Very Disappointed in Airbnb’s Property Advertising


Unless pictures are posted of the actual space you are staying in, don’t stay there. We paid over $1,200 for seven nights. The pillows were stained, the microwave was disgusting and the air conditioner was plugged into a cord that ran upstairs to another Airbnb. There were so many people coming and going from the home. The weather was extremely hot and the air conditioner was unplugged from upstairs; we called the host and he came the next day to plug it in upstairs.

Two of our guests left for a hotel room due to the heat. One left to go home because of the living conditions, and two left early. Airbnb said I had no grounds to stand on although they said they understood how I felt. Right up to the very end apparently the property had this to say: “Please note that the apartment is currently in the final phase of being better soundproofed and insulated. Some exposed beams and unpainted walls may be present.”

On top of it all we asked to stay until the 29th. It said they accepted the text and I made sure to recheck on it, Now they are saying that we overstayed a night and want to charge us an additional $280.

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  1. Based on the photos provided I can honestly say that there isn’t a fire department on the planet that would approve this space for human habitation. If there had been a fire you could have died in there.

    It really angers me that “hosts” on Airbnb have reduced the hospitality business to this. Garbage accomodations and garbage hosts are prolific.

    Time off is precious and there is no way that I would EVER use Airbnb. Hotels are required by law to have safety standards in place or they get shut down.

    I owned/ran a REAL bed and breakfast for 30 years and safety of my guests was paramount. Fire department was through it once a year. Building inspector had to sign off on it before taking the first guests. None of this happens with Airbnb.

    Hope it was cheap……………………….

  2. No, we asked to extend to the 29th before even staying the first night. A week before actually. Not fishing for a free stay at all. So I guess Santa left a big chunk of coal.

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