• I just got this sorted within an hour today. I private messaged through Twitter: @airbnbhelp.

      I explained that it was an old phone number on my account and my new phone number was linked to someone elses Airbnb account. They confirmed by email (as I can’t get into my account) that this often happens with telecom recycles a number.

      Looks like they took the cell numbers off both accounts and then I was able to reset my password, login, and add my correct number.

  1. I messaged the Airbnb help page on twitter and they got back to me and “unlocked” my account then I was able to login without phone verification

    • I thought it was impossible but I think I found a way, I’m currently getting some results with their verified Twitter account @airbnbhelp. (Send them a message)

  2. This won’t help Gemma Griffin but here’s the solution I found to unlock our account (wife and I) from the requirement of a phone number for logging into airbnb.
    From the airbnb website, log in before you travel,
    Select your name>Account>Personal info>phone number edit>
    Add a second phone number that you can access at that time.
    Enter the 4 digit verification code texted to the new number.
    Now you can log out and log into airbnb with your email address and no phone verification required.
    Because of bad security design, you lose the safety of two step verification for making reservations on your credit card, but you will have access to your account. Airbnb should have a more standard two step verification with the option of choosing the phone or email or other app for sending the code.

  3. Has anyone had any resolutions to this issue?? I cant change any of our accommodation booked due to corona or even speak to anyone because I cant log in!

  4. I have booked The Inner City Apartment in Cape Town but have not even received an email from them. I have chatted to the host Vera but she does not reply. I don’t have the address & contact number of the accommodation. I am extremely distressed at this point.

  5. I am having the same problem too. Can’t login without the phone number of a temporary mobile I used whilst travelling overseas. What a useless service. If they leave design flaws like this unattended for so long they clearly don’t genuinely care about customer service. I am finished with them.

  6. Yeah. It’s Trip Advisor or Booking.com for me from now on. However I am in India right now and I bought a local SIM and download the Airbnb app and I can get the website without logging in. Nevertheless, I have had too much hassle from Airbnb so bye bye guys. You must be aware of the problems people are having and you have done nothing about it.

  7. GRRRRRRRRRR same here!!! stupid fuckin mongaloid retard system it’s like jumping through fucking hoops so wound up right now!!!!!!!! the best is i clicked on “help centre” and it says you must log in to get help. Fucking great nice one!!! how can it be such a loophole of a system and i can’t even contact anyone to sort it out

  8. I can’t access Airbnb account whilst overseas as it wants to send a message to my mobile phone back in Australia. I have a different sim in my phone whilst travelling.
    What a stupid system.

  9. Have the same issue as anyone else with a lost phone and unable to unlock my account. Anyone else figured out how to resolve? Thx v much!

  10. every now an then the system is blocked cant access any information at all on my account .to follow no phone numbers at all or contact AIRBNB im now left with just a booking on the phone cant access my guests or anything at all its ridiculous .

  11. I had the same issue and found a work around. Just click on “forgot password”. Click on the link in the e-mail they send you and reset you password. That way you’ll be automatically logged in without having to provide your phone number. Hope this helps.

  12. Hi
    My issue is similar —- originally made logon with Facebook account having endless issues unable to logon to FB after getting new phone —- now can’t get to Airbnb account and have booked over sea accomodation and paid ? no way of finding out where I’m staying …..help pls

  13. I have the SAME issue. Literally cannot book through Airbnb because evidently NOONE is working on solving this problem!!!!

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