Airbnb scammers using fake email

Hi, i have a big problem right now with an airbnb booking.
On July 22 – 2015, i watch an apartment in AIRBNB, one of the pics of this apartment had a email , telling “If you are interested please send me an email”. I get in contact with her, I send she the days I was interested in, the number of people… She told me that she could make the reservation for me and then AIRBNB should send me the instructions to confirm the reservation. I received a email supposedly from AIRBNB , but it was a fake AIRBNB email address…, with a ING bank at Poland ,account number to make the payment, the owner of this bank account is supposedly AIRBNB inc. I went the next day to make this payment…
Few days after that I get in contact with real AIRBNB, and they tell me that I was cheated , and they dont make anything at all, they get 0% of rresponsibility with that
I had gone to the police and they will try to find the burglar. Does other people goes to police, receive any info… ?
I don’t send more details of which apartment and host was, because police is working on it too , but now its not announced in AIRBNB anymore
Does anyone tried to make a joint action to push AIRBNB?

Hola, he tenido un problema bastante serio con AIRBNB, el día 22 de julio de 2015 ví un apartamento en la web, en una de las fotos aparecía la dirección email de la supesta dueña del apartamento para contactar con ella y reservarlo. Le escribí diciéndole las fechas , la cantidad de gente , etc… . Me dijo que ella misma hacia la reserva y que luego AIRBNB me mandaría un correo para confirmar la reserva. Me llego el supuesto correo de AIRBNB, pero era una dirección falsa, con un numero de cuenta a nombre de  AIRBNB inc , del banco ING en polonia, al dia siguiente hice el pago y varios días después hable con AIRBNB y me dijeron que me habían engañado y que no podían hacer nada… Ellos no se toman ninguna responsabilidad.
Lo he denunciado en la policía y tratarán de localizar al ladrón…
No os envío mas datos por que la policía está trabajando en ello, se supone…, pero si os puedo decir que el anuncio y el dueño del apartamento ya no salen en la web de AIRBNB
¿Sabéis si otros afectados acuden a la policía a denunciar, si reciben alguna información…?
¿Se podría llegar a organizar una demanda conjunta para presionar a AIRBNB?

Airbnb Scam: How to multiply your earnings

True story… It’s pretty simple. Just find an area with the following constraints. High demand for long-term housing (say students) where new building growth is barely none. How does it work? It boils down to the fact that Airbnb will always side with the host for cancellations. This means a host can be malicious or aggressive, and Airbnb support will cast off all complaints as a “personality conflict”. Next, even though a place may be listed with a cancellation policy as “Flexible”, any long-term rental automatically turns into a “long-term” policy in which the tenant must cancel within thirty days. Herein lies the trick and scam. Once a tenant books and cancels for any reason (e.g., personality conflict even before the date of the booking), then it is entirely up to the host’s discretion of whether or not to issue a refund. What does this mean? It means that a host can collect money even if they don’t rent out to the tenant. Additionally, the host can rent out the place to another tenant, thus earning 2x the original rate. Rinse and repeat, and the multiplier is as far as the host is willing to push the system. Real exchange from the head of customer service at Airbnb defending the host’s rude and aggressive behavior. “I am the head of this department and I’m afraid our decision is final. Please understand that is conflict took place after the reservation was already cancelled, in fact it happened because of this cancellation.” Exchange with the host where he denies receiving the money and he will be unable to find someone to book again. Even though he clearly received the money (since he must approve the refund) and the cancellation was more than two weeks before the check-in date and that in this area listing typically are filled within two days. “I have received nothing and let me tell you that it is really rude to block a room for so long and reverse it a week before. It’s interesting that you mention that you can’t afford to loose that much money, because I refused a lot of long term requests and now I loose the money (what means that the room will be empty for that time anyway I have to pay the rent). You would go ahead and rebook? WTF, do you think I will let such an irresponsible person into my home? good luck and hope you get your money back soon.” Checking on this host, he is in fact booked for the entire month. Simple and easy to pull off with no deterrant not to. In fact, it is encouraged by Airbnb head of department.

