Negative Review: Host from Venice

We were unlucky during our trip from Zagreb to Venice. We missed our bus due to some administrative fault with the bus company in Venice. We had no choice but to take the next bus which was at 10:00pm that night, so our timing was way off to check in to our Airbnb. We messaged our host about it in advance, telling her that we had no choice but to check in late. She asked us to pay an extra 40 euros for the late check in. Eventually, we paid. So during our stay in Venice, we paid the city tax (3 euros per night), cleaning fees (20 euros in cash), and 40 euros for a late check in. In regards to the cleaning fees, there’s a problem with her listing: she is NOT SUPPOSED to collect cleaning fees in cash, but she did. When I tried to resolve this issue with her, she just brushed me off by saying that the cleaning fees are to be paid to the lady who cleans the apartment.

I’ve submitted a report to Airbnb about this and they are still not getting back to me. Initially, I didn’t want to post this story over here but I’m left with no choice as she left me a negative review (which I couldn’t view until I wrote a review for her). I ended up writing a good review for her but was shocked to find a very negative review! Please, those who are going to Venice: DO NOT RESERVE THIS HOST!

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  1. looks like some things are still missing from this story… why we left a negative review for you?

    yes that’s against the rules to collect fees in cash.. but 60 euros is not that much.. not like she charged you 100-200 for cleaning. 20 euros for cleaning is like a tip for the maid.

    aside from that everything seems was good with the listing – because there are no complaints about room quality, cleanliness, amenities, location…

    why the host left you a negative review?

  2. Which host?

    Report to BnB about having to pay an additional cleaning fee – this is against BnB rules.

    Make sure you leave a review outlining your experiences

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