Never Been so Angry Dealing with Airbnb


I booked with an Airbnb host going off the pictures. I arrived in LA and called to tell them I would be having dinner with a friend and would arrive late. They said that was not a problem.

After dinner I took an Uber to the location and called saying that I had arrived. They said they would be right down. I waited 15-20 minutes and finally a lady that actually looked homeless came out while on the phone and waved me to follow her.

We went through a broken gate and beat up door and entered the building in which the entrance was completely surrounded by trash on the floor. The air smelled like cigarettes and mildew. I walked further in and heard her on the phone saying she could not find a key for the room.

The place was a mess and gross. I felt so uncomfortable there. Especially with the virus all over.

She went off and told me to wait. I finally got tired of waiting, left, and got a hotel. I asked for a cancellation and refund and they refused.

I left a review and then they responded saying I was on drugs and that was not cool. I will be going after them legally. I have already hired a private investigator. I also emailed the CEO of Airbnb.

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  1. I rented a home in April 2020 in Pensacola Florida (placed reservation in January 2020) for my extended family to stay for my daughters wedding. Unfortunately Covid-19 had different plan. We were contacted in March by reception hall, caterer and church that they would have to postpone, they all agreed to either refund “all of our money” or reschedule. We went ahead and rescheduled for August 14th (fingers crossed), and all venues were happy to reschedule except for host at Pensacola home. He had opening at for the new wedding date but stated he was looking for long term renter. We had paid $1300 for deposit and he refused refund and all we received was $88 dollars from Airbnb. We have contacted each several times however they refuse to discuss. The host has rented out his home to another guest during our scheduled time so he will have a $1200 bonus check. By the way my daughter is a RN working 12 hour shifts with hospitalized Covid-19 patients, she is out risking her life and host/Airbnb just want to line their pockets.

  2. Are you not posting the name of the place and pics because of the potential lawsuit? I always prefer a heads up so it doesn’t happen to someone else in the meantime. That being said, as a single female traveler that would totally suck if it happened to me. Not everyone has backup funds to be able to get a hotel etc when traveling. Shame on them.

  3. To the author and all who read this, please stop using AirBnb. Apparently, that is the only way that they will get the message.

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