

  36. New Host to Airbnb and got my first reservation and now the site will not let me put in my payout information. Does that mean they plan to keep my money?

    • Hi. Am curious to know, have you figured out this payout problem yet? Am in the same situation since December 2017! Numerous emails and phone calls but no solution.

  37. First time tried to use. Found the perfect place to stay, reserved, paid thru PAY-PAL then tried to complete the sign up procedure and after numerious tried TOTALLY MY FAULT I could not do all the picture taking download apts etc. So 12 hours later i called customer service, one minute i was connected to a very nice lady, after explaining my problem she said i can help you with that, she pulled my partial account up, offered to help me set up my account, and i said maybe later. I asked could and when would i get a refund and would they deduct a service fee. She said let me check, one minute she said actually your TOTAL payment has already been refunded because you did not complete the registeration in 12 hours, that is our policy. I checked my Pay-Pal account and verified she told the truth. NOTHING BUT GOOD STUFF TO SAY ABOUT THESE PEOPLE

  38. I’m a host.. airbnb keep forgetting to add my security deposit to my bookings.. It’s clearly in my pricing next to cleaning fees.. They always add the cleaning fee so what’s the problem.. Arrggghh, so frustrating not to be able to call someone.. Holiday Lettings are by far superior in the way they work/handle their site.. I would give airbnb up in an instant if they weren’t so popular right now.. When possible I steer prospective guests to my other booking sites.. I’m sure other hosts/managers do the same.. Shake up airbnb you’re losing custom!!!

    • Hey Pamela, when I asked Airbnb about this they said they never add the security deposit. If ever there is an issue, then you enter a claim and that’s when you can receive money from the deposit depending on the claim type.

  39. I just had a great experience with CS via the phone number found here. Although “James” may have been overseas, he spoke very good English, listened attentively, repeated the issue, and then resolved it in less than 5 minutes. The issue? My default credit card is Visa. When trying to book a location this morning, I received an error message stating that there was a problem with the card, and to choose another method. I chose my alt method… Am Exp, and the booking went through. I called my Visa CS and they said there was no problem with my card, and nothing had been presented from Air BnB. I then phoned “James” and explained the issue. He was able to reverse the Am Exp charge and place it on my Visa! Furthermore, I received a detailed email confirm from Air BnB within 10 mins. Apart from all of the negative CS comments, this was awesome. BTW, my wait time on the phone was less than 2 min before getting connected to “James”…and it is a Saturday!

  40. The Airbnb help service is just fake. No one is responsible for your problem. I had a following problems:

    Very dirty place and beds so we had to spread our towels on the bed

    Unresponsive and impolite landlord and even they don’t respond the phone

    Without kitchen facilities including water boiler

    dirty second hand coffee machine,

    no pan, dirty drawer with very few forks and the like,

    there was no hand soap

    The tap water flow is really weak

    There is no wifi

    We want the fully refunding and quick respond from Airbb

    No one answered us and even they neglected our refunding request.

    • Hi Amir,

      sorry to tell you. But to exxpect a fully reefund for the problems you describe is totally exaggerated. I tell you as a guest.
      I understand that you are dissappointed and it is your right to get a refund. But 100% ?????
      I was in an airbnb apratment were worms were crawling around everyywhere in the kitchen.
      And the bed sheets (covers, linen) and towels have been used for long time and not washed when I checked in.
      The owner said he washed them himself a day before. But when I wanted to wash them myself I doscovered the washing machine didn´t work. So he was lying. Anayway I knew that before, because of all the stains on the bed clothing and towels and the smell.
      Everything in thsi apartment was super dirty. The toilets, the shower etc.
      There was fouling food in the cupboards in the kitchen and the refrigerator. And a lot of fungus in the refrigerator. After a fight of 3 weeks!!!! with this idiots of the airbnb customer service
      ( doesn´t deserve the name service) they gave me a 20% refund. And mentioned that this was a big exception, because of all the worms and so on.
      So forget about a refund of 100%.
      I wasted so much time and energy to get back a few Euros. It is a crime.

      And b the way most of the owners get unfriendly when you complain.
      And some of them are really big liars.
      It is a nightmare.



  41. Thank God I found your website!!! There appears to be a glitch on the website right now and the Contact Us option is not working it just goes back to the Help Centre. All I wanted to do is update my profile and Facebook was not allowing me to use another email address because it has to be the one associated with my account, etc. For that I spent two hours trying to figure this out!!! I told the CS guy on the phone to check out this site so that they can report it to their manager and see how many of us are annoyed and frustrated with the lack of communication. Best regards from Vancouver, BC. Alex

    • It appears that their website is still not working properly… the Contact Us option is still just redirecting to the Help Center. I want to know why I can’t read my last guests reviews, even though I have already written them a review.

