Terrible airbnb in Exeter, uk

So, having booked 3 nights at a higher priced airbnb in Exeter, we arrive to find an old box in the bedroom, not enough towels for the expected guests, a dirty bathroom with no attempt to tidy up, a used old toilet roll in the loo and a stench of what smelt to me like cat piss throughout the property. Host suggested we don’t understand airebnb so it’s out fault! Short version is we didn’t stay, host got paid IN FULL! We got 1 night refunded and airbnb said they wouldn’t penalize the hosts.. the airbnb service is a joke.  Avoid at all costs !

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  1. It would help other guests, and hosts, in Exeter if you named the property. AirBnB, and its hosts, deserve to know – and should be able to see from the joint reviews, what you and the host thought of your experience.

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