Never Received Payment from Airbnb

I am hearing many other hosts have experienced this issue. I had guests stay at my Airbnb in mid-December, 2019. Their total was $500.52, which guests paid on time per policy. I should have been paid around the same time, but sadly it is now six weeks later and I still have not been paid.

I have spoken with customer service at least eight times in the past month. It’s always the same response: there’s a technical glitch around the time of booking that is preventing payment; IT is looking into it; a case manager has been assigned; will hopefully have that resolved for you soon.

I’ve tried to escalate, but they tell me there’s no one to escalate to. I’ve begged, pleaded, threatened to take legal action… nothing helps. I can only pray that some lawyer sees this and starts lining up hosts for a class action lawsuit. In the meantime I’m getting ready to dial customer service for the ninth time to hear the exact same BS they told me eight times previous.

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  1. Same scenario and frustrations. No way to contact case manager, escalation is not possible, etc.

    I just saw where some people successfully used Twitter to pressure them into a solution. Might be worth a try…

  2. This is happening to me as well, I have a pending payment of around $600 and they just keep saying the same BS… “we are looking into it”…. “Someone has been assigned to this case” … blah blah blah! What is happening with AIRBNB… Sketchy business practices..

  3. Same thing happened to me! Guest books for 3 days and then extends to 9. We received first payment but not subsequent ones.

    Airbnb says the matter has been escalated to a case manager yet they cannot tell me when I’ll hear anything and they cannot tell me how I can contact the case manager.

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