Left in the Lurch After Host Cancelled on Short Notice

Last December I booked an airbnb in Santa Barbara listed as a “Sweet Serene Getaway.” I needed a place to stay while in town for UCSB graduation weekend June 12-14. Knowing how quickly places book up and how much hotels jack up their rates to gouge the graduates’ families, I felt lucky to find the 2 bedroom house not far from campus at a very reasonable rate.The reservation was accepted, My credit card was charged, and I felt I was all set. Wrong. Yesterday, a week and a day before my scheduled artival, the host informed me the property would not be available, citing an unspecified “emergency.” To say that I was livid would be an understatement. I was faced with the daunting task of finding a reasonably priced place to stay in an expensive city on short notice on a weekend that has been fully booked for months. After two frustrating hours of making phone calls and hearing nothing but “sorry,” I finally found two hotel rooms a half hour away at an exorbitant rate. I grabbed them in desperation just as another airbnb host accepted what was by then a last ditch effort at making a reservation. The new reservation came with a $616.00 price tag, $134.00 more than the first reservation. Meantime, the original host had not yet officially cancelled the reservation thtough airbnb, so I had to send her a message requesting that she do so. Finally, hours later, she did and I received an e-mail from airbnb telling me they would keep the $482.00 I spent on that failed reservation and apply it to a future booking. I had to call airbnb this morning and argue with a customer service rep about getting my refund. We went around and around for a few minutes before he finally saw the light and agreed to issue the refund in fullI. I have my fingers crossed that the new reservation works out, but I still also have my back up hotel rooms on hold. Airbnb indicated that they would do nothing more for me except issue a $70.00 credit for a future booking, which doesn’t help me at all with the current situation. I have no intention of ever booking with this company again, so they can stick their credit where the sun don’t shine. They also have no way for me to write a negative review on their site. So, I am writing here to warn people, as others have done, that airbnb guarantees nothing. Their hosts can be complete flakes and cancel up to the last minute without suffering any consequences. Meanwhile, the guests, who’ve booked well in advance and paid in full, can be left in the lurch. It’s fraud and I don’t intend to let this go. This seems to be a frequent occurrence and is simply unacceptable.


I have been a Real Estate investor/landlord/agent for 40 yrs. I was contacted by Airbnb who found me on Craigslist 6 yrs. ago when they were just a few guys in S.F. renting out their couches, asking if they could list my rentals on their new website. I agreed. I was a loyal airbnb host for 6 yrs. I took total strangers from all over the world into my private Los Angeles estate guest houses, our Las Vegas vacation rental, and my famous W. Hlwd. Jim Morrison bldg. I accepted 1st time guests from all over the world who had no host reviews. I took their pets. I did this because Airbnb offered me a false sense of security, by holding guests security deposits and offering a host guarantee insurance policy which is currently $1,000,000.00. Yes, a million dollars! Lets talk about the “Bad” guests. They ranged from irresponsible nuisances to shrewd con artists. There were the ones who broke or stole a few minor items, the ones who violated our common sense/common courtesy rules, or the ones who required “special services” but didn’t want to pay for them after. The worst guests included necessary police intervention or major theft caught on CCTV cameras. There was the group of “squatters.” They were wolves in sheep’s clothing who came to me as short term vacation rental guests. Visualize “The Beverly Hillbillies” in a pickup truck with their dogs. They came off sweet as pie (landlord 101: beware of overly nice prospective tenants. No one is that nice! They are usually desperate people with bad credit, no job, who can’t get anyone else to rent to them!) He even took on the job as handyman around the apt. bldg. They were able to drag out their stay, doling out breadcrumbs by paying a few days at a time. When it came time for them to check out, these predators who apparently support themselves by “working the system” refused to vacate the premises screaming “permanent tenant rights” in the grand scheme of things to con me out of $13,500 in re-location fees and to be able to extend their stay for one more year under the cities rent control laws!!! As if this wasn’t bad enough, I also got sued by the city who extorted me for nearly $16,000 in perceived TOT fees, which ended up costing me nearly $5000 in attys fees (who took my money and resigned from the case after doing nothing) before I ended up having to pay the city nearly $10,000 in fines. THIS IS WHAT BEING AN AIRBNB HOST COST ME. And what support did I get from airbnb? Now lets talk about airbnb. They come off syrupy sweet, calling you an “awesome Superhost.” They act like airbnb is all about “sharing space” and “making friends.” If I were looking for friendship, I’d join a social club. Lets get one thing straight. It’s renting out space. Real estate. Real estate is a business. Bottom line, you are in business to make money. AIrbnb is in business to make money. They take it from both ends- their hosts and their guests. They block out parts of hosts and guests email correspondence if they suspect it includes sharing contact information. Don’t let them kid you. They expect hosts and guests to trust them with total stranger connections, lodging, and finances, but they do not trust their own hosts or guests to be able to communicate with one another in fear they will get cut out of the deal. As airbnb & their # of hosts grew during the past few years (as did their negative reviews which began popping up all over on various websites) due to their mass marketing campaign, they appeared to care less and less about their hosts and guests. The 1st big scandal I read about was the host in California whose home was totally trashed by airbnb guests. That’s when airbnb came up with their “$50,000.00 host guarantee policy” to provide panicked hosts a false sense of security. Most recently was the home in Canada that was totally trashed by airbnb guests. Airbnb upped the ante to $1,000,000.00. To be eligible for that type of host coverage, I suspect the entire family would need to be brutally murdered. I am a professional, honest, trustworthy, “to the book” type host. I never once went behind Airbnb’s back to try to cut them out of their original booking commission because I believe in karma and I believe everyone is entitled to their fair share of what they contributed. Also, never once did one of my guests ever make a theft claim while staying in our rental units. That speaks volumes for my honesty and integrity. Many guests don’t realize that when they book through airbnb, all payment is handled directly by airbnb. They never allow the host to be in possession of the security deposit. So when a guest commits damage, theft, violations of rules or requires special services, I exercised my host rights and filed a claim with airbnb under the guest’s security deposit. To avoid having to process claims, airbnb will attempt to discourage hosts by running you through the hoops. Think boot camp! 1st you have to go through the “Resolution request” (asking your guest to pay you.) This link is nearly impossible to find on their site. Once you have found it, filled out the form, and sent it to your guest, the guest will usually deny the damage/theft, etc., get angry that you “accused them,” refuse to pay, then leave you a false negative retaliatory review. If you don’t hear back from the guest or they deny the claim, you have to mark your calendar to remember to contact airbnb to “get involved.” (if you forget, you are out of luck on the claim as the deadline has expired.) In order to involve airbnb, they will require photos, witnesses, original receipts, and/or comps. As a real estate investor with multiple fully furnished properties in 3 locations in 3 states, I would have hire someone to pull dead files out of storage and spend days going through thousands of receipts through the years to find one for a towel, mug, pillow or whatever for the damaged or missing item(s) in question! Once you have completed the form & provided the “evidence” (they do not trust their hosts word, despite the fact the host trusted them to have these strangers in their home who broke/stole their personal property items!) you wait to hear back from airbnb. None of my claims were what I would consider “substantial” amounts of money. Some claims were processed, but as time went on they were either denied, reduced, or ignored. When a guest flooded my unit, I filed a claim for $2,500.00 for my out of pocket costs. This was my and only claim that came under the $1,000,000.00 Host guarantee policy. After I went through airbnb’s claim “boot camp” process, they said they were only willing to pay $500 firm (20% of my claim,) Final decision, no appeal. Shortly thereafter, with no warning they deleted all of my listings and cancelled all of my bookings for the rest of the year. They told my future guests that it was I who had cancelled their bookings, so I had angry guests contacting me not realizing the truth, that airbnb had lied to them and that I was as much an airbnb victim as they were! I still have approx. 1/2 dozen minimal claims airbnb ignored and never paid over the past year, along with the one and only claim I filed in 6 yrs. under the $1,000,000.00 Host guarantee claim for $2,500.00 that I was never compensated for. If you are an airbnb host who incurred damage, theft, or unpaid claims and you would like to be paid, please contact me. Email: Responsible guests are always welcome! See my websites below.