  42. Just moved into shared ABNB house (private room) for a 31 day period. The kitchen absolutely stinks of cat’s urine. So bad i am certain i cannot complete this stay and wish to terminate and get a refund ASAP. I have sent a mail via their help centre outlining my issue, they say they will respond within 24 hours. It is sunday night now, and as i understand to request a refund whilst staying, it is necessary to complain officialy WITHIN 24 hours.

    Any ideas?

  43. I urgently need to contact someone from Airbnb South Africa to discuss a collabration. I am head of marketing for a tourism authority in the city of Durban, South africa. +27787628531. my name is Boni. We are looking to see how we can partner in order to assist some of our properties to get onto the Airbnb platform

  44. Hi, I have been emailing and calling customer support since Friday 11/10/2017 until now. I noticed my account/profile has been giving me an error message: “It is not possible to book this property. Please contact Airbnb support.” when trying to book a room for this weekend in Orlando 11/17-11/19/2017. The only response is technical support is working on it and they will call you in a day or two and I never get a response. Please help to get the issue resolved as customer support has no idea why I am receiving this message. Thank you.
    I recieved an email regarding my issue but nothing was resloved. I am confused as to what terms did I violate? I have had this account for over two years and never had an issue. I noticed this thread online with the same issue I’m having others experienced the same which was resloved:

    • Please don’t check or agoda or trivago 🙂 I swear you will hate this fake ass app
      Specially if u r family man It’s almost a scam bro jst read some stories here and do your thing:) be safe

  45. Our group of six were in Nashville two weeks ago and we rented a very nice new house in a neighbourhood that had brand new houses mixed with old run down houses, a women’s shelter a block down, a methadone clinic behind and two cars parked on the street that showed signs that people were living in them. Transitioning neighbourhoods they call them. Obviously, that wasn’t in the description of the property on Airbnb! We were coming and going using a keyless entry which, upon our arrival home late Sunday night, was dead. We couldn’t get in. We called the contact number who was the owner of the house and who lived in town. Numerous calls with no answer. We had a secondary contact number that went unanswered as well and there was also a sign on the lawn that suggested the house was protected by a security company. No luck with that either. We felt there were three options to get in. Through a window, kick in the door or break the glass in the front or back door. Because of the style of house, there was only one window that was at ground level and that was a window on the front porch. It was definitely locked and I looked to see if there was a way to remove the screen and “jimmy” our way in. Nope. And the idea of breaking that glass to crawl through was not appealing since someone would be crawling across broken glass to get in. My experience working in the window and door business told me that breaking the glass in the door was probably the easiest and cheapest replacement cost since I knew it was an industry standard size glass unit in the door. We did not consider a locksmith for two reasons. We weren’t that comfortable waiting around in this neighbourhood at midnight for an emergency locksmith to show up. And who’s to say they’d let us into a house that we didn’t own. After we were sure we weren’t getting an answer from the owner, we broke the glass in the back door and got in. The next day we were contacted by both the owner and the secondary contact who both apologized for our inconvenience. The owner showed up later and was once again very apologetic and he had someone there to board up the hole in the door. He also said that if he had answered his phone he would have been able to unlock the deadbolt with his smart phone and also told us that he had a problem with the keypad once before. Nice. So everything was pleasant and after our stay, he wrote a positive review of the person in our group that booked the reservation and we in turn wrote a positive review of him and his house on his Airbnb page. And that’s when the niceties stopped. We then received a request to pay for half of the damages to the door which unbelievably was almost $800 US. We could agree, decline or make an offer to pay another amount. We declined. We were forced into an action based on something that was completely not our fault and left in a very compromising situation based on the time of night and the neighbourhood we were in. After we declined, we were told that this situation was going to an Airbnb mediator. We then submitted our version of the events to the “mediator” as described above. Two days later we were informed that we were being held responsible for the entire amount. We responded back with an email asking if they had even read our response, we were that shocked. The mediator responded that he did not receive any response from us and therefore found in favour of the host for the entire amount. We then sent a response back showing the time stamp and date of the email response. And that’s where we sit. No further response. My friend’s credit card has been charged the $500 security deposit which she has disputed. Our only hope is that the credit card company forces them to review the situation because we feel now that Airbnb management have closed this case and will not look at it again. The owner/host feels we should have called a locksmith. Think about that for a minute! A locksmith is going to open a house for someone who isn’t the owner of the home? Apparently yes. Again, think about that for a minute. I’m curious about what other people think that they might do in this same situation. Right at this point, not a fan of Airbnb!

    • Hi, Mark. How did you end up resolving this? I’m a host that Airbnb is trying to cheat, and looking at the arbitration process. I’m curious what has worked for those who have come before me, and SO hopeful we can help protect other people from such awful experiences.

  46. Omg the WORST customer service ever!!!! My credit card inadvertently was charged for a reservation by one of my son’s friends. Trying to get the charge reversed and put onto another card was a nightmare!!! No one could do this? Plus the person I spoke to was very rude and unhelpful. When I asked if she could call the friend of my son’s to verify she said she could not because she was leaving? I said even if he calls you in the next 5 minutes you won’t be there? No, she was going. Unbelieveable.

