Reservations Are Good Until Hosts Get Other Offers

I reserved an apartment through Airbnb six months in advance. The host is a property management company that has multiple properties. One week before I was to arrive, a person from the company called me. She told me that I would need to be relocated to a better property as they were overbooked. She also commented that I had gotten an extremely low price. She told me she would be contacting me later with the updated location.

Two days later, I received a message from Airbnb that my reservation was simply cancelled. As there is an incredible amount of demand for accommodation due to the convention I was attending, I told Airbnb I suspected they cancelled my reservation so they could get a higher rate from someone else. Airbnb stated I had no recourse. Needless to say I won’t be using Airbnb again. I have had many good experiences with Airbnb but the lack of customer service is staggering and unacceptable. I am now booking rooms directly through hotel websites as I’ve never experienced this kind of problem with them.

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  1. Your metaphor is flawed. I already bought the loaf of bread , it was paid for in January.

    It’s no different than if I bought the building and had made payment with a later closing date. If the owner then had a better offer he couldn’t take it because the contract has been signed and money had exchanged hands.

    What occurred was not capitalism it was fraud. Calling it capitalism is like calling rape aggressive dating.

  2. So if you buy a loaf of bread for a dime but you can sell it for a buck, won’t you sell it? Welcome to basic capitalism:) Rent from real hosts, not a rental agency.

    • If I had a loaf of bread and promised to sell it to someone for ‘a dime’,bi wouldn’t then sell it to another person who offered me ‘a buck’ as that is not ethical! I would buy another loaf and sell that one instead.

      What has happened here is no different. You have to be ethical in business otherwise you will not gain trust and without trust and loyalty you won’t have the opportunity to experience capitalism.

      Next time siobhan, think about your response before clicking send!

      I empathise with your experience as I going through the same thing now.

    • It’s not always clear though as I think some rental agencies will just pretend to be actual hosts, for instance, by employing someone to pretend to be the host.

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