Problems with ID verification, no help from AirBnB

I have used AirBnB twice without any problems. My third booking was with a couple and I believe they had no reviews yet (I don’t recommend booking with someone without (good) reviews). They accepted my three night booking and the money was taken from my account, but the lady immediately messaged me that the third night would not be possible. However, the money was already taken. I told her that I then was no longer interested and cancelled the booking, but this only gave me a partial refund. AirBnB was helpful and told me the host should have booked. AirBnB gave me a voucher which I had to use that day to book something else (nice gesture but I didn’t have much time that day) and I did. However, I had plans to go on a trip and took the week off. I wanted to make my booking but suddenly was asked to verify my ID. The site however states that they can’t send a message to my mobile phone number (not sure why). AirBnB has been extremely unhelpful and my planned trip I could not book, so I had a week off but no place to go. After weeks, I still have not received any help from AirBnB with the verification or why my phone number is not suitable.