My Wife Hosted our Home. Didn’t Tell Me

Back in 2016 my wife told me about Airbnb and said she would like to host our house. Nothing else was said until she was very adamant that we take off just to get away one weekend. When complications came up, she was forced to admit she had rented out our house “just to try it”. Well I was upset that she would do such a thing without telling me. We had a pretty serious discussion about my opinion, and her honesty.

Fast forward to 2017. She wanted to go on an extended weekend trip and I just could not because of work. Well she played hurt, then angry. On Friday she said, “Well, let’s just stay at a local motel.”

I thought that was pretty odd and she gave all kinds of excuses to be out of the house. Finally she admitted she had booked our house for the weekend. I was furious she did this again. This time I asked her to let me have access to her account and I found three more bookings in the next two months.

I wrote Airbnb explaining the situation and they said they couldn’t help me because I wasn’t on the account. “It’s a problem between you and your wife,” they said.

“True,” I said, “But I own the home!”

When I asked if it would be their problem if I turned the guests away, they still said nothing. They would not get involved. After a heated argument and with guests arriving in the morning, I submitted to moving out for the weekend if she closed her account with Airbnb and cancelled all of her booked guests. She did and promised me she would always talk to me before making any decisions like that.

Fast forward to this weekend. Same story. “Let’s get away for the week” prefaced by furious house cleaning. I came to find out that she had not deleted her account and in fact booked our house for the weekend… and every weekend during the months of June and July and one in August. My whole summer is booked with me away from our lake home.

I am stunned. I am calling Airbnb on Monday but I can guess their answer. My options? Refuse to let the guests in or maybe try and contact them and give them warning? Airbnb won’t get involved.

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  1. I am so sorry you are dealing with this. It’s a very difficult situation. However, if this person were a roommate and not your wife – how would you deal with it? I would try to view this situation in a scenario where this person is not your wife and consider who is at fault or how you would handle it differently. The fact that it is a personal relationship makes it a lot harder to see clearly.

  2. Throw their butts out

    Do it several times and Airbnb will cancel your wife’s account

    And you might want to think about what else your wife is up to behind your back

    Maybe she needs the money to cover gambling debts or drug use

  3. An accepted reservation is a contract between your wife and the guests. You’re not authorised to make any decisions regarding those reservations. Your wife can cancel them. However, there is the cancellation fee from 50-100 usd that will apply and you won’t be able to help that – the customer service won’t help either. My advice? Endure the already made bookings and consider a divorce with communication like that

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