  47. Good name for this website. It is almost impossible to reach a person to talk to at Airbnb. There is a list of numbers but there is one for Canada too 1 855 424-7262. Good luck trying to reach anyone there. How does Airbnb verify the property that is being rented out and who owns that property? I do not think they have a way of verifying anything. It angers me that a former tenant was able to list my property for her profit. Yet it is impossible to reach any personnel from Airbnb to answer questions, I guess the only way is to send snail mail and hope you get a reply. Physical address: 888 Brannan Street, 4th Floor, San Francisco, CA USA 94103 Try contacting the following : Mr. Brian Chesky, co-founder, CEO and Head of Community or Mr.Nathan Blecharczyk, co-found and Chief Strategy Officer, CPO and co-founder Mr. Joe Gebbia. Mr. Laurence A.Tosi the Chief Financial Officer and last but not least Mr.Chip Conley who is Head of Global Hospitality. Ms. Alex Dagg is Public Policy Manager. Information that I have shared I have found on the internet. Good luck in resolving your issues as a tenant or landlord.

    • UGGG!!! I am having the same freaking issue! It is completely frustrating as I have been trying to book a place for my Paris trip which is NOW in 4 weeks! Can’t take photo from my PC so I sent my passport and drivers….not good enough! Still need to take a photo, but no option to take it with my smartphone!!!! Literally back and forth for freaking a month now. I HATE AIRBNB customer service. They are ZERO HELP.

      • I have had exactly the same problem. Airbnb, is new to me; I did manage to book the first time. I wanted to stay an extra night, but it required my Driving License or Passport. I tried to do it on my phone; could not do it.. So, luckily I was staying in a hospital room ( probably nurse accommodation ) so I could book at the reception. Even, then, I think it must have booked me twice; I managed to get changed to one night payment. My next attempt to book this week, went through okay, but I best have a plan B! Having done that, I wanted to follow up in another city. Q, horrendous and frustrating problems getting my drivers license photo done! It does not work or it is extremely difficult! I contacted CS, got through to someone in Spain to find out about security deposit. Today, I was expecting to get through to London; and I got directed to the Philippines! I explained my problem; but he could not help me much. In the end I decided to Sellotape, yes stick my license on my kitchen wall, in an attempt to get a clear photo. This seemed to be better, I could make out my photo, name, address, date of birth and most of my number. It did not work! So, the time I had to book elapsed. I have had to check and make sure that no payment had gone through; and I will have to keep checking so it does not;

    Easiest way to explain my story would be to bullet point half of it.
    * Created an account (even used a photo myself and my 3 lb rescue yorkie as our profile pic)
    ***Went Smoothly***
    * Located a few places in Florida (coming there on business to provide support and needed supplies for animals and people effected by Irma)
    * Attempted to contact Hosts with normal questions regarding long term stays due to Hurricane (nothing out of the ordinary and paying for long term stay)
    * Next time I logged into Airbnb it asks me for my ID
    * I take a photo of my Passport as required (who knows where on earth that copy goes)
    * Next it requires a second form of ID picture this time it wants to take a pic from my computer.
    * I take a photo from my computer
    * As I wait, It states my photo is unclear that I must retake
    * I retake (each time it says the same thing)
    * My photos could not be any clearer unless I walked through the computer onto their desk
    * At this point It continues the same requests it over and over
    * Five photos later
    * I contact the number on this site and reach their so called support person she tells me she believes something is wrong with the software and someone will contact me by phone within 24 hours.
    * 48 hours later I receive an email stating that my account (that by the way I have never used other than to send questions to a couple Hosts) is indefinitely suspended.
    ****Yes, I said, indefinitely****
    * Shocked and confused at what I was reading, I call the number again and reach another customer service person. This individual has no answer except for these. He had no idea what happened, no contact email to give me, no phone number or name to contact and said, they are not informed of reasons why an Airbnb employee would suspend an account (that has never been used before) indefinitely but, that I would never be able to open up any account with the company again.

    I asked every question I could possibly think of and I got absolutely no where. The bottom line is, Airbnb can afford to treat people like this because they simply do not care considering the shear volume and financial gain. If someone actually did something wrong they typically would never take an ounce of time out of their daily schedule to request answers. Honestly even typing this may have been another waist of my time since it wont change Airbnb’s horrific procedures but, I felt that the person and those on here leaving comment are as frustrated as I am with their lack of care. So, I’ll share my terrible experience since I’ll never be able to use Airbnb. And for those of you that are Hosts please note what this business is doing to some of your customers looking for long term stays. They blocked a trustworthy professional seeking to pay for six months in Miami and six months in the Keys due to Hurricane Irma.

    Lastly, knowing Airbnb was using the media to boost their business to “help” victims of the Hurricanes makes me ill after my experience. I sure hope victims and workers didn’t have the same experience I had. People deserve to be treated better then this.

