Payment Not Received. What Can Airbnb Do?

A lady stayed for five days in my flat alone. Everything was fine then I noticed I never received payment, £898. Airbnb never told me; I noticed in my bank account. I have spent six weeks calling their San Francisco and London numbers over 30 times. I have not had contact from anyone on the payment team or a case manager. I have emailed constantly and messaged the guest myself with no luck. I have posted bad reviews on Instagram and asked them to DM me. No luck. So the lady has been allowed to stay for free in my home. It’s outrageous. I’ve been a host for three years. I have 80 reviews. This means nothing to them. You cannot get in contact with anyone. I very much doubt I will get my money; the guest is still listed on the website so she can do same thing again. I have contacted Watchdog in the UK and informed the guest and Airbnb. Six weeks and no contact. Being told my case is the highest priority for weeks now is just rubbish. If I don’t keep contacting them they will just ignore what happened. I never got compensation from a guest for a plumbing issue which came out of my security deposit. After so many messages I never got more than £89. I will go to the London newspapers with this story as the public needs to know that if they host they may never get paid.

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  1. I hosted a guest in my South Carolina House. I never got paid. The guest wrote a nice review and in the meantime another guest came and went and I was paid for that one. Countless calls text and emails have availed me nothing. They owe me 1800.00. Is there anything I can do?

  2. Same problem here too. I’ve been a host for over 3 years and never had an issue until now. For some reason they changed my bank account details to an old closed bank account which is why the payout is missing (apparently).

    I’ve rung, emailed ad nauseam and have had no luck so far. It’s been 3 weeks since our guests checked in and a week since they left. Their contact centre is a joke, I’ve been hung up on numerous times and they won’t put me through to the accounts department. Just keep telling me that they will be in contact shortly……still waiting.

    I have unlisted the property and will be taking my business elsewhere but that doesn’t help me get my $1000 that is owed to me.

  3. I have been a host for 3yrs and have not received one payment despite hosting five guests during that time,dozens of emails have been sent with no success,as a booking agent they are rubbish

  4. Per your contract with Airbnb you can’t sue them the best you can hope for is arbitration per your contract.

    Ask for that by registered mail. The press maybe interested in how long it takes the arbitration process to work, who pays the arbitrator and the percentage of cases they have found in Airbnb favor.

    I suspect just like their alleged $ 1 million host insurance policy , Their arbitration is a joke..

    I’m not a lawyer.

    Don’t get your hopes up if nothing else it will be entertaining.

    And you can let the rest of us know how bad the abitration policy really is, if it even exists. The press may be interested in what you find out.

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