Worst Host Ever After Guest Breaks Elbow

The host is called Maryann, and she has a listing titled “Vermont, Mt Snow Ski house in Dover Vt”. Do not, and I mean, do not ever ever book or rent from this woman. She is the meanest, nastiest, greediest person alive. It’s no wonder she has zero reviews on this property. Here are the details.

My friend booked Maryann’s Vermont Mt Snow Ski house for February 17th-20th, President’s Day Weekend. My friend made this reservation primarily so she could go snowboarding at Mt. Snow. After all the house is titled after the resort so the host tries to capture this crowd. However, my friend broke her elbow on January 15th while snowboarding at Mt. Creek. She dislocated all of the bones in her elbow as a result of her fall. She went to the hospital and the doctor reset her bones and put her in a cast. The doctor told it would take months for her to get most of her mobility in her elbow. So my friend contacted Liftopia who she used for the lift tickets; they gave her a full refund after she sent them her medical documents.

My friend then notified Maryann. She even sent her the medical and doctor release forms and analysis. Could you believe Maryann asked to see the x-rays? About a week after the accident, my friend had her first checkup and got a letter from the orthopedic surgeon that she would not be able to snowboard for three months; she would be in a cast for an additional four weeks. My friend then sent all this to Maryann she wrote: “You and your friends could still come and enjoy the house and area. It is not rented with the idea that one must be on the slopes. Thank you but I do not feel any further funds should be refunded.”

This woman who titles her house “Mt. Snow Ski House” is now telling customers that the house is not meant for going to the slopes? Why else would we be going to Vermont in February? If the Airbnb policy was so straightforward why did she ask for medical forms? This is absolutely crazy. The host has had over a month to find another customer to rent her house. My friend, in addition to all the pain she has endured, the countless medical bills that she has to pay and continued future physical therapy, has the added insult of this nasty host who prefers to keep my injured friend’s money. If this is Airbnb’s policy, do not ever rent from them, and do not use their services.

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  1. Sorry – have to go with the HOST on this one.

    While it is unfortunate that your friend broke her elbow – Hosts can’t be held responsible if something ‘happens’ to any Guest before they arrive at the property. If your group was involved in a car accident on the way (God forbid) – but if they were, and no one could make it to the home – that is considered an ‘unfortunate incident’ for the Guests – that is not the fault or quite honestly the problem of the Host. And while the comment was made by Host, “It is not rented with the idea that one must be on the slopes” – you need to read that sentence very carefully – it says ‘one must be on the slopes’. It does not state as you have written: “is now telling customers that the house is not ‘meant for going to the slopes’ “. The Host was trying to help out the group by telling them there ARE other activities in the area and skiing is NOT the only one. And yes, some folks DO go to the snow, but never set foot on it. And as for telling the Host she had another month to fill the spot – it sometimes is not THAT easy.

    It sounds like you had a 50% return of your monies and with that you probably should be grateful. I wish your friend a speedy recovery~

  2. I agree with Ellen. Plus I followed the link, everyone else seems delighted with her. It wasn’t the ladies fault your friend can’t follow policy.

  3. Your friend booked a listing with a strict cancellation policy, didn’t purchase travel insurance, went snowboarding (a sport with a high incidence of broken bones) and now expects a 100% refund from the Airbnb host instead of the 50% refund she is getting. Most people plan ski vacations more than a month in advance so the host probably won’t be able to replace your friend’s reservation. Also the host is correct that there are other activities your friend could enjoy. The host is not the meanest, nastiest, greediest person alive. Your friend is entitled.

  4. You have proof, call Airbnb 1-415-800-5959. They do have a policy like Liftopia. You might get out of it just because the host demanded private medical info directly.

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