    • Wow, Our family is having the exact same problem. First I tried them my wife tried.
      So far they have both our driver’s lic. data and CC numbers. If it were not so well known I would say it was a scam and cancel our CCs.

      Hey Air BNB! you are doing a real disservice to your hosts. VRBO, while less of a personal stay connector, simply allows the travel/vacationer to connect with a host and then lets the host do the vetting for security. I find giving AirBNB personal ID data unnerving. Should Air BNB be hacked we are all screwed. It has only cost me time and frustration so far. I see dark clouds on AirBNB’s horizon and while we were formerly VRBO hosts, should we become hosts in the future, Air BNB is not at the top of my list!

      Kip in British Columbia

  49. Good evening,
    Yesterday I made the reservation in the attachment, the owner does not provide the accommodation according to the reservation but does not even want to cancel. Confirmed the reservation but did not provide.
    How do I get my money back?

  50. Does Airbnb even respond to customer complaints sent via registered mail to their head office? I had a horrendous experience with an Airbnb host in June.

    Accordingly, I sent a hard copy letter 2 months ago to Airbnb HQ in SF — no response. I sent a follow up inquiry along with a copy of the initial complaint a month ago — no response. I am about to send a third letter, but am perplexed about the utter lack of customer service, the utter lack of regard for common courtesy. The zero response, zero acknowledgement, zero form letter, is making me wonder what on earth they are doing, other than raking in the money and shrugging at problems.

    • It doesn’t suit there business model to have direct contact. It would cost them money to do so, reducing their quarterly bottom line. For the small percentages of complaints, my take is they’d rather blow you off as a whiner.

    • How can they Not?? Unless there is fresh blood in the apartment which you come in contact with with open wounds or unless you decide to share a drug needle with the host there no risk of getting the infection…
      Do your homework.

      • Alexandar je u pravu , još uvijek nisu u potpunosti istraženi načini prijenosa zaraze,u ostalom
        kao i kod svih teških bolesti. Postoji mogućnost da se ustanovi nakon dugog niza godina prenos AIDSA i drugim načinima . Emilia u do try to do your homework too..(it was not so uncommon to happen in medicine science of heavy illness , to be verified (after many years) some alter ways of AIDS transmission Government just do not want to spread panic, because that is not so likely to happen, though people should be aware of such possibility).
        On the other hand, if you ask medical professionals they all agree that we do not know much about it even today, they just emphases that it is “for what we know by now about it, and we do not know all”!!! Alexander is wrong only regarding the fact, that there is no way now to proof it is dangerous for guests, or to forbid someone to host having such great illness, but there also no guarantees that you cannot get infected after all . Even for what we now know you cant even risk to accidentally get cut on something while staying in. Enjoy.

        • You ignorant fool… HIV is spread through blood and body fluid. It is actually not that easy to catch. I doubt you would use your hosts razor or toothbrush and even if you did and he or she happened to have HIV or AIDS the chances you’d get it from that are slim. So stop discriminating and spreading fear. Carriers of this illness can still host a perfectly clean and safe apartment. It’s cruel and predujice to say otherwise.

  51. Makes me feel better to know this website exists!

    Airbnb blocked my account from making reservations for absolutely no reason in the middle of my trip- apparently it’s part of a new “security verification system”.

    3 days and several hours later and my account is STILL blocked and I am in a distant city with no place to stay, looking at all the places I could stay at gradually getting booked… Thanks airbnb!

    • This just happened to me. Did you find a resolution? They had me upload a copy of my credit card statement when I tried to book a place and then replied a day later saying they denied my payment method and my account has been suspended. I’m in awe.

    • This also just happened to me. I’m from the US but I just stayed at an airbnb in the country I am in 2 weeks ago with no problem. I made a reservation and it asked me to update my photo, which clearly showed my face. So I do and then I have to verify my card by emailing a bank pic. So I comply but my booking is in 30 hours and I have already invited other guests and it is still not processed. I called and talked to a human and got it escalated but if they cancel my account or make me miss the booking I will be livid. I’m already checking out competitor options.

      They cancelled my account in Brazil for no reason too. I’m not the biggest globe traveler but I have stayed at about 6 places in three countries all with positive reviews. You would think that would count for something.

  52. Had a short stay in a crappy apartment in Lucerne, Switzerland billed as “spacious et lumineux.” Not enough towels, broken shower fixture, black mold on the shower walls. Noisey neighbors, no clue as to which unit it was late at night fumbling around in the dark, weird smell, you name it. After our couple of days, we leave at 10:30 and lock the keys in the letterbox as instructed after telling host we’ll be out by noon. At 1:30 we get a text demanding over $400 for scratches on her TV. WTF? We hadn’t watched TV the entire vacation – what would have been the point? we don’t speak fluent French or German! Ignoring our protests, she texted a pic of the scratched up screen, which looked remarkably like the roughly 4-6″ side-to-side scribbles inscribed on walls and furniture by toddlers worldwide. Judging by the potty seat left in the bathroom, I’d say there’s a free-ranging toddler in the apartment. Haven’t heard a word from AirBnB regarding any of it. Guess I’ll dispute it if it shows up on our credit card. If they have a probation status for hosts, she needs to be on it.

