I’m a nice guy with a wife and two young kids.  I was foolish enough to book with airbnb and stay at 1909 Ala Wai Blvd, Honolulu. This is the review I wish someone had written so I could have read it and avoided the nightmare stepping foot into this building.

WARNING TO ALL: this building is a broken down DUMP infested with cockroaches and located in a very seedy area. Immediately CANCEL if you have rented a condo here (thru airbnb-dot-com or whatever).

Our story:

1) We airbnb rented a condo on the 3rd floor

2) arrived to find 1909 Ala Wai to be an old dilapidated disgusting building with MANY condos in obvious disrepair.

3) the people we saw in the elevators and hallways looked like hookers and thugs, total deadbeats. No exaggeration.

4) opened door to the 3rd floor condo and saw dozens of huge cockroaches scurrying across floor. Same sight in EVERY room and cupboard! We even saw cockroaches running up the walls!

5) Windows broken out, no screens on windows, holes in wall, tile broken up on floors. We called the agent (handling this airbnb property) and they came over and even they were disgusted (or pretended to be!) We refused to spend one night there because my entire family was so disgusted with 1909 Ala Wai Blvd.

WHY AIRBNB SUCKS: As soon as that airbnb “host” for that cockroach filled condo realized we would NOT stay in her property, she told us “I see you want to cancel this reservation. So I’ll just go now and cancel it” By cancelling AS HOST she just prevented another disgusted renter from posting an ACCURATE negative review of the property on airbnb. You see? That’s why airbnb has positive reviews for properties that are disgusting cockroach and bedbug infested DUMPS. The host just cancels the reservations of unhappy renters so they cannot post negative reviews! Go read the Yelp reviews also. Search for cockroach. Be surprised how many agree with my above review. LESSON-LEARNED: you can go to airbnb and rent a property with GREAT reviews and often find that property is cockroach and bedbug infested DUMP in seedy dangerous area. Guess who wrote those “great” reviews? The HOST agent who owns the cockroach property!