No Refunds due to Coronavirus Cancellations

A few days ago I cancelled my deposits for Airbnb stays in Prague, Vienna and Budapest. Of the three places, Vienna gave us no refund and the other two places gave me only partial refunds on my deposits.

I am 70 and my wife is 60. Considering what is going on around the world with this virus and travel restrictions, you would think that full refunds would be the norm.

What is Airbnb management doing about this deplorable behaviour? We should be entitled to a full refund in this unique situation. I look forward to some answers and hopefully to a prompt resolution.

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  1. Lots of analysis out that Airbnb will eventually go bust. If you have a booking I would take what I could now, even if it is losing out a certain percentage. Better in your pocket than theirs.

  2. Air B and B is worth $38 billion. They can easily afford to compensate owners and guests for the next year for cancellations. There is no reason owners should receive nothing when they have done no wrong. Owners may depend on rentals to pay property taxes whereas guests are usually taking a vacation. Air B and should refund both guests and owners. Guests could have gotten insurance to cover their trips under strict cancellation policies.

  3. awesome comments y’all I’m right with ya from the floor of my bathroom in the same robe since Sunday; still picking thru the welcome basket I put together for the guests that will never be.

  4. Guests should not even consider travelling without travel insurance it’s simply irresponsible.
    The financial loss for AirBNB hosts is substantially more than for guests at this current time. The AirBNB unilateral decision to ignore host’s cancellation policies is going to cause substantially more financial harm to hosts than to guests or AirBNB. Personally I hope that hosts vote with their feet and remove their listings from AirBNB in the future. The guest complaining above losses a deposit (which would be insured) but the hosts now face losing their livelihood!

      • The contract says air B and B can override its strict cancellation policies. That is not right to me but I don’t know if something that could legally challenge the contract. I would be interested what an attorney would say.

  5. Airbnb changed their cancellation policy a few days ago and are giving full refunds for stays between the 15th of March and the 14th of April. I would go back and double check with them. Airbnb are no different from many other rental companies, I lost 20% on a reservation, as you say difficult times and in allot of regards but I did not feel sore about losing 20% knowing that in at lest some small way I was helping to support a business or person somewhere. Trying times for everyone, we are all in this together.

    • Hello, they changed the “policy” ? wel, if you have reserved after 14/3 you will get … nothing !
      and more, if you try to cancel you receive ” oups ” a technical error “500”, try also tthe “call us” .

      I am not surprised, there are many people that will get money about that shit and “Air” is clearly one of them.

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