  53. Their customer service number in US is 855-424-7262.
    Good luck
    person I spoke with seemed out of it and couldn’t answer most of my questions. She had to look them up and seemed like she was half asleep and really didn’t have the answers.
    It’s crazy. She didn’t know how to go through airbnb to book reservation.

  54. I have not paid back a deposit even after 20 days. I have Sent many messages to the host and sent emails to Airbnb but no reply. I do not know what to do.

  55. Hello,
    I am a host with Airbnb and there customers left my villa some 10 days ago and I have not been paid by this company at first I got payment 2 days after but now this is a joke is there anyway to contact someone in Thailand.

  56. Help!!! My first reservation in Portugal was with a bogus entry, where they double-charged my credit card. Now, with my second booking, I see it is again a scam, and I can’t get a refund. It isn’t a real listing, and I’m not going to arrive in Portugal with no place to stay. I want a refund. I’m going to dispute it with the credit card company.

    Never again with Airbnb!!!!!

  57. Thanks to Traveller (6th Dec 2016) who posted the Air BnB phone numbers in about 40 countries. I called the Australian number & was speaking with someone within a minute, issue resolved, all good.

  58. This is my first to use airbnb and I made an reservation on July 25

    At first, i reserved on room from July 31 – Dec 12, but the host told me that it is unavailable even it is listed.

    So she ask to reserve another room which can be available Aug 19 and told me to reserved for one month.

    I did what she told me to do which means I cannot cancel it at all due to the long term cancelation policy!!!

    Now, I find another room to stay, I just want to cancel it but the host refuses to do it!!!

    I spent hours on begging her, she is so tough that she did not agree !!!

    I called Airbnb, the agent told me they cannot help me, what should I do ??

    • Unfortunately Larry if you were aware of the cancellation policies (they are available to read on airbnb and are required to be a host) agreed to the terms that the owner offered as a substitute for the original home which was reserved, than there is nothing you can do if the owner chooses not to cancel outside their listed policy. If you were unsure of wanting the home or wanted time to look at other options, you should have not agreed to the second home and it’s contract. If the original property your reserved turned out to be unavailable, it was then you could have cancelled the reservation and moved on.You are not forced to take an alternate to your primary booked property. Occasionally something occurs where the owner cannot honor a reservation and they offer an alternative out of courtesy but you are not required to acept. However, if you do , you are bound by the terms of the contract. This is not the owners wrongdoing, it is a common part of many guest contracts. If owners do not incorporate these into the operations of renting a home, guests will sometimes cancel reservations a day before arriving because they “find a better deal” and leave the owner with no ability to rebook in the time frame, services often already scheduled and/or paid for related to the rental, etc. etc. and no recourse other than to accept it and move on. There are responsibilities on the part of guests as well. It seems that this is one you were unaware of and that you will learn the hard way. Unfortunately,I have learned a few of mine the same way as well. -Airbnb host

      • JR – Airbnb customer service is the devil. I can’t help but interpret a tone of superiority and condescension. The airbnb customer service teams spout canned answers, talk in circles, repeat what you’ve just said yet do not actively listen. They claim to have no authority or ability to take action other than to send emails. I’ve spent two days and 8 hours on the phone fighting with them as my money they have been holding since April for the reservation made for my wedding party was cancelled by an unethical host 30 days before the scheduled stay during biketoberfest. Perhaps as a host you should demand a higher level of customer service excellence from the company instead of chastising a guest. While you are the one with the property, without guests there is nothing and if they keep treating guests like crap they will eventually have the same reputation as spirit and frontier airlines. How will that workout for your wallet?

  59. Truly it is hell when AirBnb hangs up on you after waiting the 7-12 minutes! I’m on the line waiting for 2nd try to get through to representative. Dealing with AirBnB customer support is the downside of hosting with AirBnB.

  60. There is a faster way to get a resolution and saves you a lot of time. I have zero patience when it comes to stuff like this so i make my formal complaint with the company then dispute the charge with your credit card company. They handle all the BS that needs to be done. I stayed at AirBNB many times and never had a real issue until last week when I stayed in San Francisco California. The Host thinks I’m just going to forget and move on. She is in for a reality check.. But to make things better and to save a lot of aggravation, dispute the charge with your credit card company.

    • great idea- i had a host cancel on me last minute (through a message and not the formal way) and told me that she would refund me, then she sends me messages as if i was staying there e.g. how is your stay, rate your stay… crazy stuff! ive threatened to take it further but no reply.. if i try to cancel through airbnb i’d lose part of my payment. Did you cancel formally on airbnb before you queried credit card charge? or were you able to send a message to airbnb?

    • I am having an issue with my airbnb host and after doing all this readin im afraid to ask for a refund and go through all this hell. Can you please tell me, when I call the bank to dispute, what exactly do i tell them?

