New Orleans Airbnb Host Lies About Capacity

My family has been planing a trip down to New Orleans for a year now and part of that was finding accommodations. We have a large group of people (25) coming on this trip and could not an Airbnb that would accommodate us. We decided to speak to a host who presented us with links of what we assumed were to places that would hold all of us.

We inquired about a villa that was close to the French Quarter and noticed it said it could hold 9 people. So we asked him if we could still have 25 and he said “Yes, it is perfect.”

Once again, we assumed that this would work for our group. Upon payment we once again noticed that it still said 9 instead of the 25 we discussed so once again we asked the host why it didn’t say 25. He did not reply until five days before our reservation and now said “You can only have 9 people.”

We told the host that was not what was discussed and never once did he try to fix it. Instead he said here are some more places you can book for more money. We feel scammed and do not believe this host has our best interests at heart.

When we called customer service they took his side over ours even though we have a paper trail of conversations that are clearly misleading us, the customer. We are beyond frustrated. This is our very first family reunion as adults and aside from the hurricane trying to ruin it we now have Airbnb keeping us apart. I would give this company a zero if it was an option.

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    • 100% agree with you. How could anyone “assume” that 25 people could sleep, shower, eat, and just be in a space with a 9 person max. I don’t care where the host said, it’s just doesn’t make sense to even ask. That’s on you gurst, Boo Boo.

  1. *if you do not believe this it is on you. This was by far the worst experience I have ever had anywhere.

    Really? That’s what you say? You had nothing to do with it, right? Wow, just wow. Take a good look in the mirror at who chose this accommodation, and who tried to use this accommodation, and who paid for this accommodation. Certainly, it is not on us!! LOL.

    • I think you misunderstood the use of my words. I never said it’s your problem I just said if you do not believe it that’s on you or in other words (I do not care) if I took the time to write out every little detail you might see the reasoning behind the frustration. There are so many things wrong with this company. I will never ever believe someone claiming “everything will be perfect” again.

  2. Update:

    We did get refund but only after the grounds people’s dog bit my mother. To you all saying how can 25 people stay in there comfortably when there are only 5 pairs of adults and the rest are small children it makes perfect sense. Even hotels will sometimes allow you to adjust the numbers of guests allowed in the rooms. We were misled have all the conversations through text with our host. The place wasn’t even licensed for short term rental we called the City thanks to a recommendation from Tom. Even after finding that they were illegally renting this place they still wouldn’t refund our money till after my mother got bit by a dog. We have no clue if the dog was even up-to-date on it’s shots the owner will not answer our calls. The only good thing about this experience was finally being able to put it behind us.

    *if you do not believe this it is on you. This was by far the worst experience I have ever had anywhere.

  3. This was a poor case of communication. Rental says 9 maximum. The rental had beds for 9. I’m guessing the host read 2-5 not 25. Why would you ask about 25? Did you think people would sleep on the floor? What about bathrooms? Don’t blame the host for this one.

  4. That time someone sees a Listing showing capacity of 9 and expects home to suddenly accommodate 25.

    Where is your common sense? Doesn’t matter what the host says…. look at the Listing! SMH.

  5. Why on earth would you want to put almost three times the number of people that the place advertised it could accommodate? You should have opted for a hotel.

  6. I do sympathize but honestly if it said 9 people where did you think an extra 16 would fit? Even a 6 bedroom house could never fit 25 comfortably. It would have been better to split the group in 2 or 3 nearby lodgings.
    I am really sorry for your ordeal and he definitely should have been honest about the lodgings.

    Hope you get this worked out.

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