Listen to my Warning about Using Airbnb

I have used Airbnb a lot during a period, and advise people not to use it (at least the budget accommodations, a bit cheaper than a hotel, but sometimes not).

I found 5 out of 10 hosts had a criminal record (even money laundering) and the rest had serious financial troubles. Many people who rent out rooms are in desperate situations because of their personality and choices they have made. Desperation makes bad hosts. They all have introductions about how they love to meet people from different cultures, but most rent solely to make a buck the easy way. Many lie about their work (unemployed, fired, criminality). I have found mobsters use Airbnb a lot to launder money.

Reviews are wildly exaggerated positively, as guests seem to lie just to be able to stay cheaply (poor? stingy?). It is a veritable lalaland, to be found nowhere else. On Airbnb, hosts, guests, and the company seem to have some kind of joint psychosis.

Indecent sexual advances are quite common. I have had one sexual assault (he broke into my cottage) and several other highly inappropriate Superhosts. Most hosts lie: inaccurate photos, how many people are living there, internet, breakfast, location, noise, busy roads, etc. Lying is standard on Airbnb.

Airbnb does not give a s$#t, as long as it does not give bad publicity. They just want money and do not care about your safety at all. Their standards are abysmal. Airbnb destroys the housing market globally and actually promotes greed. If you are not extremely poor, stay at a hotel. It will also be cheaper in the end (proper breakfast, etc.), and you will not have to deal with shady hosts and unplanned negative surprises. Stay safe.

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  1. Absolutely correct Leonard. The Super Host we have a whole lot of trouble with has fake reviews and a so-called 5 star service…. strange that when we suing her for noise, nuisance, antisocial behaviour, drug issues at the property and the police turning up. We are now embarking on suing ours.

  2. I agree with Angela.
    What does it matter if a host lets rooms because of financial troubles? That does not necessarily make them a bad host. Hosting is not necessarily ‘making a buck the easy way’ – I host spare rooms in my own modest home, & people I know wonder how I can bear strangers in & out all the time… They wouldn’t like it, Not easy! But I can bear it cos I DO like meeting people from all over the world! We in the UK are lucky, in that most guests are polite & respectful. My prices are low, because I am NOT A HOTEL, & my facilities are modest. And I’m very honest about what I offer/do not offer!I do not consider my guests cheapskate., Some come for work, & it would not be worth it if they paid hotel prices. Some are on holiday & can not afford more, some could, but presumably spend their money on other things. I host many students & young people on low budgets, who are GRATEFUL for the opportunity. People speak of US guests in budget rooms as lowlife… Not so here, most of my guests are highly educated in good jobs, & make for interesting company. (Some want privacy, some CHOOSE home share because they want to interact.)
    You are right that the Airbnb set up is found nowhere else. Surely that’s the point? I DO need the money, but that does not make me hoodlum, low life. I’ve got two degrees from a top university, & I’m 58 years old. Following divorce, Airbnb is a better way for me to have a work/life balance at my age than go back to work – not easy at 58! I LOVE hosting, it’s fun & fulfilling; I get an income & meet interesting people, guests get a cheap comfortable, albeit basic stay, but with many travel tips & personal touches. – I’m a superhost, with over 350 bookings.
    As for you saying hosts are desperate through ‘personality & choices’ – well that just seems hateful.

  3. “5 out of 10 hosts have a criminal record” Hilarious…why don’t you simplify and say half of hosts! The posts on this site are becoming more extreme! A blatant lie…where is your proof? As a super host I take exception to your claim, I have hosted over 140 guest stays with 138 at 5 stars. There are innumerable great hosts who provide an invaluable alternative to expensive alternatives, this site is a discredited backlash to an industry disrupter.

  4. Couldn’t agree with you more. As for so-called Super-hosts …. don’t believe a word of the reviews… all that glitters is not gold.

  5. Rent entire apartments only, NEVER rooms, duh,

    Also, only super hosts with lots of reviews, take the time and read the reviews.

  6. Sometimes I wonder myself but I dont like the fact that hotel rooms are so confining and also the incessant knocking even if you have the do not disturb sign on.

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