  61. Total joke owe us over £300 for unpaid stays and phone calls chasing payments..please phone USA and talk to a zombie trained moron who knows how to read from a list..such a shame that someone who makes money out of hosts actually ignores and abuses them.

    • By the way, Airbnb replied in less than one hour on Twitter. You can send DM to them. Regarding the link which I shared: “The link you have provided is not affiliated with Airbnb. You can read more here: “. This is a very serious issue, check to who you give your bank details! Cheers!

  62. I don’t understand why you don’t have email and phone number when we want to book.
    All other services like VRBO, homeway or Tripadvisor gave they ref.
    I will recommend everyone to go with them

  63. Mine $700+ are stuck with aibnb. They are cheating people by not refunding for the services they don’t provide. Please let me know how to get the money from Airbnb. They are not responding to emails properly, and phone calls. They are holding money and asking to wait until they return to office to just to respond to us.

  64. I have a problem with someone took my property to host as his own. His account is Hey, I’m Soa!
    Would you please tell me how to solve with this problem? They put the pricing is lower than mine and when the guests call to me, it is different what they have seen.

    Please block that guy from airbnb!!

    • I have similar issue. I called Airbnb customer service and I’ve been waiting for 5 days now for them to call back n freeze this person Acct. Meanwhile, they continue to sent guests and I have to refuse them. Has your problem resolve? And what did you do? Doesn’t the other person should held accountable for fraud?

    Fisherman’s Hangout -Camp Maracaibo
    Bridge City, TX, United States

    We booked a fishing trip via AIRBNB at a very quaint cottage on a canal just off the lake we were going to fish. To start off the nightmare on Monday before the Friday we were scheduled to arrive, the weather report was forecasting a tropical storm “Cindy”, making a direct b-line to the location on the very day we were to arrive.

    We contacted the host and he acted as if he would work with us if the forecast was correct. Luckily it hit the night before our arrival a little east of it’s expected path. So we continued with our plans and got to the location on Friday and the weather was not as bad as it could have been.

    The cabin was very well kept and we were very excited to be there. We unloaded or stuff and while going in and out of the cabin I noticed the three AC units but only two were on. I promptly went to each of the two that were on and turned them down because it was not at a comfortable stage yet in the cabin. I also turned on the one in the bedroom. I also noticed a box fan in the living area pointing into the bedroom which raised my suspicions that something might not be right.

    After we got settled down and our boat docked, we were going to cook steaks, but after looking at the grill it was full of water from the rain, so I was going to cook them on the stove. After going into the kitchen I noticed there was no vent hood and with the temperature being already at an uncomfortable level, I told my wife we better eat sandwiches instead, to give the AC time to cool the place down. I went into the bedroom to find it rather warm and after feeling the air coming out of the AC unit in the bedroom I could tell it was not working. Since it was rather late by that point I did not want to bother the host. I was hoping the other two ACs would catch up and with the help of the fan, they might be able too.

    I now knew the purpose for the box fan it was there to help blow AC into the bedroom so to help to be able to cool down the bedroom.

    We spent a very miserable and restless night sweating and experiencing back pain from the very small very hard, full size bed. It was so bad I went into the living room at 4:30 am in front of the AC and tried to get rest on the couch to no avail.

    I waited until 9:00 to call the host and told him of our issue and when I did I was greeted with the claim that I was complaining without a legitimate reason since the last guests had no problems and the AC was not having issues then, nor did he think there was a issue now. My question to him was then why was there a fan in the living room pointing into the bedroom. He said it was just for circulation. He would never admit the AC issue and I even offered to help him install another window AC if he would go buy one and then his reply was I can tell you are fishing for a refund I then told him we had planned this trip for a long time and us coming even in the shadow of a tropical storm, that alone should show him we were wanting to stay at all costs.

    He never would offer to fix the problem and I even offered to go buy a AC and put it in another window he did accept that offer of course.

    We then left to see if we could get some fishing in and the more I thought about it the more I decide we were just going to go back, pack up and go home.
    His lack of concern ruined our trip we had so look forward to, and if he had at least tried to fix the problem and at least come over to the cabin to verify that the unit was in fact not working, I would have done what ever I could to help him get it resolved. He did not come by because he already knew that it was not working…

    Bottom line is he did refund $198 of the $270 for the three nights less our cleaning fee and the $39.00 AIRBNB fee. I have opened a case over three weeks ago and AIRBNB keeps telling me they are going to help but so far I am not getting any resolution and all I am asking for is the $72 left off my three nights excluding my $50 cleaning fee and $39 AIRBNB fee.

    ALL this and if the stupid host would have just showed a ounce of concern and fixed the AC he would not have to refund anything. GO FIGURE, AC UNITS COSTS $125 AT SAMS AND I OFFERED TO HELP PUT IT IN???



  66. hi .any kindly help please how can proved the payment from airbnb. until now we not get the money yet from them .

