Airbnb betrayed long-term host!

I have rented 6 different bedrooms on Airbnb for over 2 years with 100+ PERFECT reviews, but after what just happened, I will probably never use airbnb again! I had a couple from europe ask to stay with me for 6 months… much longer than my normal reservation, but I decided to do it. They moved in and were very polite and happy with the place, no problem at all. Well, TWO DAYS before they were scheduled to move out, they left early without saying a word and they filed a fraudulent complaint with airbnb claiming that they found mice in the house! First of all, they never said a word to me. Second, the other guests in the house said they never saw a mouse or any sign of mice. Third, the picture of a dead mouse that the guests submitted to airbnb was actually just a picture they found online from a blog post years prior!! Worst of all, airbnb automatically sent these scammers a 50% refund on their entire 6 month stay without even talking to me! Airbnb still won’t respond to me!!!