Unfairness is the only way to Describe Airbnb

Be aware about listing your property with Airbnb. They only care about money and don’t take care of their hosts. I had three listings with them and cancelled all of them. I was a Superhost on all of them with five-star reviews.

They didn’t pay for doors damaged by guests on one property. On the other one, the guests decided they didn’t want to stay any longer and moved out without any notice, holding our dates. Airbnb decided to refund their money. I didn’t have any input in their decision.

They don’t listen to your responses and if you don’t agree with that decision they will tell you there is nothing you can do, because they already decided. Customer service is very bad; don’t book with them. They hold your money for a very long time. I was contacted by the guests who cancelled about a refund, because it took forever. They were not happy.

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  1. I had similar problems, the property has been damaged on a couple of things but never been reimbursed.
    Guests stole the blankets, pillows, households stuffs.

    There are a group of Germany and French young women and men who came in the house and lived illegally. First they pretend to ask questions how many people are living, is there anyone living there. They pretended to book a long term and cancelled straight away after the first night with all of the reasons.They know the structure of the house and the hosts were not living there. They gave you a bad review and no one dare to book in and they freely walk in and out of your house for free just like their house.

    But Airbnb always protect them and dont care about hosts. Airbnb thought the hosts make lots of money on hosting but seriously I believe it is not worth it to host it especially in AUstralia. Airbnb also does not cancel the review even it is not true.

    If in a country where the price of the property is not much or the rent is not high, it is worth for hosting. But in Australia house price is so high, cost of everything is high, cleanning fees, repairing, utilities, interest… Wages and salary are high in Australia, I believe finding a job will be a better paid than hosting. you have to answer the guests, if we are lucky enough to have good guests just a couple things. But bad guests your whole week lifestyle turn upside down. You have no one to back up from financially to emotionally.

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