  67. I was asked for bank details before I was able to ask the host of the apartment any questions. Immediately The money for the rooms was out my account… Quicker than I could type my question. In any case I was told only partial payment was going to be taken and I would get a percentage back until a later date.
    Next day the same amount was taken… Bang just like that. No credit pending.. £7000 GONE. I have been trying to get them for 8 hours but every avenue I try they just put you straight to “message the host”!
    When you are seriously desperate and there is no one to contact it becomes a living hell… NEVER EVER AGAIN…. I am only glad I can’t get a hold of them manually

  68. Airbnb’s website glitched out when completing a reservation and charged my gift card $73 that was not refunded after the reservation did not go through because of the glitch have talked to 4 people so far hung up on by 3 and finally got through to a person on email about 17 emails later they said they would refer me to another department and they would handle the refund for the gift card been 19 days still have not heard from a soul so call again tonight on hold 1 hour. Still not resolved. Lame I live in bay area maybe I need to just drive up to office lol.

  69. Don’t go with Airbnb. They hide all information & publish false information regarding the host.
    It happened with me in my first airbnb stay. I heard ago that Airbnb stay is amazing. So I booked a house in Chennai through airbnb for 10 days, (owner is Sushil) paid the requisite amount. From 3 rd day there was no water. 4th day it was totally dry even not a droplet available in the toilet & it is more than 40 degree C outside. Kept on informing to the owner’s Manager, only contact person. He did nothing. 4th day afternoon I have pushed hard to arrange something to the manager & manager started asking me to leave the place. Big arguments. I started getting threatening calls but they did it with the wrong person, informed Police but did n’t escalate it to bigger height as my wife & kid were here with me & I came here for a different Project. Anyway on security ground I had to leave the place on 4 th day & my 6 days payment is a total loss. Airbnb did nothing. kept on Promoting business.
    I booked the house seeing positive review, all are fraud. I had close conversation with the neighbours & came to know that —1) they are doing illegal business using Govt, Property
    2) All people came there had same problem was compelled to leave before time. They are simply multiplying money taking multiple booking for the same day.
    Horrible part is all reviews are good. How is it possible?
    I am not saying all hosts are bad. But due to lack of transparency in Airbnb its really difficult to find reality. I WILL NEVER BOOK in AIRBNB. Deleting my account


  71. A TIP:
    When the American support is being extremely rude and unhelpful, as they often are, try calling the support line of some other country like the UK.

  72. Hi, I just cancelled a confirmed reservation but the dates show still unavilable on the site. How can I unblock them? It doesn´t give a choice and it´s a whole month in july, in a seaside area!
    Thank you

  73. I have booked an apartment from April 20th to May 5 through my Host Serena at Cosy 1BR, mins to CBD at 26 Hertford Rd, Singapore, Singapore and I cancelled the booking. Ms Serena has agreed on a FULL REFUND AND HAS SENT A MESSAGE TO AIRbnb.

    My credit card statement shows I was charged for the full about but my host Serena has agreed on a full refund. I check with my banker and as todate, I have not received any refund from Airbnb. I contacted my host Serena, she confirmed she did not receive any payments from Airbnb and ask me to contact Airbnb. Please advise the best avenue for me to check my status of full refund.

  74. My Husband and I rented a condo in Las vegas from Tarim #102-5158-south jones boulevard for our anniversary in May 2017, This place was filthy, left over food in the fridge & cupboard from previous renters, both stove and fridge were very dirty.there was not the kitchen necessities available to prepare simple meals, only a coffee pot and a few dishes. Bath tub was thick with black soap scum, left over bar of soap in tub from previous renters, mildew on the shower curtain, No cover over the mattress, the bed was on the floor, panels from the blinds in the living room and bedroom were missing no there was no privacy. There were no towels in the kitchen, no hand or face towels in the bathroom, only 2 bath towels for the week. The add said there was access to a pool and barbeque, this was not the case. Our reservation was canceled after one night. We had saved money to take this vacation for our 40th anniversary and it took 2 weeks on daily calls to airbnb before we received a partial refund. we were from Canada and were left without a place to stay so we had to head home. I think airbnb should better screen their property’s before allowing someone like Tarim to rent through their site.

  75. 1. Why you describe DORMITORY 5 to 12 bed room , alike private room?
    There are no roles ? Then there is no choice.
    2. Do you thing to ask 20% fee from total price of cheap room for 1 night not over expected?
    Is not 1 USD fee for you from 10 enough?
    Because then be traveling the total price is more expensive then hotels.

    Thanks for answer. Tomas

  76. My family and I rented 29 Holly Avenue in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada from Laura Smith and Emmanuel Hamilton through airbnb for 2 months in the summer of 2016. The house was a mess when we moved in – garbage everywhere, really filthy and stunk real bad. They had a cockroach infestation. The house was a gut job. Everything was falling apart.. Bad neighbourhood. Basically a meth house.

    We thought we’d be good and not get bed bugs but sure enough a few days into our rental we were infested. This house is really bad off. Needs to be torn down.

