Running out of propane, water, and wakened at 1:30 AM by family fight

Our first, only and LAST EVER time as a guest with AirBnB was at St John USVI the Christmas of 2014. The apartment looked nice in the pictures, but when we got there it was run down—although clean, and the location overlooking the bay was indeed awesome. The host required $50 cash to check in, and we knew this was coming, but it violates AirBnB rules. We were told to use as little water and propane (stove/hot water) as possible, and to avoid taking showers as much as we could. When we returned late after dinner, a guy was delivering propane, which was loud for about an hour for some reason. That night we were awakened by the host upstairs, screaming at her kids, including the phrase “It’s 1:30 in the morning!” which is how I knew what time it was.
We gave her a good review anyway, out of charity. Clearly the only way she can survive is with AirBnB. But I am done with this outfit.

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  1. I hope those last lines were a joke. You gave her a good review anyways? It’s people like you who perpetuate Airbnb nightmares. I had a terrible stay in the disgusting apartment of an insane hoarder. Her Airbnb page was full of polite reviews. Everyone was too afraid to say the truth, they’d just wash their hands of it and move on, leaving the place wide open to be rented by the next unsuspecting traveler. Just FYI, document what you experienced, provide info to Airbnb, and they will NOT let the host libel you via reviews (which was what the insane hoarder tried to do). Bad news: while my review is on her page (which still shows her with a stellar record of 4.5 out of 5 stars), Airbnb did nothing to shut her down. Beware the “vegan friendly house” in Ventimiglia!

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