Potential fraud

On two different occasions within a week I’ve tried to book different luxury apartments in New York.  The bank details (iban number ) when i enter to make payment from my bank say the account is polish, yet I am booking a NEW York apartment… why should it come up in polish currency?   It looks very strange to me .. if its legitimate why doesn’t airbnb warn it might be going to an overseas account?  Both times there were no reviews of the accommodation .  So be very wary . I’ve never used airbnb before, and this has put me off ever using it.

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  1. So… why didn’t you use airbnb’s own payment system? If you had, you wouldn’t have been scammed. This whole fraud scheme is dependent upon you clicking on a fake email and sending your payment by bank transfer, instead of using airbnb’s on-site payment system (by credit card).
    How is airbnb responsible for someone who frauded you by sending you a fake email? It is out of their control.

  2. I watched an email in one of the pics of an apartment, supposedly it was the email of the owner. I get in contact with her, she made the reservation, and after that I receive an email that looks like AIRBNB emails, but it was fake. In that email was a bank account in Poland, to pay the booking. I really belived that was and email from AIRBNB, and now i lost the money and AIRBNB takes 0% of responsability

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