The People Who Run Airbnb Are Thieves

Thieves! Never trust the listing and pictures. What you see is never what you get. I arrived with my family at the place we booked for our dream vacation on Boxing Day and we could not believe what we paid for. We paid four months before our vacation. The holiday turned into hell for us immediately. After going through a painful negotiation with the host and Airbnb they agreed to partially refund us on difficult terms if we left immediately. I spent all of Christmas Day and night listening to my kids crying from cold and exhaustion in the cold dungeon we booked as a luxury apartment. Now after 20 days, Airbnb refused to refund me, even the host did not receive any payment from them. They are just sitting on the money and not replying to email and phone calls.

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  1. I don’t know we’re you booked,but my listing is what I have.Everything in my listing is real.I don’t know we’re you we’re and how much you paid but you’re statement: “what you see is never what you get ” is wrong .!!! Book my place and you will be surprised

  2. “What you see is never what you get.” wow what a broad and misleading statement. I can assure you people get what they pay for at our house, and then some.

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