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  1. I’m a host and I was complaining to a manager about how their site sucked and was unsafe. I’ve been hacked and it took them months to get my account somewhat fixed. I’m not joking. She said wait, you think our site is unsafe? I was shocked! Uh! Hello! I said, yes, it’s unsafe! I’ve been begging you guys since I was hacked, about 3 years ago implement dual factor authentication.

    It’s like the employees there are brainwashed or something. One time another one told me that they did not collect interest on the money they have for months in advance of the booking. She told me that they kept it in an institution that doesn’t collect interest. I asked the name of the place and she said it was confidential. LOL! She put me on hold for some reason and when she came back and said everyone was shocked when she mentioned interest. Ha Ha! At some point, she asked me if I thought she was lying and I said no, I think all you guys have been lied to about a lot of stuff. I told her in a capitalist society and even in a communist society there was no such institution. I recommended “Free Market Enterprise” by Milton Freedman.

    Where in the heck do they find the people they hire? One employee told me some of them haven’t graduated from high school.

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