Airbnb SuperHost raised price after guest arrived, and Airbnb did nothing!

Airbnb customer service lies to its customers and is useless. I filed a complaint against a host in Oahu because she decided to change the rate after arrival. She wanted $30 more per night saying Airbnb made the mistake. Since Airbnb didn’t accept the price increase, the host demanded I pay in cash for the next 7 nights. I telephoned right away to file a complaint with airbnb. The host violated one of the most critical rules. Her listing was to be removed as Airbnb said as a super host and as a general member. Well it never happened. Her listing is still there and it is still shown as a super host. I visited all the way from Europe and was disappointed that I had to deal with this crazy host and lousy Airbnb customer support. Be careful of some hosts and their listing price. Once you have arrived a host may speak of excuses why the price has gone up and Airbnb couldn’t give a damn.