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I am an airbnb host. Like in all walks of like I think the majority of people hosts and guests with Airbnb are perfectly reasonable and normal. I go out of my way to make guests welcome, always enjoy having them to stay, and have never had any problems. Reviews tell you about hosts and guests. If in doubt chose a guest/host with several good reviews. I think the whole idea of Airbnb is great. It is a pity that – as usual – the crooks out there wreck the experiences of decent people. I can only commiserate with those of you who have had bad experiences, but there are some fabulous hosts and guests out there. There are Hotels from hell too. Maybe it is a question of luck.

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  1. Are we allowed to listed the names of con ariists, and extortionists that we have hosted that Airbnb still allows to use their site?

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