Taking to the Media – Robbed by Airbnb and Guest


Not only did a guest rob me and cause over $7000 in theft and damages, Airbnb will not release the $2000 the guest paid to stay there. So as of right now I’m out $9000 and Airbnb could care less. Anyone that can help you will not email or call back. The company makes false promises to help. There is zero accountability at this company. They will not give you their last names, only their first. Hosts beware!

Believe it or not, the cops have been easier and more helpful than Airbnb. They have made thousands of dollars off of my properties but will do everything to not help me. Upper management at this company should be appalled at the practices and procedures they have set forth. I’m going to the Orlando Sentinel on Friday. I think I have a pretty good case for a five-minute bit on the 6:00 news in one of the busiest tourist destinations in the world.

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  1. I suppose Airbnb tricks hosts into thinking they don’t need it because of their Host Guarantee and Host Protection. If you want results, you need to get media attention. It seems to be the only thing that works.

    Still, it’s hard to believe how many hosts are so naive as to offer a short term rental on their property filled with their belongings that is likely worth hundreds of thousands of dollars and not have appropriate short term rental insurance.

  2. It is so sad and everything you say is true. I too have a rental that I used to rent through Airbnb. They never pay for theft I was told the deposit people pay is for accidental damage no theft. Since you don’t get their last names you are screwed. Also I had guests who left couch so filthy it took 3 trips from professional cleaners to clean it and Airbnb said it looked like normal wear and tear. Couch was only 1 year old. I have many other stories but will no bore you with them. Sorry for your loss good luck.

  3. I have been severely robbed by 2 criminals that booked my air Bnb! Air Bnb are now saying that the things I’m claiming for I never owned and that it’s a fraudulent claim. I have video footage of the criminals wheeling out my stuff in Woolworths trollies! What do I do? They won’t pay up

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