Unauthorized Credit Charge Out of Nowhere from Airbnb

Never leave your credit card saved on the Airbnb app or website. My card was fraudulently charged for over $200 but promptly credited back, as shown on my statement. I did not even log in to the website or app for more than eight months. I lost out on more than $10 due to currency exchange differences. Airbnb refused to credit me back, and refused to say why my card was charged without authorization. It took them more than two weeks to even reply to me. My bank can’t do anything because Airbnb returned the amount they scammed from me. My big question is how can Airbnb charge a credit card without approval or authorization? This amounts to a scam and should be considered criminal. I thought my case was isolated, but a quick search on Google turned up similar stories.

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  1. This is AIrBNB’s response, and they refuse to say why/how my chard was charged unless I get a warrant or subpoena. Disgusting response by AirBNB, they refuse to deal with the issue and throw you under the bus.

    “Unfortunately, we are unable to refund any additional amounts, as through our payment processing system, this charge is showing as fully refunded by Airbnb.

    Unfortunately, we are unable to release any information regarding the reservation, or the user accounts involved, without a formal request from a government agency or law enforcement, such as a subpoena.”

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