My Bad Airbnb Review was Disappeared

I wrote a very clear, factual, but damning review of a room in Bolinas, California, and Airbnb did not post the review. When I called to see where that review went, they claimed they do not spike bad reviews, but that is pure BS. The room was almost $300 with add-on fees, and it consisted of a bed and a folding chair. That’s it: no table; no soap; no instructions on how to work the door lock; no parking (in spite of the fact the listing claimed there was parking for guests).

They’re an exploitative rental, and Airbnb is exploitative for protecting bad hosts. I could say more but just realize that Airbnb is not an honest mediator. Guests reviews, very factual but negative, are not shared with you, the consumer public. I’m done with them. You should try another platform and avoid places that they falsely list.

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  1. I’ve seen bad reviews of properties on Airbnb so I know Airbnb will print them. However Airbnb has terms of service defining what is allowable such as no profanity, no racial slurs and more.

    Also if the guest in their message thread with the host says demands money or else “I will leave you a bed review” that is extortion so the review will be removed.

    If know hosts who attempted to have “unfair” reviews removed and Airbnb refused

    Your review must have violated the terms of service

  2. This in fact is not how AirBnB works and you would do well to read Terms Of Service before writing a review again.

  3. Airbnb does NOT have a policy to protect guest from host who misrepresent their living arrangements. I told a mediator that my last host lives in a refugee government, own, building and he is NOT allowed to have roommates, sublet or rent to Airbnb. The host expected me to lie and or cover his illegal activity having Airbnb guests, I was there. The mediator said: we can’t ask hosts to show their renting contracts to us that is too invasive.’’
    I am shocked, Airbnb will have legal problems if they do not write a policy to ensure guests are safe and never have to lie.
    This host had professionally staged his apartment for Airbnb but the reality is totally different. It is in Malmo, Sweden.

  4. As we can’t see your review there isn’t any background as to what triggered removal. If you were over the top with review by making it personal with too many broad strokes, it would have been taken down.

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