Money Taken for Properties I did not stay in

My credit card was recently billed £1225.00 for two properties in Spain that I didn’t book and did not stay in. The details were sent to the wrong email address so I couldn’t even cancel or sort it out at the time. I have made eight calls now to Airbnb customer service. I have to repeat the story over and over. They say my issue has been escalated – whatever that means – and I never get a call back. Surely with a company doing so well they can employ competent people who can help me. They have lost a customer, both as a potential host and a guest, and I could never recommend them. Next stop action fraud.

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  1. In these situations you should contact the bank, not the merchant (Airbnb). Dispute the charge on your card. The transaction will probably be annulled. You might get a new credit card number.

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