Ripped off

I was using the Airbnb site looking for somewhere to stay in London for a few days after travelling from Australia. I found an apartment in Covent Garden, perfect, dates were free. I next get a confirmation email from what I thought was Airbnb. This asking for payment for almost $1800. After a few emails back and forth, I was still waiting to be given the address of the property, by this time we had traveled to the UK. I then realized that I had been ripped off and had to find other accommodation. The response from Airbnb was basically, sorry can’t help you, it wasn’t booked through our site. What a joke, lack of security to protect the customer and no help after from Airbnb.

Airbnb is a perfect platform for scam


Approximately one week ago, I was browsing for accomodation in London through airbnb and this “Luxury Central Location Apartment” appeared and it seems to fit the criteria that I wanted. I have also noticed the host named Natsuko is verified. So I contacted the host using the red button in airbnb to ask for availability. I received the reply on the next day in my email, but not in my airbnb account. Because it was my first time using airbnb, I did not find it odd and thought it was the standard procedure. I also was not warned about this when I created my airbnb account. The host confirmed the availability and asked for my details, which I eventually gave. Within hours, I received an airbnb email ( confirming my reservation and asked me to bank in the money to the bank account provided. At almost the same time, the host also emailed me that the reservation has been made and requested me to send her the payment receipt once the payment is done to secure my reservation. I made the payment few days after that. It started to concern me as i did not receive any payment invoice from airbnb. So i called airbnb on the second day and realised i might have been scammed. I called my bank to cancel the payment but it was too late. I called the receipient bank (Alior Bank) to report this and asked them to halt the account to receive the payment. I was informed that the only authority that can halt this is by direct cooperation between my bank and Alior bank. It was too late. Fuck airbnb.

