Upcharged with an Unadvertised Per Guest Per Night Fee


Our group of twelve booked a room on short notice, a weekend for $281 per night for an “entire chalet that sleeps 12“. Only after booking did the host advise us of a $50 per person per night fee and suddenly the cost was $700 per night.

I immediately emailed the host and told them that the fees were not specified on the listing and that we would need to cancel. The host was initially very responsive, typically within an hour, but after I told them my concerns they stopped responding.

I reached out to Airbnb with the issue and they stated to wait up to 24 hours to hear from the host. They then cancelled the reservation when the host didn’t respond and only refunded 25% of the cost because of their “strict cancellation policy”. I asked about their 48-hour cancellation guarantee and Airbnb stated that the host’s cancellation policies supersede their own. The hosts have refused to correspond and I’m out $2400 for nothing.

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  1. Disagree with above comments. If the capacity says 12 then it should be priced for 12. Who books a 12 person place for themselves? Especially learning about hidden fees after the booking has been processed is very annoying. The host is really going to charge $50 per person per night? Where is that money going? Are they sweeping 12 times? Does it cost $50/night to wash the sheets? Especially with how easy it is to miss the #guests field, I have run into the same issue (except with 2 people in a 2BR in the past). In my case the extra guest fee was advertised nowhere in the listing or house rules.

  2. 1. 48 hour cancellation refund applies if you book more than 2weeks in advance.
    2. The per person fee is disclosed when you input the number of guests. If you booked with example 2 guests, to update that number to 12 would involve a reservation alteration request which the host & guest agree to before it is charged
    3. How did a weekend reservation result in $2400 gone? Did you make a 4 night reservation? If you paid for it, the group should go.

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