Terrible Airbnb Experiences Over Two Years

I joined Airbnb as a member in December 2015 and have used the platform nine times to book overseas accommodation until January 2017. However, there were problems with two of the rooms I booked in France last January. I have filed complaints with Airbnb, but their willingness and ability to resolve customer complaints is insufficient. I would like to get help from the agency. I am experiencing mental and physical suffering from the ridiculous accusations of the landlord in the room I booked in Strasbourg in the northeastern part of France where I stayed for two nights, starting January 11th. The landlord claimed that our travel companions broke the door of the room and took their wireless internet devices. We never cracked the door and did not take anything. I just followed the landlord’s suggestion to keep his house key in his mailbox. If someone broke in, it was the responsibility of the landlord.

The room in Paris was too dirty, narrow and uncomfortable, unlike Airbnb’s description. The listing said that there were three beds, but there was actually one broken bed and two mattresses; the room obviously had not been used for a long time, so there was dust on the table, and in the closet and kitchen. Furthermore, the room was on the 6th floor, but there was no elevator; we had to descend six flights of stairs when we went out. It was a very important issue, but Airbnb had no explanation. Actually, the landlord in Paris canceled our reservation with Airbnb as soon as we arrived in Paris. While I was there, my whole body had an allergic reaction to the dust, and I was impaled by a nail in the bowl storage box in the room, injuring my hand.

I want to protest all of these facts, but I have to protest against the US headquarters because the customer service center is not in Korea. I should point out the following. First, how can Airbnb accept a reservation for a place where a customer service center has not been built? Why do they have no ability to solve guests’ problems even though they take about 13% from commissions? Finally, I want to claim a refund the full amount of the 1000 USD fee for two of my French lodgings. I wonder how a company that asks others for a certain amount of money and does not provide services stays in business.

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