Ultra Terrible Airbnb Dublin experience – worst night ever and no refund

My wife and I booked a 4 night stay at an apartment in Dublin with a host called Alan. The reviews looked good – all the facilities we wanted were listed. Alan was not there, we were met by a friend with a key. When led into the appt there were two students in residence – unexpected to us and the key owner as we were to them. The key holder beat a hasty retreat.The apartment smelled very bad – a bit like a cross between a gym and the dustbin. There was no electricity in the kitchen, no lights in the living room. One of the students was sleeping on the couch. There was no one to contact or ask – Alan was absent. We left after one night after having paid for 4. We tried to get a refund from Alan but no joy. Airbnb got involved – still no refund though airbnb gave us a token £27 refund ( we paid £217 in total). This was the worst night we have ever had anywhere and our advice is not to touch airbnb. Coppo

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