Property won’t be Listed on Airbnb if you Complain

We purchased a cabin in the mountains of North Carolina and spent several thousand dollars making it ADA compliant, doing most of the work ourselves. Finally after three months of work, on March 1st we pressed the button to go live with Airbnb and what happened? Nothing…. So I thought I would wait until the 2nd and again on the 3rd and again on the 4th. I sent Facebook messages asking what was up and why the site wasn’t live. The response was silence.

On the 6th I sent an angrier pointed message and was finally told that there were technical problems and that my problem had been elevated up to the highest possible team with the highest possible priority. Okay, so more days went by and nothing. Yesterday I sent another very pointed message and finally received a real message. I was told Airbnb would not list my property and would not give me a reason. So, their mission in life is to list properties and provide customer service. The single most important part of customer service is communication. So, I expect Airbnb to list my property and communicate, and when I complain that they do not seem to be providing either, they exclude me?

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  1. I absolutely understand your anger! But just be happy about their exclusion, because when you get in real trouble by renting with airbnb, there is NO costumer service and they won´t help and you will loose your patience and nerves – they are trained to deny everything… After having really bad experiences with airbnb I would never book a holiday home or rent my home with them again!

  2. Don’t waste your time with this madhouse. List it on, expedia etc… Much more professional. I only book on those websites. In Italy almost all the B&B on airbnb are also on other websites so I save the airbnb fees 🙂

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