Stealing + Worst Customer Service = Lose Loyal Customers


I have been waiting three weeks for Airbnb to pay me AUD 1,338.33 owed to me as a host for two reservations. Airbnb has confirmed the guests have paid them but they have not paid me due to a “computer glitch” with “no timeframe” for a resolution.

My messages to Airbnb support get no replies. During calls to them I repeat the story over again, get told they will “investigate”, and no one follows up. When I requested an escalation, I was told no managers were available. I have also tried Twitter and get nothing but platitudes off them, saying there is an “open case” on my account; the case is marked as closed within the app.

The cherry on top is my current guest lied to me and has sublet my place to total strangers without my permission. I reported this user to Airbnb and have had no follow-up from them.

I have used Airbnb since 2013 as both a guest and host with a total of 47 reservations. After this horrendous customer service experience, never again. Airbnb has clearly overexpanded with all the ridiculous ‘experiences’ and has forgotten to look after its original customer base. The trust culture and sharing economy values it was founded on no longer apply.

You are not too big to fail, Airbnb. Word of mouth built you up and will tear you back down again. Fix your shoddy app full of glitches; I thought you were supposed to be a shining example of Silicon Valley disruptive tech?

It’s totally outrageous that Airbnb expects me to wait while they fix their crappy tech when they could just pay me instantly; they already have money belonging to me. A painful realisation that there is nowhere to turn to when the s$%t hits the fan with this company, one that will drive me back to hotels and real bed and breakfasts as a guest. I will never host again.

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  1. This is a current known glitch resulting from external hacking and many Airbnb hosts are reporting this same issue on the Community Centre forum. A lot of Airbnb hosts received an email to update their payout details, but close investigation showed this was not a genuine Airbnb email (the server address was not a genuine Airbnb address) and hosts who responded to that email have had their payouts redirected to other accounts. As I understand from Airbnb moderators they are trying to get on top of this as soon as they can and all payouts to hosts will be honoured. Airbnb don’t want this sort of thing happening because every time it does Airbnb loses good hosts. It doesn’t do anyone any good.
    I am not trying to defend them, but try to be patient, don’t ark up at support, they are trying to help and at the moment are sick of getting their heads ripped off.
    As a fellow host, I hope your payouts come quickly!

  2. It took me 4 months to get paid once. But they kept adding up the amount (it said clearly in my history that the money was pending) and eventually I got paid out all 4 stays that had backed up. It was a problem with the banking and wire transfer details. That was strange to begin with because previously there was never a problem and i did not change anything. But I got it in the end. Without making any calls, I just kept getting an automated message so I kept putting back in my banking details.
    I hope your issue gets resolved.

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