  77. Me and my boyfriend had an experience on Airbnb recently on May 23rd to may 25th where the host that we had rented out an apartment room from was not his, obviously being a guest, we didnt know the apartment wasnt under his name and that there was no thourough background check done on him, and nothing was mentioned to us about the apartment. Three days after we left his apartment leaving a good review he just started spiraling out of control for no reason. we believe it must have been drugs because the way he was acting all the signs were there. He texted us recently telling us to leave our new city that we just moved to and is threatening us still. We still have text message proof of what he’s texting us, and we will not be going thru airbnb EVER AGAIN.

  78. hello,

    My name is Jabiro Bernard form Kigali/Rwanda,Hotel name is Kings Hospitality Center.i have received guests from Airbnb,but till now i didn’t receive their money on my account.

    Can u please help me to know what happen wrong?

    2.I forget my password,Can you help me to have new one?

    3.What happen when transfer made expired VISA?How to give you new VISA number to hundle that issue?

    Thank u very much

  79. My reservation was cancelled bythe host who claims he made a mistake, a sum of 1111$ has been deducted from my crefit card. Uts been over a week now, and still didnt receive my full refund. What do you do in this case??

  80. Has anyone in Los Angeles had a guest refuse to leave? The guest is supposed to leave June 8th but has blatantly refused to leave: “I can and will be staying for the summer…I have the rights of a tenant.” She previously blocked payment for minor issues AS they were promptly being fixed, but Airbnb allowed her complaints to be an excuse for not paying. Now this.

  81. My wife and I can no longer use Airbnb again! This is the second time our accouts have been locked up by them. The first time was a couple years ago, after we had already stayed with multiple guests and had great experiences. Airbnb found a charge for assault on my police record from a bar fight I was in, when I was 22. I had been charged with a Felony but did not receive one. The computer system Airbnb uses found it, blacklisted me from using my account and I thinkg since my girlfriend at the time was living with me, her account was locked too. Fast forward a year or two and Airbnb was accused of doing too little to thwart discrimination. They made some major policy revisions and then magically our accounts both became unlocked! We were both shocked and jumped at the chance to use Airbnb again. Then after no even a year, we are locked out again!

    We have only had great experiences with excellent reviews and yet Airbnb still will not allow us to use our accounts.

  82. Ive been waiting OVER 15 days for my refund, even though I was assured it had been completed on May 11th and assured it would be back on my card within 15 business days! This is an absolute JOKE! I am contacting my local police and my card issuer as it is FRAUD!

    • I have a similar problem with airbnb. I cancel a reservation 100% refundable and they didn’t return the complete amount to me. They keep us$ 203. This is incredible!

  83. Country Phone Number
    United States +1-415-800-5959
    United States (toll-free) +1-855-424-7262
    Argentina +54 11 53 52 78 88
    Australia +61 2 8520 3333
    Austria +43 72 08 83 800
    Brazil +55 21 3958-5800
    Chile +56229380777
    China +86 400-120-9157
    China (shared-cost) 400-716-0164
    Cuba (toll-free) +1-855-424-7262
    Denmark +45 89 88 20 00
    France +33-184884000
    Germany +49 30 30 80 83 80
    Greece +30 211 1989888
    Hong Kong +852 5808 8888
    India (toll-free) 000 800 4405 103
    Ireland +353 1 697 1831
    Israel +972 3 939 9977
    Italy +39-06-99366533
    Japan +81 3 4580 0999
    Japan (toll-free) +81 800 100 1008
    Kenya (toll-free) +1-855-424-7262
    Malaysia +603 7724 0164
    Malaysia (toll-free) 1800 889 814
    Mexico +52 55 41 70 43 33
    Netherlands +31 20 52 22 333
    New Zealand +64 4 4880 888
    Norway +47 21 61 16 88
    Peru +51 1 7089777
    Poland +48 22 30 72 000
    Portugal +351 30 880 3888
    Puerto Rico +1 787 945-0222
    Russia +74954658090
    Russia (toll-free) 88003017104
    Singapore +65 6622 7306
    Singapore (toll-free) 1800 723 1238
    South Africa (toll-free) +1-855-424-7262
    South Korea +82 2 6022 2499
    South Korea (toll-free) +82 808 220 230
    Spain +34 91 123 45 67
    Sweden +46 844 68 12 34
    Switzerland +41 43 50 84 900
    Taiwan +886 2 7743 2436
    Taiwan (toll-free) 0800 868 313
    United Kingdom +44 203 318 1111

    • Thanks for that – I have added the details to my phone just in case of any problems. I have used Airbnb several times so far without issues but always good to be prepared with contact numbers rather than trying to find anything on their site.

  84. I found this site when I did a Google search as there is no contact information on the Airbnb site.
    Pathetic that a business tries to hide from their customers.
    The following only goes to the useless “Help Center” and there is no way to contact Airbnb from there.
    The way Airbnb prefers to be contacted is via their messaging center, here:

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