Major Airbnb SCAM

Dear Airbnb hell friends,

This happened to us last week:


We were scammed in the most sophisticated way through identity theft and a hacked account of a host on The communications with the scammer cannot be distinguished from official Airbnb communications. So, instead of arriving in our booked studio in Geneva, we found out the money for 2.5 months of rent was gone (almost 5000 Euro) to a Polish account and we had no place to stay.

Airbnb has been EXTREMELY, EXTREMELY UNHELPFUL and almost impossible to reach, trying to avoid all liability. AIRBNB WILL NOT HELP YOU IF YOU ARE IN TROUBLE, even if you are scammed through their very own website. DO NOT EVER BOOK WITH AIR BNB. The scam listing remained on their website until we urged them to take it down.

We found out that there are many more scam/hacked listings, like these , and Airbnb has not taken these down even after notifying them.

IF THINGS DO GO WRONG WITH AIRBNB, YOU WILL REGRET IT VERY MUCH after you find our how UNHELPFUL and UNCOOPERATIVE AIRBNB is. Their standard reply was: “Yes, there are indeed some safety issues with this account. We are sorry for the inconvenience.” And that’s that.

How long are able to keep their head in the sand? It’s a major and known problem, see for instance…/Airbnb-scammers-1-000s-briti…. We found it out the hard way. Airbnb are not doing enough to protect their customers. This has to change! The number of sophisticated scam listings on their website is countless and they are not doing enough to tackle it. They are putting their customers at great risk and you are not doing anything about it!!

I wish people who went through the same as we did could unite so we could start a class action against Airbnb. Please share.

All the best,


Phising in Airbnb

I have been a victim of online fraud totalling 1,297 Euro whilst using your website
Below I have outlined what occurred whilst using your website.On 10th February I contacted the host via the internal mail of Airbnb, the landlord of a luxury Chalet.

I do not have a copy of that email as all my emails in Airbnb have been deleted from my Airbnb account, and not by me.

It was the first time I rented an apartment via Airbnb so I did not know the normal procedure of the website, however, I reiterate, nothing seemed out of place to me.

I received the following e-mail from a fake Airbnb adresse that told me to contact the landlord.
I contacted the landord and the landlord agreed to give me a discount on the price and said Airbnb would contact me directly.

After that, I received and e-mail from a fake airbnb adresse confirming the reservation and with the details of the payment
I made the payment via Western Union Wire Transfer to the certified “secured Airbnb agent”

I read in the website that Airbnb sometime pays the host via Western Union so that seemed normal to me. Also the payment was located in the USA and I know Airbnb is an American company so this also seemed normal to me.

Airbnb is an interesting business model but it is not acceptable that the company does not validate ownership of properties, the identity of the users or if lessees are permitted to sublet. Apparently accounts are hacked quite often. Airbnb should be liable for the things that happen in their own website. In addition to that, Airbnb is aware that these operations are not compliant from a tax perspective as the landlords normally do not declare the amount that have been paid. Airbnb is profiting from this too.

International courts consider that websites that permit the transfer of illegal IP content such as P2P platforms (Napster among others) are liable because they acknowledge that the operation was not fully legal.

Airbnb cannot control all the websites and hackers, but that is why companies have insurance that cover situations like the one.

I can assure you that I am very careful in my online transactions as I am a lawyer. Something is very wrong if this has happened to me, a trained and practicing lawyer, because this means that could happen easily to anyone.

To resolve the problem, my request is that Airbnb would reimburse the full amount for which I paid for the fake apartment. I contacted the fake landlord through your website and I know that Airbnb as has insurance to cover these kinds of situations.

Airbnb SCAM!

I’ve hosted several dozen guests via Airbnb without a single complaint or bad review… until I got hit by some total scam artists and airbnb didn’t do a thing about it!

This past month I had a seemingly nice couple staying with me in my condo… I saw the couple almost every day, talked with them, even drove them to the grocery store a few times! They NEVER had even the tiniest complaint about anything having to do with me or my condo. Well guess what, the day after they moved out I got a notice from Airbnb stating that the couple claimed they saw a MOUSE in the condo and that that Airbnb policy was to give them 50% of their money back FOR THE ENTIRE 4 WEEK STAY!!! Apparently the couple sent airbnb a picture of a mouse… which I actually FOUND using a reverse search and google! I sent airbnb customer service numerous messages explaining that the incident was a huge lie and I even showed them the picture of the dead mouse the couple “saw” on another site that was posted over a year earlier! Airbnb took over a week to reply with a standard form email that simply said there policy was to supply a 50% refund. HOLY CRAP was a retarded service! See if I EVER host another airbnb guest in any of my properties as long as I live!!!