Not So Charming Guest House in Hood River


My partner and I booked with our host, Lindsay, over a month in advance for the weekend of December 10th-11th as I had a pop-up market in the area. Everything seemed fine; she had 4-star reviews and her strict cancellation policy was no problem since we had no plans to cancel. We live about an hour drive from Hood River, and at the last minute there was a winter storm warning in effect. A few hours before we were supposed to leave, the highway between us and the host was shut down and remained closed due to snow and ice for the entire weekend, preventing us from making the trip. The host had a ‘strict cancellation policy’ which makes sense to insure against last-minute cancellations, but our case falls under Airbnb’s extenuating circumstances policy as described on their website. We were physically unable to make it despite our best efforts and intentions.

Regardless, Lindsay offered us only a 50% refund and a credit for a night’s stay. We felt this was super shady and did not want a credit for a night’s stay, since this was to be a business trip and we have no plans to visit Hood River again in the near future. We requested a refund for the full amount. She refused, stating she could have gotten other guests (she couldn’t have, the roads were all closed and there were travel restrictions). We have escalated the claim and are now waiting for Airbnb to make a decision. We’re unable to leave her a review since the stay was cancelled, so we urge you never to book with “Lindsay’s Charming Guest House in Hood River.” We might have chosen to stay with her next time we visited, but due to her dishonesty and shady behavior will be urging everyone we know to avoid this listing.

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  1. I agree with Caroline because (1) you booked a place with strict cancellation policy, you ought to know what it means, the host has been quite nice offerin you come compensation anyway. (2) first you say the 50% plus one night free next time isn’t good because “we have no plans to visit Hood River again in the near future”, which makes sense, but then you finish with “We might have chosen to stay with her next time we visited” so do you mean to stay again or what? (3) one road is closed, ok, tragedy. Is that the ONLY road that takes to the place?
    My opinion is that you want to apply your own rules while the rules were very clear from the start.

  2. I fell really bad for you. I think you should call Airbnb. I had the exact same situation on the exact same weekend and I got a 100% refund. I was coming form Bellingham to Portland and the house I rented for Friday & Saturday night was on the top of a hill (above the Pittock mansion), all the roads were closed to access the neighborhood. I called Airbnb and they called the owner. Airbnb said due to the fact this is ‘Natural Extenuating Circumstances and no different than a flood or hurricane” their words not mine; they called the owner and said a 100% refund is due when it is a natural disaster; which I was granted. Now, they also asked for proof of the conditions, which I shot pictures of the news showing the neighborhood as closed and I screen-shoted Google maps showing the roads closed. I saw I-84 was closed form Troutdale past Hood River due to snow, sleet and ice. I took screen shots to send to my daughter who was taking the train to Portland due to the closer. Call them back and get your money back; the owner sounds like a complete moron.

  3. Sorry dude but it sounds like you’re the one being shady here. You knew you signed up for a place with a “strict” cancellation policy. You went ahead and booked with that knowledge in mind, and then you cancelled anyway. Seems like offering a 50% refund is pretty generous in the circumstances.

    Also, isn’t it just a tad convenient that you were “physically unable” to get there after your business event was cancelled? If the event had gone ahead, no doubt you would have been able to find an alternative route that was open.

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