SCAM both Airbnb and their infantile host members( Alges, Portugal )

Booked straight 8 nights on Airbnb i found a room in suburb area of Lisbon, Portugal.( Alges ) The host member seems qualified adult people and its room qualified to sleep according to her Airbnb profile. the followings are i had experiences in reality……. <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< Evidence a) the host had hidden negative profile in her House Rules, conditions a-1. The entrance space of the host’s door stinks always.( leak from neibour ) a-2. The host frequently invites her Frenchman boyfriend, ( did not inform in advance to the guest, no details in her profile and House Rules…. ) a-3. The host’s Frenchman boyfriend disturb my stay and made uncomfortable a-4. The host gave the duties to the guest implicitly that dinner offering instead a-5. No details definition in House Rules in her Airbnb profile but complained the guest and forced strict shower usage. The guest only used to took 5min. shower at 6:30 in the morning once a-6. The host, her boyfriend and his sister and brother in low disturbed my sleep 4 straight nights with the loud conversation/music until 12 mid-night a-7. The host forced the guest to go to buy breakfast bread in the morning( implicit duty ) a-8. The host forced the guest to repair her broken raptop computer( insist several times and brought it in front of the guest . the host recognized I am engineer…….not such field anyway ) a-9. Explicit scam behavior, cheated me the compensation amount when the guest lost the deviden small room key( losing the key is the fault to the guest and gave the appology to the host……….) I caught their Portuguese word “EUR30”, later they talked EUR80, then the host corrected EUR110( 30 + 80), and then key guy corrected EUR80. But 1st day he just unlock the door. On next day, other guy came and try to prepare spair……..and showed insufficient details reciept. Thus I suspected to ask the details, no answer and insisted to say proper amount and sufficient detailed receipt. And the guest phoned tourist police officer to confirm about the fairness receipt format. Tourist police officier suspected the item “Contribution No” was missing. The key guys no answer and immediately left with temper. And then the host woman gave the screaming with the temper. And she tried to hide the reciept from the guest. Anyway, I gave the amount EUR80 cash to the host as the compensation.( key lost ) ( a time to the guest has to catch a private taxi to the airport ) a-10. The host’s Frenchman boyfriend needs help to move the furniture to prepare his sister bed room usage, forced to the guest to work in their matter. a-11. The lie review by the host allowed to show on Airbnb site. b) the host’s hidden mind ; sly to force duties to the guest c) Airbnb did not want to solve the above cases properly and miss leading the guest complaint form in their Resolution Center. At their leading, just gave the waist of my time to led to give up. And eventually, we could not offer any refund. Offered useless future coupon in Airbnb and few appology words. No imbusement/compensation.( 1st contact person in Airbnb; Miss.Yejin-support division ; offered me the refund through in Resolution Centre, definitely ) and Airbnb just replied me their final decision( 2nd contact person in Airbnb; Miss Florence, her manager and special task team ); d) No penalty to the host member.( just advice her to correct profile…..and so after the fact) e) No penalty to the 3rd person disturbance on their business either <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< Airbnb support should manage properly to this matter case and offer proper imbursement to the guest as the professional business manner x-1> Airbnb support should manage to take proper action to prevent such ridiculous case. y> The host member in Airbnb should manage properly to this matter case and offer proper imbusement and the appology to the guest. z> The host member in Airbnb should manage to eliminate her Frenchman boyfriend. the host’s Frenchman boyfriend is the Definitely 3rd person in this Airbnb business contruct. And also, if this ridiculous Frenchman got involve into the Airbnb contruct. That is explicit duty to the host the eliminating him. otherwise obvious SCAM case

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